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  1. ryrayer

    New Map: Temple of Tehwin

    Yeah. Put a lot of monsters in that map. Map is cool. All that textures and stuff
  2. ryrayer

    Need Tips for New Weapons!!!

  3. ryrayer

    a zombie mod im workin on

    Everything is awesome, but you must do something with that lightning stuff. Too dark, you know.
  4. ryrayer

    TeamKill's "Scourge: Lunar Eclipse"

    heh, i like screen 1. Pretty cool. Keep up the good work!
  5. ryrayer

    Come on, help a newbie out [which editor?]

    Wadauthor, Deepsea, Doom Builder. I prefer Doom builder and Deepsea. Doom builder for mapping and Deepsea for other changes.
  6. ryrayer

    What's your favorite graphics program???

    Paint shop Pro 9. Best of all graphic programs I've used.
  7. ryrayer

    My wad is done

    Good, I did like your map too. Not too hard and not too easy, but I didn't like the new sounds. New textures were good.
  8. ryrayer

    Zdoom latest version

    zdoom.org I think.
  9. ryrayer

    mp3 and stuff

    I want to make a WAD with MP3 music
  10. ryrayer

    mp3 and stuff

    Hi. I'm new and I want to know something. Can I put mp3-s to doom? RyRayer