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  1. xdude_gamer

    Doomworld Musicians, serenade us with your beautiful music!

    MIDIs and a few MP3s. My best creations imho xmusic.zip
  2. xdude_gamer

    Box Doom - Community Project [Slots Filled]

    @randomsounds01 Got two maps in one. If they need to be split up, have at it :) MAP46 - Techbase Armory - MAP 47 - Firing Squad.zip
  3. xdude_gamer

    Box Doom - Community Project [Slots Filled]

    This is ROOM21. This is ROOM37.
  4. xdude_gamer

    Box Doom - Community Project [Slots Filled]

    I branched out a little and added a lake for this one. Two pain elementals, it's a mini boss, and it's annoying as hell (hence the hanging prop from the tree and the dead player face down in the lake). However, it gives you an SSG. ROOM21 - Elementals a la Float.zip
  5. xdude_gamer

    Box Doom - Community Project [Slots Filled]

    Got a simple little room made. Not too bad, acts as a nice transition. Has a hellish feeling because SP_ROCK1 and the lava below. ROOM37 - Bridge to Hell.zip
  6. xdude_gamer

    Box Doom - Community Project [Slots Filled]

    I'll take room 37 and see what I can do :)
  7. Honestly, I'm hanging it up for right now, I'm very busy. But I'll probably start it up later.
  8. Here is the official release of SHOVELDM. SHOVELDM.ZIP
  9. You learned from a true master, and it really shows. It has a level of aeshetic that just exuberates old-school. There's a mystique throughout the atmosphere, a good amount of monsters with some rather good fights, and the lighting and textures are SO GOOD. This is your first map, and it's better than most people's greatest maps. There's a few tiny issues here and there, but those have been mentioned previously and are easily fixed. Keep doing what you do. This is a wonderful map, and I can't wait to see what else you end up creating. Your biological father is proudly smiling. God bless.
  10. xdude_gamer

    Best status bar

    What WAD is this from? It looks very nice.
  11. xdude_gamer

    my first map :)

    I'm going to echo what my people have said above. Having screenshots and telling what source port to use will be very nice. Also, a nice way to upload WADs on here is to put them in a zip file and attach them to your posts, instead of having to go through Google Drive semantics.
  12. Martin Scorsese, whose The Wolf of Wall Street contained 569 f-bombs and is widely considered one of the most controversial Hollywood movies ever made, who made Taxi Driver, Goodfellas, and other movies of that nature, also directed the PG-rated family epic "fantasy action adventure" film Hugo only two years prior.
  13. xdude_gamer

    How tall are you ?

    5'9" but I'm still growing slowly. Doc said I'll be like 5'11" or 6'0"
  14. xdude_gamer

    The Above Avatar is Fighting You. How Screwed Are You?

    If I had a gun, 10/10 If I had a knife, 6/10 If I had a sword, 7.5/10 If I had fists only, 4/10