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  1. egap98

    Hellish Trails

    so i tried this level expecting the general signs of early wads and i got some of those (pretty poor texture scaling, broken switches that require noclipping past, stealth monsters) but outside of that, i was pleasently surprised at the quality and length of the level, there are some very fun fights and a grand scale to it. it certainly needs work but for a wad that i went into with no expectations i'm pretty happy going out it.
  2. egap98

    What's a map you never get tired of playing?

    anything from going down.
  3. For the past few months me and my friends have been working almost nonstop on a kind of half TC for ZDoom compatible source ports. Today, we published the reveal trailer. let us know what you think!
  4. egap98

    Sands Of Time Reveal Trailer (ZDoom half TC)

    in the trailer we purposefully show as little of the story other then what's outlined in the trailer although i will tell you that the story plays a MASSIVE part in this megawad, here's hoping the story is up to your standards! let us know of anything we can do to improve the texturing though! we're always looking for advice.
  5. egap98

    Sands Of Time Reveal Trailer (ZDoom half TC)

    here's an apology for what happened regarding this. we're sorry. nights has said it won't happen again, and we would appreciate everyone's support at the moment.
  6. egap98

    Sands Of Time Reveal Trailer (ZDoom half TC)

    ok so. i've been really distraught about this. as someone who hasn't played much BTSX, i didn't spot this. if i had before i would've let nights do that. i'm sorry for not noticing it earlier.
  7. not really the point. the point is for when the servers inevitably go down forever in a decade or so. preservation is important.
  8. egap98

    DBP41: Hell Revealed III (Pt. 1)

    i am AMAZED it finally happened.
  9. you're a nerd lol thanks for being one of my best friends.

    1. NiGHTS108


      Fancy seeing you here

  10. egap98

    Sands Of Time Reveal Trailer (ZDoom half TC)

    that map was made by the other map author of the wad, Nights108. great guy, he makes some awesome maps.
  11. currently working on map11, gonna have a lot of crucial choices, kinda goin for that going down office type area with hell areas mixed in.
  12. info: iwad: doom2 maps: map01 - map32 difficulty settings: yes. although they are subject to change in the next update. advanced engine needed: needs ZDoom or GZDoom known bugs: none i think. This is my first megawad. it took about 5 months to make (i know it's a long time but i've had a lot on my plate) playthroughs appreciated! Download: https://egap98.itch.io/uac-city Screenshots:
  13. unfortunately i don't remember enough of e4m8 to make it, i'm removing myself from this project. sorry.
  15. E3M8 please! scratch that someone already called it.
  16. good fun! i enjoyed it a lot.
  17. egap98

    slimetemple.wad - 1 map wad

    it's fun! i guess the best way to describe it would be.... plutonian? what i'm saying is that it remind me of plutonia experiment.
  18. alright so i'm making a doom megawad called UAC City, it's releasing on the 10th of may on itch.io as well as here on doomworld. i've released a trailer and an itch.io page (trailer is on the itch.io page, watch it there) https://egap98.itch.io/uac-city
  19. egap98

    Weapon i'm developing (Nuke Launcher)

    ACTOR Nuke { Radius 11 Height 8 Speed 200 Damage 2500 Projectile +RANDOMIZE +DEHEXPLOSION +ROCKETTRAIL SeeSound "weapons/rocklf" DeathSound "weapons/rocklx" Obituary "$OB_MPROCKET" // "%o died to %k's Nuke." States { Spawn: MISL A 1 Bright Loop Death: MISL B 8 Bright A_Explode MISL B 1 Bright A_Explode MISL B 1 Bright A_Explode MISL B 1 Bright A_Explode MISL B 1 Bright A_Explode MISL B 1 Bright A_Explode MISL C 6 Bright MISL D 4 Bright Stop } } ACTOR NukeLauncher : DoomWeapon 25453 { Weapon.SelectionOrder 2500 Weapon.AmmoUse 25 Weapon.AmmoGive 8 Weapon.AmmoType "RocketAmmo" +WEAPON.NOAUTOFIRE Inventory.PickupMessage "You got the Nuke-Launcher!" Tag "$TAG_ROCKETLAUNCHER" Weapon.SlotNumber 5 States { Ready: NUKE A 1 A_WeaponReady Loop Deselect: NUKE A 1 A_Lower Loop Select: NUKE A 1 A_Raise Loop Fire: NUKE B 8 A_GunFlash NUKE B 12 A_FireCustomMissile("Nuke") NUKE B 0 A_ReFire Goto Ready Flash: NUKF A 3 Bright A_Light1 NUKF B 4 Bright NUKF CD 4 Bright A_Light2 Goto LightDone Spawn: NUKL A -1 Stop } }
  20. I'm creating a new weapon for classic Doom. A Nuke Launcher! Essentially it's a super powerful rocket launcher that uses 25 Rocket ammo but does 20x damage compared to the rocket launcher. The sources for the sprites are Midway and 3D Realms.
  21. egap98

    Weapon i'm developing (Nuke Launcher)

    couldn't figure out how to actually expand the blast zone so i just made the projectile do a ton of damage, it can one-shot a cyberdemon and higher so yes, this is meant for higher tier custom enemies. i can send over the DECORATE file for this if you'd like to take a look.
  22. egap98

    Weapon i'm developing (Nuke Launcher)

    don't know when i intend on releasing this weapon lol
  23. This is just a quick joke wad, not very good but a little funny. Doomguy Grabs a burger.7z