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  1. Buzzerb5x9x

    [April Fools]TNT: THREEVILUTION [32 Map Megawad]

    so honord to be the something something thread anyways this is the most fun i have EVER had playing a doom was and its just so god damn hilarious 10/10 and also 3d saul goodman is in it so like, yknow, best doom wad ever, 32 levels of fun and entertainment cant wait for next April fools!
  2. Buzzerb5x9x

    What is your favourite doom game?

    in the classic series, 2 in the reboots, eternal overall? i enjoyed the base game of eternal more but i can keep myself entertained longer with doom 2 because if mods n shit
  3. Buzzerb5x9x

    cant give myself items in pb 3.0?

    i cant seem to figure it out, however i can still give myself vanilla doom weapons but not pb weapons, can anyone help me? (ive tried with every pb weapon and nothing works btw)
  4. most of the doom guns were modled after toy guns (such as the chaingun) so i was wondering, what were the other weapons modeled after?n
  5. Buzzerb5x9x

    Why is Episode 1 so good?

    because tech bases are epic
  6. Buzzerb5x9x

    what's your favorite type of doom level

    if you like maps like that you would love doom 64 if you haven't played it already
  7. for me i love tech base maps alot. super cool to me for some reason, what are yalls favorite types?
  8. Buzzerb5x9x

    What do the different like / reaction buttons mean?

    Soulsphere is a normal like Invulnerability is a epic like invis is an angry like mega is a ultra like
  9. Buzzerb5x9x

    anyone know any good vanilla doom 2 megawads?

    that more what i ment by "vanilla" anyways lol
  10. Buzzerb5x9x

    anyone know any good vanilla doom 2 megawads?

    welp im gonna be busy this week
  11. Buzzerb5x9x

    What do you think of Final Doom.

    to quote civvie "we may never have gotten gud without the plutonia experiment" tnt is kinda boring tho, but its still ok
  12. im in the mood for some vanilla doom rn. anyone know any good vanilla megawads to play?
  13. Buzzerb5x9x

    Which Doom sound effects do you like/hate?

    i love the caco death sound, the sound of it drowning in its own blood. i hate the screeching of lost souls
  14. Buzzerb5x9x

    Things about Doom you just found out

    almost all the guns in doom are based of of toys
  15. Buzzerb5x9x

    React To The Profile Pic Above You

    who turned down the saturation!