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  1. I have the original, no way in hell am I buying the BFG Edition just to play Doom 3, especially if it's the inferior version
  2. Hey everyone. I've got a problem and it's been irking me ever since I bought Doom 3 on Steam. Are there any real widescreen options for Doom 3? I know there are source ports that help with that, but I am nowhere near as familiar with the Doom 3 modding scene as I am with Classic Doom. Any help would be appreciated!
  3. Warp

    [SWITCH] Doom64 beginner tips?

    The base game loop is exactly the same as the other games. There isn't really much new, aside from the Unmaker and The Nightmare Imp. Doom 64 does run on a modified Doom engine that allows for somewhat 3D floors and environment within the game. Most enemies are have new sprites that look like CG renders. The imps, pinkies, Pain Elementals, Cacodemons, and the new final boss, The Mother Demon all have interesting new designs that fit well with the new horror themed direction. Many people have considered Doom 64 to be the true Doom 3, and I can't blame them. 64 is closer to classic Doom than Doom 3 will ever be.
  4. I have to agree with Omniarch here, and that's what I always loved about Doom 1. And for me, it might just be the nostalgia talking, but I've always adored the distinct sense of progression throughout the game, both thematic and difficulty wise. I have to admit, Doom 1 has its fair share of bad maps, definitely. Maps like Slough of Despair, Limbo, Phobos Anomaly and a few more. Don't get me wrong Doom 2 is still very distinct in its themes and such, just take one look at a map like Industrial Zone, and right away you can tell: "Oh, that's Doom 2"
  5. I used Dead Simple as an example level, I really don't think that cutting the episode off at map 7 would be good. I honestly think that ending the "episode" after Downtown would be better, or after like one of those slog maps
  6. I did but ok then. Let's just agree to disagree, I don't want this to turn into a flame war.
  7. Trust me, Doom 64 is up there with my favorite Doom games. And while on the subject of other megawads, how is No Rest For the Living? I've heard so many good things about it, but I've never played it. I have the Unity ports on PC and PS4 and the BFG Edition on PS3, but I've just never gotten around to playing it.
  8. I'm not gonna hit you with a 12 long page essay saying why it would benefit the game. Nothing is forcing me to play all 32 maps back to back in one sitting, and I didn't do that. All I'm saying is that Doom 2 would be better if they split the game into to episodes, like UDoom, which I prefer to Doom 2. It builds suspense on what the next part could hold, and there's no fatigue starting a new map after something like "The Chasm" or "Gotcha" or "Dead Simple"
  9. I've noticed the episodic point brought up in a lot of discussions about Doom 2, and I have to say I wholeheartedly agree with it. The "intermissions" every few maps just isn't enough of a real break in the monotony. If the game was broken up into 2 episodes and no more than that, like how Shadow Warrior is, I think the game would be much better for it.
  10. It's crazy how TNT gets bashed all the time and Plutonia gets such high praise. I haven't played Plutonia yet, so I wouldn't know. But I just played Hell Revealed and I loved it
  11. I enjoy Final Doom more than Doom 2, I don't know what it is. I think it's just because Final Doom is all new to me, but I find myself playing TNT (not Plutonia, because chaingunners) because I have more fun doing so
  12. After 3 years of putting it off and ragequitting, I finally conquered Doom 2 just minutes ago. You're free to call me a newbie or just plain bad if you deem Doom 2 as "easy", idc honestly, I'm just happy I beat it. For me, it wasn't the difficulty that was so off putting, but just the inconsistent level design and the dicketry that some of these levels contain. I don't think I'm coming back to Doom 2 for a bit.
  13. Honestly, I wonder how it would go if they patched the PSX exclusive maps into the Unity ports. Give more content to chew through, since pretty much everyone can play the game with their eyes closed.
  14. Tbh, I think id is kinda forgetting every other port of the game besides the 25th anniversary ports. I mean, they delisted the XBLA games because they wanted people to get the new ports. Though, I think that was Bethesda, not id. But it still sucks, since the demos are still up.