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  1. Esbroh

    Mount Promethei - My first map!

    Hey thanks a lot! I'm glad you enjoyed. I know the progression of the level was strange, to say the least, which is something I will definitely work on next time, along with level length. I will remember to add more high ledges to blast some demons off for next time! The midi was just something lurking on my PC, so I'm glad it fit in. I appreciate the words very much!
  2. This is an one map introduction to an one episode WAD for Doom II. Think of it as this sort of Blue Shift to Doom, as it takes places at the time when all hell starts to break loose. One unlucky UAC employee is tasked with traveling from planet to planet, making his way to the source of the invasion. This map is very short, and is linear. It was designed with Ultra Violence on Zandronum, but my tests with GZDoom work just fine. It takes place on Mt. Promethei, a huge mountain on Mars, I believe?... I just thought the name was cool. The mountain leads into the base and Air Fortress of a UAC testing facility. When you start the map, you will get the Dual Pistols, which were created by the very talented KippyKip and JoeyTD, all credit goes to them. The music on MAP01 is Havona by Weather Report and the title screen uses Ending 1 from Street Fighter III: Third Strike. Videos and screenshots are very much appreciated but never needed, thank you for trying this out nonetheless. But, please please please leave criticism and aspects you liked about the map, because there is definitely more to come and I'd love to know what I can improve from. Nevertheless, here's Mount Promethei. Mount Promethei
  3. Esbroh

    Another newcomer's first Doom level.

    Good map, man! I see a lot of nice design things you've already picked up. I'm just sad a little sad the soda machine didn't make a sound or heal you a little like in Half-Life... :( Besides that, I only have one small criticism, and that's how flat this level is, it has very little verticality! Keep up at the good work and you're bound to get better! It'll come naturally.
  4. Esbroh

    Looking for playtesters for bucket.wad

    When I mean long and complex, I mean its quite a big level, with many corridors and tons of rooms. It's very jam-packed wall to wall with some way to keep players entertained, or maybe annoyed with all the monsters! ;^) The only part that was confusing was the bookcase puzzle in the end and where that darn exit was! Now I know there wasn't one... I searched around for the exit so long I found that unused room with the fake Icon of Sin! I really liked what you had here, so I have to ask, where do you plan to take this project? I don't think you're planning to make a megaWAD out of this, that would be painful... O_O I think it would be neat for maybe something about the length of a Doom 1 episode, but that would still take a long time... What other Doom projects do you have? I'd like to check them out! The only other thing was I got stuck down in the toxic pit with the Caco and Cyberdemon, and I had to cheat to escape... Lastly, more of a general thing, but do you know how to load multiple IWADs like you were saying? I got a handful of missing textures in GZDoom.
  5. Esbroh

    My first map in years

    Hey I really enjoyed this! It's simple, but captures this style akin to Id Software themselves. My only critique is that the larger areas could be filled with more things to make it feel less vacant.
  6. Esbroh

    Looking for playtesters for bucket.wad

    I tried out this WAD, and it seemed pretty fun, but long and complex, I couldn't find the exit though, lol. Almost all the doors never closed after opening, but I don't know if that was intentional. Great work, nonetheless, leto! Keep up the good work.