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Everything posted by zark

  1. zark

    Last Man on Earth

    Looks pretty awesome. I'm assuming this is for GZDoom? Some bigger shots would be nice, but keep up the good work!
  2. zark

    How do you feel about the celebrity news?

    Woah, way to generalise. I bet you're one of those people who consider themselves too good for television, maintaining that television sucks yet not actually watching any of it.
  3. zark

    Stupid photoshop fuzz...

    First off, that looks like a bad JPEG artifacts issue - for one, you won't want to use JPEG images in Doom (can you even do that in ports? Not that I recall...). So you'll want to convert it to a bitmap image. Secondly, the edges of the gun look antialiased to me - which will also cause problems. Doom has one transparent palette entry, meaning that the only colour in that image that won't be drawn is the cyan one (0, 255, 255) and NO OTHERS. No other shades of cyan, like the edges between your weapon and the background. It needs to be a crisp edge, if that makes sense.
  4. zark

    Best game intro/ending

    What do you expect from a game that's almost 10 years old? Perfect cinematic cutscenes?
  5. zark

    What Program is easy to use to edit Doom?

    "Edit Doom" is a rather vague phrase; what exactly is it you want to edit? Levels? Graphics? Monster behaviour? Each has its own set of tools.
  6. Then uh. Don't play it?
  7. zark

    Doom doodles

    It's a joke. And I don't think sticking a rack that looks like it's from a supermodel onto an arch-vile is the way to go, it just looks incredibly out of place.
  8. I call bullshit on the whole thing.
  9. zark

    Doom doodles

    Did I hear someone say vilese?
  10. Cry with laughter at your idiocy more like. Seriously, you wasted money. I don't see why it would make any fanboy cry; they're still getting a copy. You're the fool in all of this.
  11. OK, so I'm working on a very large map at the moment (currently 24937 vertices, 28640 linedefs, 49856 sidedefs, 3817 sectors and 1033 things). Today, all of a sudden, the nodes stopped compiling; the compiling process appears not to finish and the following error message appears: "The nodebuilder did not build the required structures. Please ensure you do not have any errors in your map!" Now, I error-checked the map and I couldn't appear to find it. I then decided to run the wad through zdbsp externally - G:\Program Files\Doom Builder>zdbsp.exe -R "t2test.wad" -o "t2testcomp.wad" ----MAP01---- BSP: 100.0% Nodes are so big that compression has been forced. BLOCKMAP is so big that ports will have to recreate it. Vanilla Doom cannot handle it at all. If this map is for ZDoom 2+, you should use the -b switch to save space in the wad. 5.11164 seconds. OK, so, I don't mind compressed nodes, or not creating the blockmap. So I added -z and -b to the command line in the Node Builder options in Doom Builder, so that it read "-R -b -z "%F" -o "%T"". Just to check, I ran it through zdbsp externally with the added command line options. It worked fine. However, within Doombuilder it stills gives me the same error message. I decided to set the output wad to a specific wad file to see if that would help. The command line now reads, "-R -b -z "%F" -o "fush.wad"". It still gives me the error, HOWEVER the compiled fush.wad now appears in the Doombuilder directory, and ZDoom appears to run it fine. So, it seems to be compiling but Doombuilder doesn't think it is. This isn't really a great way of doing things as I have to specify the output wad in the command line. Is there perhaps a way round this, as the nodebuilder seems to be working correctly?
  12. zark

    To midi composers out there

    I'm interested in finding a decent MIDI synthesizer application so I decided to check out Anvil Studio when you mentioned it. I don't know what you mean when you say you can't change tempos; there's a small text box in the top right hand corner of the Composer view interface that says "tempo" above it and can be changed to any value really. And with regards to doing crescendo and things, all a crescendo really is is the change of volume over time - you can go into the event list and tweak the volumes of individual notes. There's probably another way of doing it but that's one way I found after playing with this for only five minutes. The help included with it also states you can include crescendo, decrescendo and slur notation (slur notes are the music notation term for note "bending") but I'm not sure if this is only notation and doesn't actually affect the sound itself. There should be some way of dynamically changing the tempo too, perhaps by adding an event in the event list? I'll need to play around with it more. I've only been messing around with it for a short while so feel free to tell me that I'm wrong on some or all of these points, or that I misunderstood. I used to use Cakewalk 3 back in the day and loved it; I was never impressed with most of the later versions.
  13. zark

    Proof that D&D is evil

    I'm fairly sure it's possible to be a responsible parent AND play D&D; you're as bad as them, blaming it on videogames when it's the parents who are at fault for just generally neglecting them.
  14. Most likely fake. As JK Rowling has said, no new characters will be introduced in the final book. Especially not ones with such ridiculous names as "Rimulus".
  15. zark

    Does New Doom ban Doomworld users?

    No. Newdoom is used quite regularly by much of the Doom community.
  16. zark

    Community Joke (Please join!)

    Oh snap
  17. zark

    R.I.P. Jason "Amaster" Masihdas

    Jason and I were never really close, but we talked a little on IRC and I always thought he was one of the nicest people there - he wouldn't judge you, he'd listen to what you had to say, and he had a top-notch sense of humour. I really wish I had got to know him better. When I think that I won't speak to him ever again it just feels so bizarre - why someone so young, so talented, and with so much personality would want to take their life just confuses me. But I do understand that if he felt it was the right thing to do, then he had probably exhausted all other options. I just wish he'd opened up a little more, then maybe we could have helped him through his difficult time. My thoughts are really with his family and friends right now, I really feel for them during this difficult time. He will be sorely missed. :( Rest in peace, Jason. I hope that you've found the serenity you were looking for. We miss you.
  18. zark

    Unused DOOM tracks

    These are seriously awesome. UN17 is a cover of Slayer's Raining Blood. edit: UN20 is a cover of Alice in Chains's Man in a Box. edit edit: The middle section of UN51 (based on Pantera's Walk) follows the same chord sequence as the end of D_COUNTD (map03 etc., not sure what the real name is)
  19. zark

    Knee-Deep in ZDoom, Co-op Style

    To be honest, it was only really an issue a couple of times - the authors decided to use that particular effect rather sparingly which meant the problem didn't crop up very often.
  20. zark

    Knee-Deep in ZDoom, Co-op Style

    Heh, well apparently there were Laurel & Hardy-esque moments with joe and pritch involving a tricky stack of crates on Z1M3, but I missed it while I was hunting for the red key.
  21. zark

    Knee Deep in ZDoom released

    At first being forced to use a pistol was slightly irritating, but that was probably because I'm not used to it - I started to like it though. I agree, WADs do tend to give you the shotgun pretty much straight away, and I like seeing something that deviated from this - I'm still undecided about the level as a whole though.
  22. zark

    Knee Deep in ZDoom released

    Way to go, troll. He's expressing his opinion, which he's perfectly entitled to do without being labelled a "mindless idiot" or a dumbass. Seriously, people are going to disagree with you and have different opinions to you - and you just made yourself look childish and immature by insulting him like that.
  23. zark

    Knee Deep in ZDoom released

    First impressions (I'm about halfway through E1M1, I think - I got pretty bored.): The majority of the item rotation sprites seem pretty poor, and superfluous. what was the problem with leaving them as one-angled sprites? Would've saved a lot of effort for little or no gain. I do happen to like the spinning keys though, that's a nice touch. It doesn't feel like episode one. Now this is not really a bad thing, I wasn't expecting it to feel like it, but saying that it holds close to the atmosphere of the original is, in my opinion, very wrong. The texturing, coloured lighting, and just general feel of it doesn't match that of original episode one. But as I said it's not a bad thing. The gameplay is a bit... meh. I don't really know how else to describe it, it's quite dull and doesn't really excite me so far. Hence why I've given up so soon - it just doesn't grab me. Maybe it'll improve as I play but it's just kinda stale, as someone said above. I shall return when I've played it a bit more. One thing that bugs me about some people here is complaining that it's too hard - difficulty settings are there for a reason, if you can't do it on UV, go down one. Technically it's quite nice though, lots of nice effects and stuff. Possibly may have to "borrow" some techniques for Tremor 2 ;)
  24. zark

    Best game of all time in your opinion

    Lame poll; not nearly enough choices. My favourites include Doom (obviously), Dungeon Keeper, Ultima Underworld, the Elder Scrolls (Morrowind primarily), System Shock, Dungeon Master and Command & Conquer (pre-Generals).
  25. zark

    [Marines of UAC: Exigency] Teaser

    Wow, looks really nice. As others have said, quite possibly a reason to download EDGE. I know I'll definitely be doing that. My favourite part has to be the bit when the other marine throws you a gun - very nicely done.