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Everything posted by zark

  1. zark

    New Official EDGE forum on-line!

    Ignore him, he's a troll. Hooray for forums! Though interest in EDGE has been dwindling over the past few years, so I don't know how much traffic it'll get. But hey, kudos anyway.
  2. zark

    Doomsday models in Voxel form

    Well I'm sure you wouldn't consider it a good reason would you, if you yourself don't have a slower connection? The image limits surely shouldn't cater for just your needs now, should they? As Use said, they're there for a reason, and to be honest I quite frankly hate having to trawl through threads with countless huge images. While it may not affect my connection that much, it makes it hard to read. On-topic: voxels are underrated, though I'm not sure that reproducing voxels from the md2 models gives such great results. Maybe used as a base they could be effective though.
  3. Ah, I just had a think and realised what the problem could be... Doombuilder is perhaps checking for the blockmap in the wad once it's compiled, can't find it, and therefore displays this error. Perhaps Doombuilder requires a blockmap to display 3D mode? Hopefully CodeImp will be able to clear this up.
  4. Futurama and Family Guy are on adult swim? Never knew that.
  5. Am I the only one who finds 99% of adult swim stuff (with the exception of the first few Metalocalypse episodes) incredibly un-funny? I really don't see the attraction of Aqua Teen Hunger Force especially.
  6. zark

    Doomworld Pop ups...

    AVG + Firefox + Adblock + filterset.g updater + ZoneAlarm + a little common sense when browsing the net = secure Windows system for free. At least, that's what I used when I used Windows and I haven't caught any viruses or spyware for years.
  7. zark

    Doctor Sues 11 Year-Old

    What? I can't tell if this is a poor attempt at a troll or you trying to be serious. You say that the girl should take responsibility, but what about the guy? From the article, I think the guy should've taken more steps to actually avoid the girl - not just ringing his bell, etc. The girl tried to move out of the path of the bike, but the doctor didn't slow down that much or move at all. If anyone should be taking responsibility it should be the doctor, for not doing enough to stop the accident. And that's all it is, an accident.
  8. zark

    How'd you want Doom IV to be

    Fun, unlike Doom 3. EDIT: I think this may have been the first time I posted in a Doom 3 forum.
  9. zark

    Songs of the Damned

    I'd be up for doing some testing.
  10. zark

    Doomworld Popups!!! >:(

    I use Firefox with adblock and Adblock Filterset.G Updater, and have never had any unwanted popups or ads while using them.
  11. zark

    idea: Old Doom

    I like that first idea.
  12. zark

    Final Fantasy 12 omg

    The Final Fantasy series went downhill after 7.
  13. zark

    Nature of Archviles

    I think you'll find that "heavy metal" has nothing to do with Satanism, in fact in general only the most extreme forms of black metal have Satanic roots. Heavy metal such as Metallica, Iron Maiden and Megadeth aren't Satanic in the slightest.
  14. zark

    The worst Fiction that you ever Read?

    Yes because being a classic automatically makes it good!
  15. zark

    Crocodile hunted

    Typical American response.
  16. I can verify that darknation's ass is indeed an accurate source of information.
  17. zark

    Tom Cruise dumped...

    I was just waiting for someone to say that, and I wholeheartedly agree.
  18. zark

    Dylan 'Toke' McIntosh, R.I.P.

    This is terribly sad news. I never knew Toke all that well, we rarely spoke and when we did it probably involved a lot of taking the piss out of each other. But I'm sure everyone in the Doom community is touched by the death of one of the more prominent figures who spent such a long time inspiring others with his maps and DM skill - I know I am. All I can do really is give my condolences to his friends and his family during this time. Rest in peace, Toke, you will be missed.
  19. zark

    Post your game collections!

    I dunno, maybe I just don't obsess over games as much as you nerds do.
  20. zark

    WIP It Up

    Seriously, who cares, and why even bring that up? Oh, I forgot, you have to be the centre of attention all the time. Anyway, this is awesome news for the Doom community, I know I can speak for most people here when I say we've missed it ;)
  21. zark

    Post your photos of yourself

    OK fags as the local DPA maintainer, I'm going to update the DPA (gasp). Post here if you want your picture up or your picture updated and I'll do my best to have it up ASAP. Or, if you fancy, feel free to e-mail me at zarcyb at blueyonder dot co dot uk, noting that it's zarcyb with a c, not a k.
  22. zark


    Lame as hell.