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  1. To everyone who says "this is why MMORPGs suck" or "this is why I never got into MMORPGs" and the like: this is an isolated case. MMORPGs, like WoW, can be pretty fun and they don't have to destroy your social life. I've got a few friends who play WoW, and I've dabbled in it once, and we never had any trouble closing WoW and going to the pub etc. Sure there are plenty of people who sit around all day playing WoW and do shit like this but I don't understand how that makes them "suck" - if you don't want to be involved with those kind of people, don't be.
  2. zark

    Simplicity Cancelled

    Tremor2 is coming along nicely, but Erebus is on hold indefinitely. I'm still not entirely sure which port I'm going to be using for it either.
  3. zark

    Simplicity Cancelled

    He doesn't owe the Doom community anything.
  4. So I've been absent from here/IRC for the past few days. My graphics card has decide to pack its bags and leave. I suspect it's probably overheated after a nine-hour Warcraft III marathon, since it's always disliked 3D stuff.

    It started when the screen would suddenly be covered in a sort of red checkerboard pattern. I'd have to reboot manually. Then the display would just cut out. Now, I get red lines on the screen when I start up, and Windows won't display anything at all. I'm running it in safe mode right now and I have horrible red lines all over my screen. It really isn't my year.

    1. Lüt


      Oh, you've been around at all? Cool, what's up?

      Have you tried playing checkers on it?

    2. Csonicgo


      I may be just fessing up to this- but apples are stargting to look GOOD. I mean, really good. I want a powerbook.

    3. spank


      No, no, no, the PowerBook is dead: the MacBook is where it's at.

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  5. zark

    Big map ran into limit problems

    I have a few maps which have more sides/vertices/things than that and they work fine. Maybe it's a problem with your node builder.
  6. zark

    World of Warcraft- Who plays?

    My friend bought it and he gave me his 10-day restricted guest pass to use. I was always making fun of him for it but it's actually pretty fun, I've been playing it a lot for the past couple of days. I don't think I'm going to buy a proper account, at least not yet, because I have issues with paying money monthly for a game. It also took me about 4 or 5 hours to install and update, and Blizzard's updater is a piece of shit - it's a modified Bittorrent client and you can't even change the upload limit, meaning it utterly raped my connection. But it's good fun to play. Currently, level 13 night-elf druid on the Nordrassil realm.
  7. Most disturbing scene I've seen for a while was in Saw 2, when a girl falls into a pit of used hypodermic needles. I couldn't actually watch it, probably because I have a fear of needles, but it's still a disturbing scene.
  8. zark

    Favorite music videos

    Judas Priest's "Breaking the Law" is a hilarious video.
  9. zark


    it's the end of the world!!!!!!!! All non-gargoyleness aside, this is very cool.
  10. zark

    It All Seems so Simple

    Finish Tremor 2.
  11. Cartoons are for little children and girls.
  12. zark

    <-- Yeah, WTF?

    I bet she just felt a little prick.
  13. I'm strongly against almost any form of anime in general, especially that of the giant robot genre, but when I saw this a few years back I really enjoyed it. One of the better series if you ask me.
  14. zark

    Greatest Game of All Time

    Doom wasn't exactly renowned for its original storyline.
  15. zark

    Wiki ++ (College Cooking)

    My parents bought be some of that before I came to uni, and others might be in the same situation.
  16. zark

    scotland the brave

    You bunch of girls, drinking makes you more of a man and you know it.
  17. zark

    Doom Voxel Project

    Graf, add voxel support to GZDoom. The community demands it.
  18. zark

    Doom Voxel Project

    Voxels for the win. I think this would be a really good idea.
  19. zark

    Dad Replaces Bad Kids 360 with Coal

    So kids should just be allowed to run riot without any repercussions? Kids need to be taught what's right and what's wrong, and this is a great way of doing that. Kid seriously misbehaves and acts like a total dick? Kid doesn't get what he wants for Christmas.
  20. zark

    Do you have all the doom games?

    No I don't have all the doom games!11111!
  21. zark

    Heavy Metal Suggestions

  22. zark

    Which game is by far most overrated?

    rofl Necromancers, Assassins and Mummy Lords are not original concepts.
  23. zark

    Heavy Metal Suggestions

    What? System of a Down are huge sellouts. Mesmerize and Hypnotize should NEVER have been released as separate albums, they're like half an hour long each and the songs are of varying quality. But no, System decided to release them separately so they could make more money from gullible fools who thought they were buying two different albums. Shame on you System! Not to mention, the music they produce these days is so watered-down it's almost radio friendly. I don't understand how you can call Limp Bizkit sellouts when System of a Down are the biggest sellouts in recent years - Limp Bizkit are and have always been shitty, pop-rap-metal tripe.
  24. zark

    Which game is by far most overrated?

    Heh, I apologise but I'm going to have to stick up for Steam now. For a start, you can't really blame Steam for you forgetting your password/email. It's your fault, you should've made a note of it somewhere if you were likely to forget. Would you want someone who didn't have a clue what your password or email was to be able to get into your account? I don't think so. Valve are just trying to be secure. Up until a few days ago, yeah I didn't have any problems with Steam, but I didn't see much point in it. Until I found that I'd left my Half Life 2 CD at University; I was pissed. But then I remembered you could download stuff through Steam. Now, granted, I do have a 10mbps connection, but Steam wasn't even using half of that and it downloaded all of my games in about 10 hours, no hassle, no CDs, no CD-keys. So, even if your CDs are lost/scratched to hell, you can still play your games.