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  1. Well, dunno how many people here are Chimaira fans, but they're my favourite band and they've just released some new material for the first time in 2 years or so. The song's entitled "Nothing Remains" and it's the mixed, unmastered version of one of their songs on their upcoming album, Chimaira. Download it (legally) here.

    I've been listening to it and it's awesome stuff. I'm getting a lot of death metal vibes from this one, which is pretty cool. We also have some pretty cool solos, and the Mark Hunter's typical screaming is in there too. All in all it's great, if this is what the rest of the new album is going to sound like then I'm a very happy bunny.

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      Heh. In other news, Peter Steele is dead.

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      hah, you fell for it too.

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      Well, maybe he had a cold. No, a tan.