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  1. So I've been absent from here/IRC for the past few days. My graphics card has decide to pack its bags and leave. I suspect it's probably overheated after a nine-hour Warcraft III marathon, since it's always disliked 3D stuff.

    It started when the screen would suddenly be covered in a sort of red checkerboard pattern. I'd have to reboot manually. Then the display would just cut out. Now, I get red lines on the screen when I start up, and Windows won't display anything at all. I'm running it in safe mode right now and I have horrible red lines all over my screen. It really isn't my year.

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    2. Lüt


      Oh, you've been around at all? Cool, what's up?

      Have you tried playing checkers on it?

    3. Csonicgo


      I may be just fessing up to this- but apples are stargting to look GOOD. I mean, really good. I want a powerbook.

    4. spank


      No, no, no, the PowerBook is dead: the MacBook is where it's at.