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  1. MundyC

    Post your Doom textures!

    Some seamless connections for lostres' METPIPE textures; 8-pipe to 2-pipe, and 8/2 to vertical. Also, a chain link fence mid-texture that uses Evilution's wire fence as a base.
  2. MundyC

    What are the largest maps?

    The two largest ones I know are Okuplok's slaughter map (32,128 x 31,072) and Foursite (24,032 x 15,392). Almost certain Sunder has some huge maps too, but I don't have that WAD in my collection so I can't check the sizes.
  3. Alright, I looked over the map and added a few more foes in the latter half; five pinkies in the computer room's central area, and an extra mancubus in the room shaped like a F. I also tweaked the slime maze's door so that the cacos and imps can escape. Download (version 1.1) I couldn't find any other enemy groups near the end that I missed (or add brand-new ones without major annoyance), so this'll probably be the only revision unless I somehow broke something.
  4. That's fair. The only reason why I specifically tagged Peter is because I was very tired and only remembered his post mentioning MAP15. You must be mistaken - I checked the original MAP24, and there are no enemies in the blue computer area (I assume that's what you're talking about?) other than pinkies. I mean, if you want me to add more demons to that room, I can do it.
  5. Okay, here's my recreation of The Chasm or, as I call it, "Filled with Mighty Juice". Download (version 1.1) Download (original) I used to practice platforming in this map about a year ago, so I knew enough of the layout and texturing to get a decent recreation. Don't worry, there are still plenty of oddities and differences scattered throughout the level, especially with thing placement... Pictures (w/ comparison at the end) -- MAP INFO -- Map Name: Filled with Mighty Juice Format: Vanilla Doom II Tested in: dsda-doom, Chocolate Doom, Crispy Doom, GZDoom Compatibility: Doom II v1.9 (-complevel 2) Replaces MAP24, obviously. Supports all three difficulties and singleplayer/co-op/deathmatch. ---- As for MAP15, I'm dropping the slot due to other commitments. I've a WAD that needs some serious mapping, and I want it done sometime before or in November. I'll also be gone during the end of September, which further complicates things. If you don't mind, I'd like to give MAP15 to @Peter if he's still interested in recreating it. If not, open it like usual. Hope the project goes well!
  6. GZDoom: 6 DSDA-Doom: 2 Chocolate Doom: 1 I use Crispy Doom about as often as Chocolate Doom; when I make vanilla-compatible levels like my Doom from memory maps.
  7. Give me MAP15 and MAP24. I probably won't start work on them until September, mind.
  8. MundyC

    a Dean of Doom series companion thread

    Great episode! With the exception of three or so maps, I agree with MtPain's grades. The soundtrack, for me, is what boosts Scythe II from simply a great megawad to one of legend - much like Sunlust or Valiant's OSTs, they're a perfect match for the levels' atmosphere and action. That statement about Death "sticking in your mind for a long time, whether you like it or not" is so accurate that it hurts. I first played Scythe II around three weeks ago, and I still think about MAP26 and its music when watching Doom videos or mapping. That level changes anyone who goes through it, and the rest of the hell levels further cements said change. (It's pretty funny watching decino's all-ghosts analysis video and this episode back to back, because I got the bug to happen during Haunting Dreams' arch-vile assault.)
  9. And here's E4M6! (Nickname: Abaddon's Taco Warehouse) Download Overall, it looks more like its basis than my E3M8 recreation, though that's because it's an infinitely more memorable level. It's also harder than the original in my opinion, especially if you don't find any secrets. (Though I suppose the same could be said about the original E4M6...) Pictures: -- MAP INFO -- Map Name: Abaddon's Taco Warehouse Format: Vanilla Doom Tested in: dsda-doom, Chocolate Doom, Crispy Doom, GZDoom Compatibility: Doom v1.9 (-complevel 2) Replaces E4M6, obviously. Supports all three difficulties and singleplayer/co-op/deathmatch.
  10. Then sign me up for E4M6. I want to (try to) recreate a level that isn't dead simple to make.
  11. Here's my attempt at recreating E3M8 from memory, which I've nicknamed "Dis Nuts". From start to finish, it took me approximately an hour and a bit (15 mins?). Download A good chunk of that time was spent messing around with the central area's design, and trying to remember what the textures were like. Turns out I was completely wrong for the most part, but that's the fun of this community project! -- MAP INFO -- Map Name: Dis Nuts Format: Vanilla Doom Tested in: dsda-doom, Chocolate Doom, Crispy Doom, GZDoom Compatability: Doom v1.9 (-complevel 2) Replaces E3M8, obviously. Supports all three difficulties and singleplayer/co-op/deathmatch.
  12. Here's my submission, Present Threat. It's a classic techbase-style remake of Future Threat from Wolfenstein 3D: Ultimate Challenge, AKA that one level that's totally not set in a UAC base, guys. I took some liberties with certain parts of the layout, mainly the wavy corridors on the center-left and right sides of the map. It's a bit of a slaughter map, and also set in a smaller area so it's harder than you'd expect. Ultra-Violence is especially tough! (For me, anyways.) -- MAP INFO -- Map Name: Present Threat Format: Doom II - requires a limit-removing port! Tested in: dsda-doom, Crispy Doom, GZDoom Compatability: Doom v1.9 (-complevel 2) Supports all three difficulties. Singleplayer only. Custom textures are sourced from Doom 1 (with some from the unused asset release), W3D: Ultimate Challenge, and Doom II RPG. I made the fence/railing texture. Music is that fake Zelda's Adventure Overworld MIDI on VGMusic. Author currently unknown. Pictures: Download I've tested it quite thoroughly so there shouldn't be any major issues/bugs. Let me know if I've missed something...
  13. MundyC

    How would you fix the Doom 1 boss fights?

    Personally, I'm not too opposed to somewhat short boss levels as long as they're fun, memorable, and/or difficult enough to justify it. Because of this, my personal changes aren't going to boil down to 'just make it a big level like E4M8 lol' three times in a row. Phobos Anomaly: I'd increase the attack and movement speed of the Barons so that they're A) harder to fight and B) more distinguishable from a Hell Knight. To give E1M8 more substance, I'd re-add the cut 0.5 alpha side caverns and throw in more enemies in the long hallway and outside area. Maybe even keycard the hallway/boss room off and hide the key in said caverns... Tower of Babel: I'd improve this level two-fold; first, by replacing some of the lost souls with cacodemons to make the Cyberdemon's cronies more of a threat. Second, I'd add a short(ish) beginning segment where you climb said tower and have to fight off imps, demons, and other funny creatures to access a teleporter that takes you to the roof/Cybie fun zone. Dis: First off, I'm buffing the Mastermind to hell and back, pun absolutely intended. I'd give her 4000 HP, a halved pain chance, and have her do that unused psychic attack whenever she enters her pain state. Maybe a flurry of projectiles like a smaller version of the scrapped BFG blast? (Oh, yes, and shrink her massive hitbox.) As for Dis itself, I'd give it a bit of an overhaul. Four switches are present in the map, one in every corner of the 'clover'. Using any of them will lower a layer of wall surrounding the central chamber (which is where the Spiderdemon now lives). Obviously, you have to lower all four to unleash her. However, each lowered layer will spring an ambush of 10 or so enemies teleporting into the area where the switch/player are. The ambushes can be made up of any combination of foes, as long as there aren't too many Barons or Cacos. Oh, right, and add more weapons, ammo, health, and whatever around the map to make it more fair. Unto the Cruel: I'd remove some of the end-area enemies to lower the chance of Spiderdemon infighting, and maybe get rid of the secret BFG. That's about it, though - I don't have many gripes with Episode 4's final level, and I am certainly not going to downgrade it to the same size as the others.
  14. MundyC

    Share Your Sprites!

    Sprites for the imp replacement from my upcoming TC WAD. It's a corpse reanimated with cybernetics that attacks with psionic blasts (in the style of the Doom 64 imp). I normally don't share spritesheets from work-in-progress projects, but I've spent so much time on this one (around a week of editing altogether) that it'd be kind of criminal not to.