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  1. MundyC

    Doomworld Maximum Project 2021 - Version 1.5 up!

    It's great seeing this project finally getting a release. :) Have fun with my map!
  2. Here's my submission for this community project - Darkworld. It's an ominous place located in a void between dimensions, which is being invaded by lots of monsters for you to destroy. It should take around 20-25 minutes to complete. (The map is in the MAP01 slot for easy access, though it's meant to be MAP32.) The map's music is Culture Shock from Fortress 2 Blue. Download Screenshots (mostly recycled from my previous post):
  3. Darkworld (WIP submission for Doomium)
  4. MundyC

    ENDOOM Appreciation Thread

    I've only made one ENDOOM screen that wasn't made using ENDEDIT's copy + paste image function, and it was for my I.M. Meen total conversion: It's fun stuff, but can be quite time-consuming... especially when you're trying to draw a wicked mugshot like Meen's.
  5. AIMS has been updated to v1.2. Included are smaller first-person sprites for the spells, a proper GZDoom version of the mod... and that's about it. It's a large, yet small update. Go figure! The updated download link is in the OP. Here's the changelog; it's so small that it ain't worth putting in a spoiler. Shrunk all spell + flash sprites so that they take up less screen space. Consequently, you can now fit MBF!AIMS onto a single floppy disk, if you are so inclined. Created a GZDoom variant of AIMS (AIMSGZ.wad) featuring widescreen graphics, added sounds and visual flourish, and more unique spell effects. Don't worry, the MBF version of AIMS is still included. Tweaked the volume levels of a couple SFX.
  6. MundyC

    Share Your Sprites!

    Oh, Gnawi, whose signs have manifested - Animal sacrifices held on your door - Oh my masters, it surprises horrors Giant shadow/bone leviathan boss whose sprites I spent the better half of this month on. It's for my total conversion/game/whatever's second episode. Every frame (minus the death animation) has all eight angles rendered and accounted for, but this preview only includes the front-facing sprites as this beast's complete sheet is quite large
  7. MundyC

    MeenTC: I.M. Meen in GZDoom (v0.9)

    Indeed it is, but there hasn't been a rename; I just refer to the WAD as MeenTC and I.M. Meen TC interchangeably.
  8. MundyC

    Doomcute thread

    "Northman Gold & Uranium Company", more or less. It's an old industrial engine used by said company that hauls ores from a nearby mine to the docks or a processing plant - the latter is the level that has said engine.
  9. MundyC

    Doomcute thread

    A JNR D60 locomotive, complete with rails and buffers, that I hammered out for my (still in-development) Doom total conversion. Bonus: Does anyone need some ice from the gas station? (This is from the same TC)
  10. MundyC

    MeenTC: I.M. Meen in GZDoom (v0.9)

    You'll have to update to GZDoom 4.8.x (or download it and put it in a separate folder). The line it's referring to defines the intro FMV cutscene's parameters, which was added in the aforementioned GZDoom version. I honestly had no idea that the cutscene system would make earlier GZDoom versions bomb out on startup. Oh well
  11. “Doom Junior... Good and good for you.” - Electronic Entertainment Magazine MeenTC is a standalone IWAD for GZDoom that recreates the gameplay of I.M. Meen, an edutainment FPS from 1995 by the infamous Russian-American game studio Animation Magic. All 36 levels from the original have been remade; every enemy, boss, item, and decoration is here. However, some things have been tweaked and improved upon to make it a more enjoyable experience than the original. Various pieces of cut content have also been added back into the game, as well as some brand-new secret levels for the bravest bookworms out there. Screenshots Download (v0.9) NOTE: I advise using GZDoom v4.8.1 (the latest version) due to recent FMV cutscene developments. In addition, this TC uses the Raven inventory system for items and secondary fire for melee weapon handedness, so be wary of that. Changelog Questions Do I need the Doom/Doom II WAD to play this? Nope. As long as you have GZDoom, you can select it in the game file menu and play it without any issues. If you don't have any other IWADs, MeenTC will automatically boot up. Can I play this TC with my favorite gameplay mod? You can try, but I wouldn't recommend it unless you really want your Doomguy/character to rely on magic wands and melee weapons for 99% of the game. Are the cutscenes present? Mostly! The intro and two final level cutscenes play in full, but the rest of them only have their audio play in-game. Once GZDoom adds support for cutscenes that play in the middle of a level, this will change. How about the scroll editing screens? Sadly, no. I could try to hack something together with the Strife dialogue system, but it would take an ungodly amount of time and be very unwieldy. How do I get Gnorris to go away? Punch him in the face. No, seriously, it'll make him disappear. What difficulty should I play on? I advise Play Level 3, as it's the hardest level from the original game. If you're curious, PL4 replaces certain monsters with their next tier (so the Tower spiders now have two HP, Dungeon spiders have three, and so on), while PL5 is basically PL4 with fast monsters. Is this TC tied to the recent CD-i Zelda fan remakes? While I did help in the development of both games, MeenTC was a completely separate project from the CD-i remakes, with (basically) no ties to it. Are you going to make a TC for Chill Manor? Probably not. There isn't a proper graphics ripping program for Chill Manor like there is for Meen, so I can only rip sprites/textures without any transparency. I tried to get some of the transparent graphics through editing game screenshots, but it took way too long and are inaccurate in one way or another. Who knows, maybe it'll happen in the future? Something broke! Can you fix it, please? I'll see what I can do, but I don't think there are any bugs in the TC that require a brand new patch. Credits Me: Created pretty much everything in the TC. The Unhappy Orchestra: Made the I.M. Meen theme MIDI that plays in the main menu. Animation Magic and Simon & Schuster: Made the original game and assets.
  12. Ah, great to hear. I am planning a potential Heretic version of this mod; when I get around to doing it, I'll shrink down the weapon sprites for both versions.
  13. I have released a small update for this mod, featuring various graphical improvements and fixes, bonus features for certain source ports, and other small changes. Oh, and I've verified that AIMS works with (and doesn't horrifically break) The Ultimate Doom, so you can load Sewers and wow.wad alongside this bad boy. The updated download link is in the OP. You can read the full changelog below, though it ain't much to marvel at. As usual, let me know if I need to fix something.
  14. Adventures in Moth Sorcery (or AIMS, for short) is a slightly overpowered Ultimate Doom/Doom II gameplay mod that I made over the course of five days (4/24/22 to 4/28/22), primarily to familiarize myself with DeHacked. This mod replaces Doomguy with a moth mage named Sanahaid, who casts magic spells with his hands instead of using gunz and bulletz. Weapons are replaced with spell books that teach you stronger spells, which are all powered by mana instead of ammunition. The items and powerups are replaced with appropriate magical artifacts, too. A perfect blend for anyone who likes both Heretic and Doom! Download (v1.2) There are two versions of this mod available. The original one (the AIMS1-2 .wad and .bex files) is meant for the Marine's Best Friend (MBF) format, as one of the weapons uses its alpha BFG fire pointer. As long as your source port supports MBF, AIMS will work with it. In addition, there is a GZDoom-exclusive version (AIMSGZ.wad) that adds widescreen graphics, extra sounds and visual flourish, and more unique spell effects. In addition, I advise you to only play this mod with mapsets that leave the player and weapons untouched. Think TNT + Plutonia, Alien Vendetta, Valiant (Vaccinated Edition), and so on. Just make sure that AIMS is loaded last. Do not play this mod with other gameplay mods or mapsets that have extensive DeHacked work; things will break horribly, believe me! Please let me know if anything in the mod breaks or looks off (and isn't from mapset incompatibility). I tested it with DSDA-Doom, GZDoom, and Woof, so it should work fine on other source ports. But then again, I'm a bit new at this DeHacked thing, so anything's possible. Screenshots: Weapon/Ammo Replacements (Spoilers?):