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  1. Devour.Inc


    My Randomizer chose this for me to play, I am glad it did. These maps were awesome to run. I loved the reuse of the Evilution midi pack tracks, I think every one you chose was in need of a more appropriate showcase like this. One of the hardest things I've done saveless. https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLTKjt89-kicfK8__07SOWb0v4ojk41Ncx
  2. Devour.Inc

    Full Refund [cl21]

    My randomizer chose this map to play for me, from my big document of wads that look good. It was out of order for the skill progression I am going for with what I post, but I grinded through it until I had a good enough strategy to do it saveless. More in depth analysis in the video description. Great map though, lookin forward to playing more
  3. At the start of the year, I decided to start recording/uploading my UV-Max runs to YouTube. I've recently finished all the commercial Doom content, and have started playing custom stuff (Currently working on Requiem). I've played Doom my entire life and have always been lurking in the community, but only recently had the confidence to start recording gameplay. In the past I've only played casually with saves, and have only played a handful of custom wads since they seemed intimidating, but I am now fully submerged in what the community has to offer and eagerly playing through new content with any spare time I have. "Completion" is obviously impossible, but having this as an indefinitely ongoing project is comforting for me, feels like I don't have to worry about keeping up with new games if I can just get really good at one game with infinite content. I am no Doom god, not even close obviously, I only started playing seriously like 5 months ago, but I've already gotten much better. I know I wont be setting records anytime soon, so for my own comfort and for the simplicity of recording, I play with GzDoom. Mouselook, crouching, and jumping are all off, and as far as I know the only non-vanilla function I use is turning off infinite monster height because it pisses me off. That is all beside the point though. It's always been my autistic habit to create excel sheets to measure my completion on whatever game I'm playing, and I really had a field day on this one. Over the last few months I have compiled a gigantic sheet of every single notable wad I could see myself playing at some point. Sourced from the cacowards, from the top 100 wads, Doomer Boards Projects, other notable community projects, the Doom wiki pages for notable mappers, Decino, MtPain27, Nirvana, and "NEW DOOM WADS" videos, and anything else that caught my eye while scouring through various lists and forums. It currently contains close to 700 wads. It is very messy, and the section labeled "Megawads" is mislabeled and just refers to any wad that contains more than one map. There are 2 pages, one for keeping track of my fastest time to complete each map UV max, and the other for my Difficulty & Design ratings of each map. There are some other categories and functions I added to it that you can see for yourself, I've talked long enough. I just wanted to put a blank version of it here incase anyone else could find use in it. I am sure there is much more that can be done with it, so use it as a template for your own autistic obsession. Pls let me know if there's any wads you think I missed that should be included, or if there are any improvements you make to it. Doom Wad List Blank I'll attach my version of the List with all my ratings in my bio, along with my YouTube channel.
  4. Devour.Inc


    I cut this from the title card for my Thumbnails, it was a huge pain in the ass so thought I would drop it here. May post an actual review after I post my vids for it