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  1. Weakmind

    Doom Movie plot.

    I am back!! But any way, I am looking forward to the Movie, even though it may suck
  2. Weakmind

    Don't like the monster

    Hey... It's me !!r!!! I hate the Pain elementalfr4
  3. Weakmind

    Daisy!!!!! (Pet Rabbit)

    A newspaper that says Duwie Wins!! that will show the,!
  4. Weakmind

    X-Box vid Unrecognised Enemy

    dear god... don't "kill" the Caco..... if id did, i am going to pwn'd them! I love the old caco
  5. Weakmind

    Wierd hhaaa, dumb sweeds

    I found this yahoo news artical, i think that it is funny, that is a dimb Sweed, no offence toward Fredrik. http://news.yahoo.com/news?tmpl=story&u=/ap/20040503/ap_on_fe_st/sweden_lake_monster_1
  6. Weakmind

    Election Poll: Bush vs. Kerry

    A GOOD democrat... I think this will be cool.
  7. I made this poll to see how people would vote for president of the U.S... I encourage everyone to participate.. please!
  8. Weakmind

    Kerry in Toledo

    Kerry in in Toledo, my home town.. and during school right now, my eigth grade history teacher is letting the class watch him... God, I hope he wins the election so we can get out of this hole called RULE OF PRESIDENT (DUMB) BUSH!
  9. I hope that the maribnes face isn't on the screen... that would give the game a too cartoony feel.... I think that it should show other things... such as some diffrent collor booarders..
  10. I hope he doesn't win the election... i am hoping carry will win
  11. Weakmind

    The worst monsters are...

    ... Wha!.. THe chain gunner and cyberdemon rulls! THe others are bad though
  12. Weakmind

    When demons attack part ³!

    I hope that they attack each other... but then again, I think that doom guy should be gary Colman... IT would be funny becuase even an imp could squash him
  13. Weakmind

    "Witty" Virus

    Yah, it is good to be back... but any way, I have had a cold since the first of the year, and it hasn't changed for the better!
  14. Weakmind

    I need some "training"!

    I am one of them. and i have a pointer, play doom alot, anilize the levels. find the monsters weakness' and above all else, be one with the game. (I mean that you should act like doom gu while playing, and you will get better at it.) WARNING: These pionters are not garonteed to work!!!