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  1. A lot of stuff for me really depends on how I am feeling but some games I have been playing include(with some stuff after): Black mesa. Internet was out for a few days and I needed something to do because apparently I can't start Doom Eternal offline so I couldn't finish my Nightmare play through which was my original plan for that. Doom Eternal, as said before I currently have a Nightmare play through going on and I am currently at the ARC complex but I suck at the game so I am stuck on one fight. I will most likely get past it eventually but I really don't know when because I tend to play other games more often. Hades! I love this game so much but I haven't really been able to play it for a few months because of other games. Risk of Rain 1 & 2. I love both of these games a lot but 2 a lot more than 1. I got every achievement in Risk of Rain 2, please don't do this, it is not worth it, one of the achievements sucks to get. Minecraft. I tend to go back to it quite a lot because its just a game I find to be relaxing(but also sometimes frustrating). I love modded(happens in most games to be honest) but I haven't really followed it recently so I don't know what modpacks to play. Rust. To be honest this game has kind of failed to keep my interest past the first couple of hours of gameplay. Friend family shared his library and tried it that way but it seems that it has been disabled or something because I can't play it anymore. Not too big of a loss because it was kind of boring and it finally gives my friends a reason to stop trying to get me to play it with them constantly.