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  1. Csucskos

    Do you lie?

    I hate to lie mostly because I don't want other people to lie to me. I have trust issues too, but that's another story. So I rarely lie, but I almost every day omit information. If you ask me directly I'll answer but if I'm not hard pressed to I won't tell you everything. Basically it's the same as lieing as the purpose of this attitude is to mislead but at least I don't feel as a liar. :/
  2. Csucskos

    The Descent - Second slaughterish map (Gamma build)

    Thanks! I was sure I added monsterblocking linedefs to prevent such blocking but will doublecheck. Texturing is in a weird state I fully textured some places but others just got their first pass to remove all basic textures. And detailing ... well I haven't even started that because I'm lazy. I know that is the final stretch from 90% to 100% but that takes a painstaking amount of time. I wonder which fights you are referring to, because to be fair I think all of them are quite stupid. My one goal is to prevent circlestrafe = win strategy but it's hard because this results in mostly door fights. And I also used my best ideas in my Lair of Evil map so that's that. (On the non-linear nature, how? I only intended 3 linear routes which eventually interweave. But in the previous build people all got lost so I restricted it into a main road and two hidden passages.) But anyways I'm glad you enjoyed!
  3. Csucskos

    The Descent - Second slaughterish map (Gamma build)

    I know about the "Romero's designing rules", but I don't think one has to strictly follow them. And especially set textures. I understand that some textures just does not work as flats but I intentionally use unusual textures, I find the for example every tech map looks the same and not only because there are few textures but everyone utilizes them in the same way. I don't understand how you ran out of ammo in that area, there's an armory room right next to it. But I'll do some more testing as there are some areas that prevent backtracking and if you forgot to stack up beforehand you may get in trouble. Thanks for the heads up! Yeah, that's likely but if my map was finished I'd not seek for other's opinion. So thank you for your feedback! :)
  4. Csucskos

    The Descent - Second slaughterish map (Gamma build)

    And does this mean you enjoyed my map?
  5. Hmm, Top 10 "ever" is hard. Very hard. And not because there are too many but because there are too few. I require a certain level to put a game in such a list. So here are my current top few but not without their caveats. (In alphabetical order because that's how they are in my folder.) -Antichamber (A must play but it's quite short and does not really allow variety gameplay unless in speedrunning) -Borderlands 2 (I could add the Pre-sequal too, really just a masterpiece. 3 is OK at least now, 1 was a letdown for me, but I played it after 2 so it could not have happened any other way) -Call of Duty 2 (No MW and such the original 2005 game, I don't know why I like it, but... I just enjoys it.) -Descent (I had fond memories, I played it and for what it was it's genious. In nowadays environment it's still a really unique game - I played Overload but other than that I don't know any similar genre game - The game is short, hard and really unfun experience especially fighting rocketlaucher wielding bots in tight spaces, but overall a great game with really epic music. If it was new I'd hate it, but I love it.) -Diablo 2 (I only play it singleplayer and it's unending fun.) -Factorio (Just a great game) -Minecraft -Starcraft: Brood wad (To be honest I haven't touched it in a while because I tried ladder and realized I suck big time and I'd have to invest decades to be decent. So I just consume an unhealthy amount of media about it. It started with the english casted ASL - held yearly 3-4 times - now I watch 2-3 hour korean casts twice every week. I don't speak korean.) And that's it. I know it's only 8 and I play other games, but I could just not put them on this list for a reason or other. Like I play a ton of Doom, but I think both 1 and 2 suck. I like the gameplay but if I was limited to the original maps they wouldn't hold up. (Khhm, damn you Chasm!) So I think what keeps my love alive is the user generated content which is innovative, fun and evernew, but that's not the original game. I've been playing World of Tanks for a decade, but I don't think it deserves to be on the top 10. So I dunno, maybe I'll expand my list some day but for now my top 10 only contains 8 games.
  6. Csucskos


    The first room switch is really unintuitive, my tactic was to SSG it but that felt cheese even if that's the solution. The map itself is really generous both with BFG from the start plus health but not every slaughtermap has to be insanely difficult. Both fight is cheesable because of the ledges but it's fine. The few details give the map a distinct look so it's overall a feel good power fantasy map. Nice speedmap!
  7. Csucskos

    The Descent - Second slaughterish map (Gamma build)

    I know, but that's the only way I know so I can later compile the maps into a megawad. Sorry for your inconvenience.
  8. Csucskos

    The Descent - Second slaughterish map (Gamma build)

    It occupies map slot 2. So either you beat map 1 or just type "idclev02" :D
  9. Csucskos

    Oldest game you've actually enjoyed.

    Enjoyed or still enjoy? Because from what I could find, Grand Prix Circuit (1988) was the oldest game I actually enjoyed when I was little but nowadays it seems... bad. The oldest games I still actually play are from the mid or late 90's. (Descent, Warcraft 2, Starcraft and such.)
  10. Csucskos

    The Descent - Second slaughterish map (Gamma build)

    Thanks for your comment. Yeah, I know it was done in Hexen format but I did not use any scripts or 3D floors or slopes or whatnot and thought it could be run in other sourceports. I honestly don't know why noone cared but I've posted an earlier build last fall and it gathered attention. I did not want to just continue that thread because it was dead since than and was hoping a new topic would yield better results. (The old one was full of the complaints about problems which I appreciate but they are - hopefully - not present anymore and I did not want to confuse people about the current state of the map.) But it's not like I care that much, I have to implement different difficulties anyways and then the reviews gonna start flowing in. And if nothing happens after that I can still hit up a few testers hoping they will give their precious time to review it. But it's already fully playable on UV so feel free to give it a shot. :)
  11. Csucskos

    Is it even fun to play Doom without saves?

    I don't know, but for me: No, it's not "fun". Why do I still do it then? Because it gives me a bigger happiness boost after beating a map. Just the feeling that I've just overcame a hard challenge.
  12. Hi! I'm back! So I started this map about a year ago but had some different projects so I never finished it. But I'm back at developing it. (So if it's familiar that's maybe because I've posted an earlier iteration but this is the latest build.) This is a slaughter map of some sort but the main focus is on the story/atmosphere, my goal was to make a believable architecture while maintaining big fights. The map is unfair and so far only UV is implemented. Tested in GZDoom but should work in other ports. The map slot is 02 since the story is the continuation of my first wad, maybe I'll merge them but that depends whether I make more maps. No freelook/no jump/no crouch intended. The music is from the game Descent (original composers: Ken Allen, Brian Luzietti, Larry Peacock, Leslie Spitzer, Jim Torres and Tim Wiles and it's an MP3). Screenshots: Map: The Descent.zip
  13. Csucskos

    I don't enjoy Doom anymore.

    OK, I've realized, that you were not looking for solutions but for empathy. Unfortunately I'm not really good with the latter. Hopefully the others can satisfy your needs and I'm sorry for my first response.
  14. Csucskos

    I don't enjoy Doom anymore.

    OK so what even is this thread about? -That you have specific taste? I believe everyone does. -That you don't enjoy every wad? It's also a common thing. -That you use cheats to beat certain maps? If I had to guess, 99% of the players had this experience. ... so ... What? While reading I had two ideas, albeit I don't know if they'd help (see earlier), First: try to make your own map. And I don't mean it in a mean way as "Yeah, you think it's easy? Do it yourself!" but as a genuine advice, you know what you like the best so maybe try designing your perfect map/wad. Second: Just abandon Doom for a while, try other games. Sometimes giving it a break can have big effects and coming back (if ever) you may not get frustrated over minor inconveniences. (like forced health pickup) Now I've thought about a third solution, maybe seek out for "good" wads, look up reviews, vids, do your research and don't just play every "trash". That's a lot of work, but maybe you'd keep your sanity that way. Anyway, I hope you find enjoyment in something. (No matter if Doom or not Doom) :)
  15. Csucskos

    Most disturbing film?

    I'm quite sensitive so even crappy horrorfilms can give me the creeps but for me some WW2 inspired movie would take the throne. The Pianist comes to mind. Obviously the film itself is very tame (compared to the previously mentioned pieces) but for me the unshakeable feeling of disgust and horror lingers for days after every watch.