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  1. lupinx_resurrected

    Hexen WADs

    Chuxen is a hub that is worth checking out in my opinion.
  2. lupinx_resurrected

    plutonia storyline - wtf?

    It doesnt look junglish, but it definitely doesn't look techno. And those weird exit portals in every level are supposed to be the quantom accellerators.
  3. lupinx_resurrected

    Favorite Scene in the Doom movie

    The ending fight was pretty cool.
  4. lupinx_resurrected


    Im not that suprised.
  5. lupinx_resurrected

    Matar Guardian o que????

    Pero algunos vethes ay hente ke nececitan ayuda en Doom3 ke no saben hablar Ingles. But sometimes there are people who need Doom3 help that do not know how to speak English.
  6. lupinx_resurrected

    Looking for wallpaper/3rd person mode question

    Nothing hurts the cyberdemon except the soulcube, but you have to hit him three times with the soulcube to kill him(which makes it sort of easy) :P
  7. lupinx_resurrected

    BFG Location

    But he probably didn't know that at the time.
  8. lupinx_resurrected


    Im already working on a mock 3 thing for doom3. But other than that: Xbox version of doom3 remade on PC (or very closely made.) Mod where you play as Campbell.
  9. lupinx_resurrected

    Favorite Character

    Campbell dies with in the 5 seconds you meet him. So killing him is like doing him a favor.
  10. lupinx_resurrected

    Favorite Character

    Would of liked it if you got to fight Campbell and Swann in the Communications: But they aren't killed or anything you just block off their way or injure them.
  11. lupinx_resurrected

    Anyone else irritated by the lack of SP auto run?

    5,footman. five.
  12. lupinx_resurrected

    my new wads and mods homepage

    cool level design but uhhh....gamma correction?
  13. lupinx_resurrected

    Megaman X Wad

    Im joining. Heck, I was already partially a member for having the inside scoop. Thanks Serrephim.
  14. lupinx_resurrected

    Favorite Character

    I think it would have been cooler to fight a zombiefied sarge with a BFG instead of the dumb Quake2 rip-off version. :P
  15. lupinx_resurrected

    Doom 3 commands?

    You mentioned noclip two times.