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  1. i know zdoom can support mp3 music

    i found cool mp3 music that i would love to put in my tc

    the problem is that most mus editors are based on vanilla doom therefore it only will support midi files

    which brings me to this question, how do i put mp3's in to doom?

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    2. Chopkinsca


      yep, just stick the MP3 into the LMP file and there you go. No screwing around to get it to work in zdoom. For added bonus, if you are going to distribute the WAD, make a seperate music wad as MP3s are take up a lot of space in comparison to the rest of the WAD.

    3. zark


      Also, if these cool MP3s you've "found" are copyrighted (which they probably are) then you'll either have to A) get permission from the copyright owners or B) use midi instead. It's probably better to use midis or mp3s/oggs of your own creation though.

    4. lupinx_resurrected


      i was not sure whether i should put this in general tc section editing or the questions. so i just put it in blogs