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  1. I have ben acting retarded as of lately. There was a time for which I have ben doing good in dw. Than it happens. I create some stupid "evil comence" thread because I was insane at the time for some reason. Everything goes downhill from there. Seeing the replies pisses me off even more than I already was. So I start flaming random people. It was unfortunate Ravage happened to be caught in most the flames I made. I apoligize to you Ravage. I also apoligize to everyone for being so retarded and shooting off my mouth every direction. I will try to be less moronic and control my flames for now on. Please forgive me.

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    2. DooMBoy


      Reading the title of this thread, and considering the very same word is in ShadowRunner's wonderful title, I still find it hard to believe that some people STILL misspell gargantuan.

    3. Bucket


      Hell, they wouldn't know the word existed if it weren't for Half-Life.

    4. rf`


      Does this mean you'll stop raping my sanity? Yeay!