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  1. Yandere Doomer

    Quick Notice by yours truly

    heres the giveaway... Hi L!
  2. Yandere Doomer

    Quick Notice by yours truly

    I checked to see what the problem was, and it is called a "Data Use Checkup"... a new thing by Facebook that they do annually.... i used a phone number now [someone let me use theirs] and i finally created a Damn facebook developer account... but guess what? no notification... no anything....
  3. Yandere Doomer

    Quick Notice by yours truly

    Hey all, I might appear to be a new member but i actually am a Senior Member here.... The thing is, i just cleared the cache on my internet browser... and now i have to sign in to Doomworld again... but i signed up with facebook [dumb decision, i know..] and it keeps saying "Feature unavailable: Facebook Login is currently unavailable for this app." but they said there was a way to fix that... to just log in to my Facebook developer dashboard, i will see the notification. After that, i just need to click the notification.. but i need to sign up, and they want a phone number or a credit card!! i have neither!! So i had to create this alt account..... Hopefully i can Get this problem resolved soon... or i might have to use this profile permanently..... [can you guess who i am? it should be easy.. hehehe] just thought i would let you guys know.