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  1. Fiendish

    [Now on /idgames!] - El Viaje de Diciembre

    Several maps into this, and I'm having a blast. The gameplay, texture-work, detailing, lighting, and progression are all outstanding. I like the Lost Civilization vibe with the pseudorealistic mine settings (and sound replacements), but with each map much more bite-sized and with punchier combat. Looking forward to finishing the wad!
  2. Really cool map! Love the look of the vertical brown brick structures over the sea of blood. I agree that the combat seemed the most tense around the beginning when the manc and arch-viles teleport in, and then remained relatively soft the rest of the way through. I didn't mind, though -- still a fun, chill romp with a lot of beautiful scenery to admire. Especially liked the texturing and brick detailing throughout. Here's an FDA on Crispy Doom with 3/4 secrets found.
  3. Tested this, and found no bugs on crispy, but the ammo is still too scarce. Overall, it's very well done, but the ammo just needs to be upped more. On all three runs of this, I could not complete it due to running out of ammo with barons/archvile blocking the exit. Never have had this issue on the original (and after a quick check, confirmed that the original has significantly more ammo). IMO, it's perfectly okay if this doesn't have as much health/ammo as the original, but given that you must kill some beefy enemies to exit, I think there should still be enough ammo on the map to ensure the player can exit.
  4. Played through this and found it to be close to the original. Two issues, though. First, the map does not work on Crispy Doom because you used boom generalized linedef actions. So you'll need to redo all the linedef actions using the base doom 2 actions instead. Second, I found that there was too little ammo. I haven't played the original recently, but I don't think the original was quite so stingy. Unless I'm wrong about that, I think the map could use a few more shells, cells, or bullets. Both times I played this I ran completely out of ammo and could not progress due to beefy monsters blocking progression paths. Otherwise, though, this is very well done and seemed to me a very faithful recreation.
  5. Here's map09 last played the original several months ago, and haven't played it after making this yet, so I'm not sure how far off this is. Tested in chocolate doom. Title: Circular Clobbering Difficulty settings: Yes Co-op starts included
  6. Fiendish

    Tempest X - Doom II 5 level wad

    Played through the first map so far and enjoyed it! Really liked the opener with the rocket launcher and all the lost souls flying around, and the caco/spectre/SMM combination later on. It would be nice to telegraph the teleporting cyber in some way, if possible (for example, by having it visible near where it teleports in, behind a shot-blocking transparent wall). Going into it blind I was not expecting a cyber to teleport in, and got insta killed to a rocket in the back. The low- and mid-tier monsters that teleport in after pressing the buttons on the side wings of the map started to feel a bit like a chore to clean up since they trickle in slowly but don't really pose much of a threat. But these are just small points, and again, overall, I found it really fun! Looking forward to playing the rest. Here's a demo recorded on DSDA-doom v0.25.6, in case it's helpful. Edit: Felt like jumping straight into map02 after this. Now we're talking! I loved this map. All of the fights felt very well crafted and balanced, though the first one stood out especially to me. I love how you really give the player lots of choice in how to approach the fights. Here's a demo for the second map.
  7. Here's a demo recorded in ZDoom. Accidentally played this on HMP forgetting that this was set as the default on my ZDoom, but I enjoyed the map a ton regardless. This map is fantastic! Really love the dreamy/spooky atmosphere here. The combat definitely had its tense moments, and you did a great job building suspense between the bigger fights. Enjoyed the sandbox-y progression as well. The only bug I found was that some of the character mid-textures at the end are put on linedefs that are too long for them, so a sliver of them "repeats" at the edge of the linedef. I'd love to play more maps in this style from you, or more maps in general for that matter!
  8. Great job! Just a couple of issues I ran into here. One is that a dirt pile in the middle of one of the nukage pools (around the start) is damaging. Another issue is that some of the teleporting monsters never teleport in. I did find the amount of rockets in the map to be a bit scarce. I think that was okay as it played now, but you might want to add some more in once you get the rest of the monsters to teleport in.
  9. Requesting map09 here. Thanks!
  10. Fiendish

    DBP56: Augustland Barrens

    Thanks for reporting this issue on map06. I can't seem to replicate it on crispy, prboom+, dsda-doom, eternity, or gzdoom -- I'm able to lower the bars from the outside on each. Just looked at your VOD from twitch, and I think you might have not pressed use close enough to the bars? In any case, which port were you using? (Thanks, by the way, for streaming the wad! Really enjoyed watching :-) .)
  11. Fiendish

    DBP56: Augustland Barrens

    I had a lot of fun making a map for this. Congrats to the other mappers!
  12. Sure -- the main one that gave me a problem was the one that lowers tag 13. I'm sure not everyone will miss it, since there is armor next to it, but missing it the first time definitely makes it hard to find later. I want to stress though that I did really like this map! The interconnectedness is especially cool.
  13. I just finished this map on Crispy Doom and recorded a demo for you here. Really great job with the architecture, texturing, and lighting; the map is very pleasing to the eye. The interconnectedness of the map was great, though on the downside, it did make the map difficult to navigate at times. The combat was pretty easygoing, which fits for a traditional-style techbase. There were a couple areas where doorfighting may have made the combat a bit too trivial, such as the red room at the end. You might spice combat up by having an enemy attack from behind when opening the door, or having the monsters in the room hidden and only wake up once the player enters the room. But the spaces overall were well-sized -- not too cramped or too open -- making them painless to move around in. The only issue I ran into with this map was with the progression. Often I'd hit a switch and scratch my head not knowing what it did. One-way lifts made this worse, because then I'd be unsure whether taking the lift would bring me away from where I was supposed to go, and cause me to get even more lost. I almost threw in the towel at one point after running around in circles for quite a while. I had to open the map up in doombuilder to figure out the progression at that point -- it turned out I had simply not seen a switch, which was hidden below the main floor level of the room, not visible unless the player goes to a particular corner of a room and looks back toward the center of that room. For future works, you might try to avoid these problems in two ways. One, with switches, you might try to steer the player toward what the switch does, ideally by having its effect in eyesight from where the switch is pressed. Second, you might visually highlight progression-linked switches to make sure players don't miss them like I did. If they're not staring the player in the face when they enter the room, it can help to use lighting to guide the player toward them -- for example, making them cast a light against a wall will draw the player to check it out. Overall, though, I had fun with it. This is an outstanding second map!
  14. Fiendish


    Here is the final version of my map. I reduced the number of slime trails as much as I could and made a few last tweaks to some of the encounters. https://drive.google.com/file/d/1diRNIRxunmDEtEh9bVCIKSJdNofA0ZvG/view?usp=sharing Thanks for organizing this, Ofisil!
  15. Fiendish

    Endquest - episode for Heretic

    This looks great! However, when I loaded it up to look around the maps a bit before starting my actual playthrough, I did find that two of the maps don't work on Crispy Heretic. E1M4 and E1M6 both crash due to having unknown textures on certain linedefs. Also, the boat sails at the start of E1M4 crash Crispy Heretic due to having multi-patch midtextures. I'll let you know if I find any other issues after I do my proper playthrough, which I'm really looking forward to!