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  1. Okay, I made some adjustments to the map in light of feedback. The main difference is in the red key room fight. Now it should not be as easy to camp out on the balcony/rooms behind. A few other little tweaks were made, the most noticeable others being the monster positioning in some of the ambushes to give them just a bit more of a bite (but also upped a few stimpacks to medkits to compensate). This version also includes the current version of the midi made for the map, which I think will be lengthened a bit for the final version. Theme-Gawad Map19 - alternate.zip
  2. @DavidN This was a really fun, cool looking map! I especially liked the start of it and the little ambushes you've got scattered throughout, my favorite being the one with the cacos/lost souls on the narrow platform (which I'm sure will still be fun after you replace the lost souls with something else). Nice positioning of chaingunners and hell knights to keep one on one's toes without making the map more difficult than it should be. You did an outstanding job with verticality in the map in my opinion, something I want to do better in my own maps. I'm looking forward to watching your more recent videos recording your process of making the map. The only real issues I found have already been pointed out by others. Again, I thought this was a really excellent, fun map to play! @KUBA18i I really enjoyed this map, especially the integration of darkness into some of the combat encounters. Very creative and interesting ideas here, in my opinion (especially the use of the fireblu wall). I also liked the setup with the spider mastermind. I wouldn't say this was far harder than Doom II, but I'm also not sure that matters. I thought the shootable switches were pretty clear, but I think that's only because I've played Sigil before. Others might not like tying progression to them (you could go all in with the Sigil reference there by starting the player off in a small locked room with a shootable switch to show them that the eyes are shootable.) But I'd defer to @Ofisil about either of those things. Excellent job with the theme for the map, IMO -- really nice atmosphere and distinctive map!
  3. 10 minutes is tough! Had to start over a few times due to running out of time, but managed to get it done at almost exactly the 10 minute mark on my third attempt. Crossfire.zip
  4. @Black Shuck 97 Thanks for the feedback! Glad you enjoyed it. BTW, I think @Doomride has done a stellar job composing a midi for it, which I will include in an updated version soon. Regarding the red key room fight, I did mean for the strategy to be to clear out the part behind the balcony first before taking on the rest of the room, but maybe it's too easy. Earlier versions of the map originally had a few ambush revenants waiting in the back tunnel, making it more challenging to claim that area, but I took those out to tone the difficulty down and not overdo the revs. I tested it with more zombies added back there, but I don't think they make much of a difference. But! I have a totally different idea to discourage camping on the balcony/rooms behind. It'll take some work to restructure some of the architecture, but I think might make for a more interesting fight. I will see how it goes and include it in a new version if I think it's more fun.
  5. Fiendish

    what are you working on? I wanna see your wads.

    Making progress on the second map for a limit-removing-compatible episode I'm working on, picking up where my first map left off. Gameplay is almost there, then I just have to finish the detailing/cleaning some things up aesthetically.
  6. The Power Station. Not that interesting of a title, but I'll let you know if I can think of a better one.
  7. I decided I still wasn't quite satisfied with the last version of my map, so I have refined it a bit more. I think I'm satisfied with it now (aside from any issues others might find with it). Theme-Gawad Map19 ver3.zip Gameplay changes: - Tweaked the SSG staircase fight, rocket launcher fight, and yellow key room fight to be more fun/interesting. - Added further changes to discourage backing up and corner fighting in certain spots. Appearance changes: - More lights/lighting contrasts. - Fixed some little slime trails and textures. - A few more details added.
  8. I like all the changes you added -- it definitely does not seem sparse now, and some of the new little areas/decorations look really cool. Lots more action on the red path, which I like! I think there still needs to be some more balancing with health/ammo, though, especially for the blue teleporter path. Going either the red or yellow route first seems well balanced, but going through the blue teleporter first leaves you with too little ammo for what you have to deal with IMO (crossing the big main room filled with enemies on all sides). I also think there should probably be more health pickups in the main room due to how many hitscanners are in there. If you take the blue teleport first, this forces you to have to cross the whole room without being able to pick off many of the hitscanners beforehand. There were also two issues I noticed with textures. First, the door tracks for the lower yellow door still aren't flagged lower unpegged. The other is just that the texture for window in the opening spaceship area doesn't show up for PrBoom+. Here's what it looks like:
  9. I thought this was excellent -- it looks great and was very fun to play. It feels a bit mean sometimes but in a good way. Really nice monster placement, especially with the mancubi. Ammo felt scarce throughout, maybe a bit too scarce IMO. It's not often in Doom that I'm wishing I could find a regular shotgun after I've picked up the SSG. The one part I did find a bit annoying was the part where you have to walk diagonally up lava to progress, and then don't get any health pickups before the next ambush (though maybe I'm missing something there). Minor thing, but I also feel like the teleport to the berserk should be flagged a secret. Those are just nitpicks, though; I really enjoyed playing this map!
  10. This is looking really promising! It fits the theme perfectly in my opinion. I really dig the details, especially in the starting room. I did run into an issue completing the map, because the blue teleporter did not work. I figured out why -- the teleport destination for the blue teleporter is set to medium difficulty only. I also noticed a few door tracks that weren't set to lower unpegged (the lower yellow door and the door to the room with the yellow key). The upper yellow door also doesn't work from the inside on Crispy Doom. (I think this is an issue that Crispy Doom has with linedefs that have actions and are too close together.) The main area does feel a bit sparse at times. I think adding a fresh wave of enemies after the red key pickup would help (though you may already have planned to do that). Also, I think the mancubus fight could be more interesting if a few other enemies were added in.
  11. @Ofisil Oops, somehow some of those sectors got joined that weren't supposed to be. I've fixed that and a few other little things I noticed. Map19.zip For the title, I was thinking The Power Station. There are still a few more things I want to tweak for the final version, though, and I would want to address any issues if others test it out and notice any.
  12. Thank you! Here's an updated version of the map. THEME-GAWAD Map19 ver2.zip Changes made: - Reworked some fights (primarily the yellow key room, but some others as well). - Reduced overall enemy count a bit. - Replaced some hitscanners and revenants. - Added more health/ammo pickups. - Added more sector lighting contrasts (and a few other minor aesthetic changes). The map is noticeably easier, and I'm happier with the newer versions of the fights that were changed. I might still do a few more lighting changes for the final version as well, besides any adjustments based on feedback.
  13. Thank you for the detailed and very helpful feedback! Doorfighting/corner fighting is something I also was concerned with in certain places. In previous iterations, I tried to discourage it with nastier monsters teleporting in from a bit behind, but took a lot of that out thinking it was too punishing for something that was supposed to be Doom II-level difficulty. I'm pretty sure I know which rooms you have in mind, so I will rework those fights and also reduce the overall enemy density a bit for the next version of the map.
  14. Although I still may do more tweaking/detailing/polishing, I think map 19 is at a stage where it's ready for others to test. THEME-GAWAD Map19.zip I find it hard to gauge difficulty. I thought previous versions were more difficult than the map is supposed to be, so I've toned the difficulty down a bit. It's possible it might need to be toned down some more, though. Any thoughts/suggestions would be much appreciated!
  15. Very nice! I really liked the chaotic street battles, how each building feels unique, and the creative use of textures. I did notice that there were missing textures on the side of some stairs (screenshot below). Also, aren't archviles only supposed to show up in chapter 5 and after?