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  1. Fiendish


    Here is the final version of my map. I reduced the number of slime trails as much as I could and made a few last tweaks to some of the encounters. https://drive.google.com/file/d/1diRNIRxunmDEtEh9bVCIKSJdNofA0ZvG/view?usp=sharing Thanks for organizing this, Ofisil!
  2. This looks great! However, when I loaded it up to look around the maps a bit before starting my actual playthrough, I did find that two of the maps don't work on Crispy Heretic. E1M4 and E1M6 both crash due to having unknown textures on certain linedefs. Also, the boat sails at the start of E1M4 crash Crispy Heretic due to having multi-patch midtextures. I'll let you know if I find any other issues after I do my proper playthrough, which I'm really looking forward to!
  3. Fiendish

    Altars of Madness [RC2] [Boom] [12 Maps]

    What a terrific set. I booted it up today and unexpectedly zipped all the way through it. This is one of the most fun sets I've played this year. The combat was engaging and well thought-out throughout. It always felt fair, interesting, and challenging. Visually, the maps looked fantastic, especially the orange/yellow maps. The detailing was gorgeous without obstructing gameplay (at least most of the time -- I did find the geometry a bit too easy to get snagged on at the end of map08, and the rocket launcher pedestal on map10 was a little annoying to maneuver around). There were two things about the combat that I especially liked. One was your monster density within each space; it always felt just right -- enough to feel significantly pressured, but never so much that it felt like a grind to get through. The other was how certain setups favored different target prioritization than the usual. It was really satisfying to think through the right strategy for some of the tougher encounters. For example, I was initially irked by the final fight on map11, but then I stopped and surveyed the arena, and figured out what (I take to be) the intended strategy, and got through it the first attempt using the right strategy. Great stuff. Also, clever use of the text before map07 to clue the player in to the map's main gimmick. The player could figure it out pretty easily by trial and error, but I appreciated the heads up. This is truly outstanding work. I hope you make more maps like these in the future!
  4. Fiendish


    @DFF Thanks very much! I'm glad you liked it and I really appreciate the feedback. I'll see what I can do to track down and reduce the number of slime trails as much as possible.
  5. Fiendish


    I took a fresh look back at my map (map19) and made some tweaks, primarily with combat and streamlining the progression a bit. I also think a better, less generic name for my map would be "Crumbling Edifice". https://drive.google.com/file/d/10ei6OXaXDSrKh05Djc57NkIwfk_xzOvc/view?usp=sharing
  6. I've been on mapping hiatus for a while, but saw this and decided to put something together for it. Took me about 55 minutes to make. Hope it's fun! https://drive.google.com/file/d/1sCkpW9N8ssDoGWZ4EtRjyFy4q1elQ0SG/view?usp=sharing (The MIDI is Neverending Story by Dragonland.) Edit: took about 5 more minutes to add difficulty settings. The link above is the updated version.
  7. Fiendish

    Try to recreate Doom 2 from memory! (Finished)

    All right, here's a very cursed map10. My memory of much of the map was quite rough and hazy, so enjoy! https://drive.google.com/file/d/1-GmpOSirqLwYAOQUeCgIQPrqcd8-nTHO/view?usp=sharing Map title: Meatball Madness Map slot: map10 Difficulty settings: UV only (I've only ever played it on UV) Tested in Crispy Doom (shouldn't have any problems with vanilla limits, though)
  8. Fiendish

    Dread Factory (First time OTEX!)

    Of course people vary wildly in what they consider difficult. Compared to a lot of modern maps, this isn't too hard. I'd say it's pretty close to Plutonia in difficulty. Sets like Ancient Aliens contain maps that are definitely more difficult, for example, and of course there are a lot of challenge sets that make Ancient Aliens look like a walk in the park. But I personally love maps that are right around this level of difficulty and length, since it's right around what I'm capable of completing saveless without a ton of attempts, but challenging enough to make playing it saveless tense. I do agree that it wouldn't hurt to make the finale fight a little more challenging on UV, though. When I played it, I took the plasma gun and was pretty conservative with ammo, since I had no idea what was coming, making it feel more challenging than it actually was. But watching Clippy's run, it looks like there was enough cell ammo to just blast everything as it teleported in and no need to save it for anything big that comes after. It also sounds like taking the invuln makes it a pushover too. I do really like how you give the player a choice between the two. So maybe decreasing the cell ammo and swapping the invuln for a soulsphere would help, as others suggested -- but also, adding more heavies that teleport in on UV would help spice it up too. I actually like how you give the player the option to pre-kill the revenants before entering the SSG room. It rewards the player for being cautious, but gives them the option either way.
  9. Fiendish

    Dread Factory (First time OTEX!)

    Looks like this one's a bit polarizing based on the previous comments. I gave it a shot and recorded a demo for you. https://drive.google.com/file/d/1k7ZwIgWnGlfvN8DwUwY15K1SnRQ7lk9Z/view?usp=sharing (recorded on GZDoom 4.5.0) Overall, I loved the map. It had some pretty evil traps and definitely made me sweat. The music also helped give it a very oppressive feel. Health and ammo felt fair to me, and the combat was heart-pumping, to say the least. You also did an outstanding job with the architecture, texturing, and overall progression of the map. I loved the way areas opened back up to previous areas, reusing space, and I never felt lost. I also loved the finale fight; it was really exhilarating to push through it, especially since I went into it blind and so had no idea how it would unfold. The length was also just right -- not too short, and not too long. I would echo some of the suggestions others have mentioned previously. Although I was able to find the SSG at the right time and find the rocket launcher, it's entirely possible to get jumped by the most intense ambush in the map without first getting the SSG (which for most would not be fun). That's what happened on my first attempt, and the ambush did feel a bit cheap because of that. I'd agree that it would be worth adding in a second SSG to ensure that the player is properly equipped no matter which route they take, or else preventing the player from triggering the intense ambush until they have picked up the SSG. I didn't try the map without the rocket launcher, but I can imagine that that would also be overly punishing. So I'd say put the rocket launcher outside of any secrets. (Maybe swap the rocket launcher with one of the boxes of rockets somewhere.) It's also definitely worth implementing difficulty settings with a map of this kind; I think the reception of the map would be a lot more consistently positive if you did. You can't please everyone, but adding difficulty settings goes a long way toward broadening the audience that will enjoy the map. But again, I thought this was fantastic! I'd love to see some more maps from you that have a similar style.
  10. Fiendish

    Hell Cellar map

    Hey, thanks for sharing your first map! Overall, I'd say this was excellent for a first published effort. I played through it and recorded a demo on GZDoom 4.5. (Though I'm not sure if the demo will break toward the end, because I had to noclip to get out of a softlock.) https://drive.google.com/file/d/1bSF6hyFri84Hy0cjMCZz5q_WAIpvdk4M/view?usp=sharing Here were my thoughts: Positives: + Good use of height variation + Lots of interconnectedness + Interesting sector shapes and architecture + Cool secret passages that definitely enhanced the exploration aspect of the map + Properly equipped the player to deal with the map's threats (you may have been too generous, but better that than not including enough). Things that could be improved: - Softlocks. The blue switch that raises the path to the red key is only usable once. I wandered around for a while trying to figure out the red key before resorting to cheats to press the blue switch again. This is the most significant issue with the map. - Texture alignment. There were a lot of misaligned textures in the map. You can fix those pretty easily in ultimate doom builder with the auto-align features. ('a' to align horizontally, 'shift-a' to align vertically, and 'ctrl-a' to do both.) - Texture transitions. Pretty minor, but you can make the map look better by putting beams or good border textures (such as support_3) between two walls that have clashing textures. Regarding the combat, I personally prefer something more challenging, but there's nothing wrong with easier maps. I would actually rank this closer to Doom 2's difficulty, not Plutonia's. I always felt like I had so much space and retreat pathways to deal with threats that I never felt too endangered. If you wanted to turn up the heat difficulty-wise, you could try combining monsters and positioning them in ways that amplify the threats that each poses, having monsters attack the player from multiple angles, and cutting off retreat space. This was a nice, solid effort; great job! I'd definitely like to see more from you.
  11. Fiendish

    IronEagle Competition 35: Data Center

    First time participating in the IronEagle. I hope to participate more in the future! Category 1, UV Died on map03 with 156/166 kills FDA recorded on PrBoom+ on complevel-2. https://drive.google.com/file/d/1ZUkCWBJztHeoQPKTdap1gA4WBpadpMpX/view?usp=sharing
  12. Fiendish

    Try to recreate Doom 2 from memory! (Finished)

    @Engired I think you missed @roadworx's post, but they said they wanted to drop map10. I'll volunteer to do that one (this time, without looking at the original map at all, so that it's extra cursed), unless Roadworx has changed their mind.
  13. Fiendish

    moments that made you quit a wad

    Things that have caused me to stop playing WADs: - Too many narrow corridors and corners, when it literally makes me nauseous constantly bumping into walls. - Too much forced, difficult platforming. - Inescapable death pits in the middle to end of maps.
  14. I uhm, tried playing Ruination on Ironman.

    This is was happened. (skip a bit)


    1. Fiendish


      Hey, thanks for trying it out! Hah, yeah, ultraviolence is not suited to playing blind with no saves. HMP would have been a more doable challenge. 

    2. Pistoolkip


      I did get through level 1 on my practice run (second attempt / blind) but this run was cursed

    3. Fiendish


      Ah, gotcha. The first fight can go sideways really easily. There are two reliable strategies for it, but I've also died an absurd number of times playtesting it =P Thanks again!

  15. Fiendish

    First Doom Map

    Good to see some new mappers with a lot of enthusiasm! I played through the map, and I'd say you've got a decent grasp of some of the basics, but still have more to learn. - I'm pretty sure there weren't any health pickups. I'd say put in some more health pickups. - A bigger issue was that the ammo scarcity. Most people won't find it fun to have to chainsaw hell knights or revenants. Ammo should not be so tight that, if the player doesn't maximize chainsaw use, they will run out completely before the end (especially if the chainsaw is in a secret). - The rooms were textured with the default wall, floor, and ceiling textures. It's okay to sometimes use STARTAN consciously, if it fits aesthetically with what you're going for, but I would very highly recommend not leaving rooms textured with the defaults, as it looks bland. (Not quite as important, but still recommended: change the music to something other than default as well.) - Although the yellow door area is on a higher floor, the rest of the map is flat (has no height variation). This is a common newbie mistake. A good rule of thumb I've found is to aim for at least one major height difference within each room (whether it be a ledge/balcony, a drop, or just a raised area), and having that height variation factor into gameplay in some way. This will make the map much more interesting to play and look at, not to mention that height variation can be a very useful tool in designing combat encounters. - The lift felt a bit awkward to use. Generally, for lifts, it'll work better to use the lift (fast) action rather than floor raise or floor lower actions. - The door tracks look kind of weird because they are not flagged lower unpegged (so that the textures on the sides of a doorway do not move up and down when you open a door). It also generally looks better if doors are not flush with the wall and ceiling. - The rooms for the most part felt boxy, which ends up feeling bland if too many rooms are boxy. You did vary it up a little bit in some places, but I'd say go for even more variation in room shapes (such as using curves, non-orthogonal angles, or other odd shapes, for example, shapes where you can't see all of a room from any place within the room, such as L-shaped rooms or shapes that are even more unusual). - The yellow door and exit room door only open from one way, making it impossible to backtrack. Locking the player in for combat purposes is okay, but it's almost always good to have some way to return to earlier parts of a map once the combat encounter has finished. - The exit room door's backside is untextured. Make sure that every surface a player might see is textured. - The room containing the teleporting pinkies was visible from within the map, which I suspect was because you weren't familiar with methods of setting up teleporter monster closets. A more elegant way to set them up is to have the monsters in small rooms completely off of the playable map, but having their sectors joined to one of the sectors in the playable area so that sound reaches them. (You can join sectors together by hitting 'j' in Ultimate Doom Builder and other Doom Builder variants.) - I would only advise using GZDoom as the sole port to test your maps if you're making maps that are only meant to run in GZDoom. There are things that may break in other ports, which you may not realize unless you test your map in them. If you want to make maps that are meant to be vanilla compatible, you'll want to test in chocolate doom (and/or choco-render-limits). Limit-removing is a bit more beginner-friendly format to aim for than vanilla, though, since you don't have to worry about vanilla's arbitrary limits (Crispy Doom is a good port to test limit-removing maps, btw). - On the positive side, the rocket launcher trap was pretty good! Keep on at it, and I hope this helps!