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  1. Crock Wilson

    What are you listening to?

    Best hard rock album ever in my opinion
  2. Crock Wilson

    "Half Moon" A 30 Minute Speedmap Community Project

    ok here it is. Name: Breaker Brothers Build Time: 35 minutes + a few minutes of minor fixes/adjustments and playtesting breakerbrothers.zip I found this a lot harder than the 10 minute maps just because I always felt like it should've been better than it was. This was my 4th attempt.
  3. Crock Wilson

    "Half Moon" A 30 Minute Speedmap Community Project

    I'll give this a shot. I'm glad to see there are still some spots left.
  4. Crock Wilson

    Looking for some feedback on a new map

    Thanks for the feedback guys. I'll definitely pump out some more maps in the future, maybe even a wad of 10 or so maps. And thanks, @Biodegradable for recording your playthrough, it cracked me up and it was really helpful to see how it flows for a first time player.
  5. I think this is my best map yet, but I'm the only one who's played it so who knows. Give it a shot and tell me what you think. I tested it in dosbox and crispy so any port should do. Download Screenshots:
  6. Crock Wilson

    Favorite Episode from Ultimate Doom

    My favorite is definitely Thy Flesh Consumed. The first two maps are absolutely fantastic and the rest play really well for the most part. Sometimes I load up the game just to play Hell Beneath and Perfect Hatred. Knee Deep in the Dead is a close second though.
  7. Crock Wilson

    Sandy Petersen talking about the development of Doom

    First, the mancubi and now the pigs are doing my mom too?
  8. That was friggin fantastic. Just played through it start to finish and had a blast. Great job on the maps guys!
  9. Shoot I didn't name mine. Can you call it "Crock's Cave" if its not too much trouble.
  10. Here's my stupid little speed map. I had to try a few times because holy crap 10 minutes is not enough time to make a map lol. I had to make a couple minor adjustments after the 10 minute mark like getting a monster unstuck from a wall. This was really fun, so I may make another :) 10minmap.zip Edit: Fixed a door that didn't work. Thanks TheGreenZap!
  11. Crock Wilson

    Favorite Game From The Year You Were Born

    LMAO same. I wasn't able to play it until recently, for obvious reasons, but it's definitely my favorite of that year.
  12. Crock Wilson

    Mapping Time Lapse

    Thanks for checking it out! It's a blast to make maps and watching it back adds to the fun. I'll definitely do more of these vids in the future and I'll be looking out for your video too.
  13. Crock Wilson

    Mapping Time Lapse

    I haven't seen many people do these types of videos before, so I decided I'd do one. I'm relatively new to the community, so I'm probably just missing something but I did it anyway :) I had fun making the map and the videos, hopefully, I can share that with ya'll. If you have any comments, critiques, or suggestions feel free to speak up. Constructive criticism is always appreciated >:) I have some maps that I'm proud of that I might make video playthroughs of later if people actually see this. Well, I'll just do it anyway, I enjoy making maps and videos regardless of how many people play or watch them. Enjoy! Part 1: Part 2: