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  1. Crock Wilson

    What’s your Doom framerate?

    I'm pretty weird when it comes to this. If I'm playing Doom, 35fps feels great and in Halo 2 30fps feels perfect. Pretty much anything else I want 144. At first 144 made me a little nauseous, but then I got used to it. I still usually play Doom at 144 though, just because I'm used to it. I always stick to the software renderer though.
  2. Sweet! I'm gonna play at least part one tonight.
  3. Wow dude I hope you're doing okay. If I've got some time this weekend I could help ya'll out. I would've tried earlier this week, but I've been busy
  4. Crock Wilson

    Help me run the Keep The Dead mod, please!

    You need to download the entire zip that AtimZarr1 posted and extract it into your Doom Eternal directory. You can find all of the files needed here too https://discord.gg/X4ehHvWU and people in there will also help you out if you need it.
  5. Crock Wilson

    Favorite and least favorite Ancient Gods level

    The Blood Swamps pre-nerf is my favorite level in the entire game by far. That part with the possessed baron and regular baron made so many people shit their pants. Wow you just reminded me how mad I was that they nerfed this level. For my least favorites Reclaimed Earth and Immora are pretty much tied. There was nothing memorable in Reclaimed Earth and Immora felt like a joke for the most part. I like the double marauders and the last arena of Immora before the stone imps, but that's pretty much it. Just overall not challenging or unique levels. Why did they even add the red dudes? And the stone imp fight? Those things make Immora considerable less fun to replay. I think I like it a little more than Reclaimed Earth though because of the setting, the double marauders and screechers. I also love to meathook off of that pain elemental after you get through the walls. If the boss were included in that level it would automatically be the worst though.
  6. Crock Wilson

    Speed of Doom

    Really good wad. I did have to save scum in some of the later maps on UV, but that most of the time just means I have to get good. I definitely recommend and I will be playing it again.
  7. Mine has to be Speed of Doom. I haven't played many other full megawads, but it's definitely my favorite out of the bunch.
  8. Crock Wilson

    BLACKOUT, my second WAD!

    I just played through the first three maps and I noticed a few errors in map 3. I'm playing through Crispy btw, so these issues may not be present in gzdoom. 1. You start inside of a lamp and you can't get out without noclip. 2. The teleporters are not tagged and you can't get to the area with the red key. 3. The blue door is not correctly tagged and you can't open it. 4. There is no texture on the lower part of these walls. Sreenshot: I'll play through the rest later and I'll let you know what I think. It's been pretty fun so far.
  9. I played it for a while through crispy and I believe that you just cannot complete it through crispy. I opened it in gzdoom and ran through to check if crispy was the problem, and whaddaya know. The map just doesn't work in crispy. I thought you just made a busted map for a while, but it works fine in gzdoom. Visuals: You did a really great job with visuals. Especially considering it's all doom 2 textures this map looks fantastic. Much better than anything I could ever do. Progression: Here is where your map struggles. I got really confused with what certain switches did and I still don't know what triggers what. You should replace all of the computer looking things with regular switch textures because that had me really confused. I found out you could press them by wall humping. It is good that you stayed consistent with them, but I still would prefer normal looking switches. This map is filled to the brim with setpieces. I really love them for the most part, but the over abundance of them hurt the experience for me. After I had gone through enough of them I started to lose myself in the map and completely forget which switches I had already pressed. Once I figured it all out it is a really awesome map, but it took me way too long to figure it out. Combat: You did a pretty good job with the combat. I'm not a big fan of the timed sections (I think they're timed I can't really tell with some of them). Timed sections can be done well, but there's just no feedback for some of them. The one in the sewer was executed pretty well because I could see the nukage draining (freaking awesome) and that showed me that the switches I was pressing actually did something. It did last a little longer than I think is necessary, but yeah I did think that was awesome. This map is pretty hitscanner heavy and that started to get on my nerves. If I took the time to remember where they were it would be a non-issue, but for the first few times playing it you will get wrecked by them. I think this map has a lot of potential to be great. There's a lot of great ideas here and you're clearly talented when it comes to making stuff look good. The setpieces are awesome, but I think there are enough of them to be split up into multiple maps. In order to make it more enjoyable, you need to make it more clear to the player what they need to do and what they are currently doing. For example, after draining the nukage I had no idea what to do because I had no clue there was a lift all the way in that back corner where the pinkies came from. Moving that lift to a more visible area or putting health next to it would make a big difference. In addition to moving the lift, advertising the switch that the lift brings you to would make an even bigger difference. I hope I was able to explain my thoughts well. I'm looking forward to your next map, especially if you take these criticisms into consideration.
  10. I've been playing this through crispy and I noticed that there are a bunch of stuck enemies. It looks like they're stuck inside the hanging corpses. Screenshots:
  11. Here's my second map. Name: Tough Talk Time: ~35 minutes + balancing and playtesting Midi: Put You Down by Alice in Chains toughtalk.zip Video:
  12. Crock Wilson

    Overgrown Outpost - new map

    Saves: 0 Deaths: 0 Kills: 100% Secrets: 0% Don't worry I'll go back and find the secrets. Visuals: I really love the fleshy bits. Super cool. You had me stopping to admire them. That one upside down cross at the end looks a little odd though. Maybe it's a little wide? I can't really tell what it is that I think is weird. Other than that I have no issues with how any bit of the map looks. Combat: The fights are really fun. Nothing too crazy. Your enemy placement and variety was good and it had me excited to find more dudes to fight. Good work. I will be looking out for your future stuff! Video:
  13. That was amazing. Seriously one of the most fun maps I've ever played. That part with the archviles and the moving walls blew my mind. I don't know if that's a well known trick or what, I've only been into custom wads for a year, but regardless that's the first time I've seen anything like it. The level of challenge and the mood set by the midi fit perfectly together. Outstanding job. I loved the little tease at the end too. I can't wait to check that out when it's finished.
  14. Crock Wilson

    Warehouse processing - a single map

    Saves: 0 Deaths: 5 or 6 I forgot to count Kills: 100% Port: Prboom Plus Visuals: I love the brown. The details throughout the map look really nice and the textures compliment each other well. I'm not really one to critique visuals, but they made me happy, so good job! Combat: Generally the fights are done pretty well, but the cyberdemon and archvile fights could've been a little more interesting. The biggest threat in this map for me were the barons in that tight space and the hell knights after the platforming. I really liked the baron ambush. I probably would've put arachnatrons in that platforming room to shoot at you while you're platforming to make it a little more intense, but that might not have been what you were going for. The cyberdemon was very easy. There was really no threat during the fight and the amount of plasma you get in that room makes it pretty comfortable. The archviles at the end were really easy too. It feels like they could've been any other enemy and the map wouldn't be any different because of it. They were a pretty fun surprise though until you notice that they can't move and you have enough rockets and plasma. They did hit me a few times, but I was playing sloppy because I knew I could take it. Demo: nukagefacilitydemo.zip Overall, this is a good map. It entertained me for the 30 or so minutes I took on it even during the platforming section. It definitely could've used a few secrets and there are a lot of opportunities for them with the way the map is set up. That platforming is nasty dude. I like it ;)
  15. I would definitely not play as often. I'd probably come back to ultimate doom every now and then, but never doom 2. I didn't have doom 2 growing up and I'm just not as fond of those levels as anything from ultimate doom.