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  1. Nomakh

    (WIP) KRUGLYI (Playable Monsterpack)

    Thanks a lot for feedback) As for ammo - if player isn't using autoaim - tiny cacos maybe hard to hit (especially depends on weapon pack or if you are playing online). Cacoknight has the same amount of health like hellknight, but yeah, sometimes I feel him a bit underpowered, so maybe I'll buff him with some interesting attacks)
  2. Nomakh

    (WIP) KRUGLYI (Playable Monsterpack)

    Hotfix incoming! and Krooglyi 2.1 is out.
  3. Nomakh

    (WIP) KRUGLYI (Playable Monsterpack)

    And here we go with a global update! Visual update. Krooglyi 2.0 is here! Updated design, new gameplay features, new trick from our spherical friends...)
  4. Nomakh

    (WIP) KRUGLYI (Playable Monsterpack)

    Well, here we go! Krooglyi-v1.1 is out now! Most of changelog can be a spoiler for gameplay and unique experience, but most important thing is optimizing stuff and fixing a lotta bugs. Don't be shy to leave a feedback and\or bug reports if you'll find them.
  5. Cacodemon. Tomato, Strawberry, Kekos... In my opinion this is the most charismatic monster from all original doom bestiary. He is always smiling, even when catching rocket with his... face? In game he can be very tricky just because of his flying ability. So i decided to make mod where all monsters are replaced by their "caco-analogs", with abilities that somehow can describe their originals. And sometimes there is something that compensates original monsters weakness. They all have the same health and painchance as original monsters, just for balance and mod flexibility - i'll talk about it later. The mod's name means "Round", "Spherical" in Russian language) For example: Zombieman has low health and low damage. What can compensate this? Speed or size. First concept of this mod: All monsters look like the same. Really? No more! Krooglyi 2.0 is a total rework of questionable concept. Now each "Krooglyi" has unique design, almost each projectiles have unique design and sounds. The second concept is: Expect the unexpectable! All monsters have multiple attacks, everytime you can encounter new enemy's ability. Also there are already few surprises, from funny to a little annoying ones. But there will be more, cause this is just a WIP. The third concept is: Active gameplay. No hitscans! Except the player's weapons and only one monster's attack. You should run around, dodge, jump, crouch - and you can escape from every enemy attack if you will be tricky enough. The fourth concept is: Flexibility. You can combine this mod with any weapon pack or even some gameplay mods - it has been tested with "Highway to Hell", "High Noon Drifter", "Demon Hearts - Baron" and "Ultra-Crispy". As for ports: It is intending for Zandronum, but also was tested with Gzdoom 3.8., Gzdoom 4.5.0. Download link: https://allfearthesentinel.net/zandronum/download.php?file=krooglyi-v2.2.pk3 Mod trailer: Here's some screenshots. But they aren't too informative, better play this mod and try it for yourself) Or watch the trailer.) Screenshots: Trailer: