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  1. NaMcOJR

    What is your most used editor?

    UDB, Slade.
  2. Thanks for playing. Yeah that trap is a bit dirty, but to me it adds to the challenge: If you get killed in a trap, next time you're prepared or will try to find hidden weapons or something else (powerups, etc) that can help you get through. But thank you nevertheless, if i get to make another map or even another WAD i'll focus on that more.
  3. Hello again, i had to post this again as the original topic is refusing to load after an edit :( The original text has also been edited in order to reflect the final release of this MEGAWAD. WHAT IS IT: ======= - A 17-level plus 2 secrets plus Boss level WAD for DOOM2. Playable only in GZDOOM. - Three difficulty levels: I'm too young to die is one, then Not too rough and hurt me plenty are a bit harder and the same, then Ultra-Violence plus nightmare. - All levels are pistol starts and have been built with this in mind. - There are new monsters. I didn't go all-in with those as it would surely ruin the experience, but you can see them here and there occasionally as i think it adds a bit to the atmosphere and gameplay. - The pistol and chaingun fire much quicker. I found the original fire rate too slow, so i speeded them up a bit. - The agathodemons had some of their powers removed as i thought they were a bit too powerful for what i wanted to do with them. - The lost souls had their health cut down to 50% to actually turn them into something i would enjoy having in my maps. WHY: === Well, mostly because i love DOOM and i really couldn't find a set of maps i would REALLY enjoy playing, so "i did it my way". This is what you will find in Netherworld, a set of maps which i made the way i like to play DOOM - Very hard and cryptic, featuring some real locations or parts of it (levels 3, 8, 13 for instance) and also allowing me to have a bit of fun while building them by telling a story to the world. Hopefully many more people will enjoy and play these. Netherworld is also my very first attempt at building a MegaWAD for DOOMII - Hell on Earth. I have always enjoyed Ultimate DOOM the most, but recently, and very inspired by a certain YouTube channel, my interest on DOOMII has outgrown the original by quite a margin. Being a software developer and really enjoying what i do, i decided to start creating my own levels and ideas and so Netherworld has come to life, featuring these said 17 levels, a boss level and 2 secret levels. I stopped at MAP17 because i ran out of ideas there and i wasn’t going to build more levels “just because”. Development is now considered DONE unless some really nasty lock or bug comes up. I hope you enjoy it as much as i did putting it together and even playing it :) DOWNLOAD IT HERE: ============= https://mega.nz/file/xNdnRS4a#7qRlfU-eD4g00XxUEuncv69e65GGGbBsg8kmi8wYDGA - VERSION 1.8 FINAL VERSION Level 11 has been played recently by decino as i was lucky enough to have my map selected to be one of the viewer submissions. The bugs reflected in the playthrough have been addressed already. Many thanks to everyone involved (francist218, johnsuitepee, decino to name but a few) as all their input has made this WAD a lot better. I still had to keep some things my way, i hope you understand, as they were intended as such. Here is the link to decino's playthough: I am also playing through my own WAD with 100% kills, 100% secrets. Some of the levels are VERY hard and even knowing them by heart sometimes takes a while to go through them in just one go, but i'll try to have one up at least every 2 weeks since i don't have that much free time nowadays. Here is the YouTube playlist which will be updated as possible.
  4. Thanks for the feedback. I did want to keep things a bit cryptic, but not too much and this helps me understand how hard some things are. I'll have it reviewed. You can raise the stairs in the middle corridor by using a switch on the left corridor, after beating the Archies in the "game" and entering the secret door that opens afterwards. When you exit again, there will be a new switch on the left which will raise the stairs. I will probably show the switch at the same time as the door opens, it doesn't make much sense hiding it this much. Gameplay video will be out 15th Jun for this level.
  5. NaMcOJR

    What browser do you use?

    EDGE based on Chromium.
  6. I edited the topic, thanks guys. Requires GZDoom due to some features being used. It's nothing over the top as i really don't like to run away from vanilla, so i used it just enough to get some stuff done (bridges, some scripting etc).
  7. Updated the WAD with some bugfixes and level corrections (also some difficulty adjustment). Added YouTube link with full playthrough of the WAD 100% kills, 100% secrets - This is a work in progress, currently levels 1 and 2 only, 3 soon to follow.
  8. NaMcOJR

    Full WAD up for testing

    My apologies, i've been away for a while. This is the link for the whole WAD (GZDoom only). https://mega.nz/file/oMFEXZrb#-Hn2_4BHqXxcaEq4fcul6z-BEXwwo1w90BiD-JmtMQE You can obviously skip to levels 13 and 15 and feel free to look at the rest if you have the time ad patience :) Thanks!
  9. NaMcOJR

    So where does your username come from?

    Mine, well... Namco is a games developer known for games such as the Ridge Racer series which i'm a big big fan of, so... The "JR" part was made up for when the original "namco" nickname is already taken which seems to be pretty vulgar :P
  10. Deal. Don't get me wrong, i absolutely love DOOM, but... yeah $2M.
  11. NaMcOJR

    Full WAD up for testing

    My wife's parents house... I know it's hard to recognize without the Mancubus, but still... :P Yeah, now that i look into both pictures at the same time, it could be much better lol. Like, get real textures from photos etc.
  12. NaMcOJR

    Full WAD up for testing

    Hi and thanks so much for the feedback! Shame you lost the video, that's really unfortunate :( So, here we go... This has been addressed. The ceiling on the inside was lower and was causing these issues, and i also added a new texture on the inside door. This all happened because i had a different idea for this section but it would not mirror the real location it's based on, so i dropped it and forgot to address the changes, leaving it with those flaws. And having infinite IMPs spawning at you while you're thinking "what do i do now?" hahahaha :) I replaced it with a texture i think it is more "shootable" :)  Yeah it can be hard to "fit" in there sometimes. I agree and have widened them a bit. Already pointed out and i fully agree, it was frustrating so a fence was added :) This was frustrating for me while designing it as it needs to be impassable for the gameplay to work and somehow i didn't think of the fence (and i had a nice texture for it too!). Dumb me. The second and last thing i don't really want to mess with, as there is a second one also on a hidden room and you can't really miss the first one. Well, maybe you have to run away from the demons at first, but you can go back to pick it up i guess? Thanks, i don't know how i missed this, silly ACS mistake which runs a delay and the teleporter would only work again after a while. It's really good input. By pointing out the flaws you contribute to make it better, so i can only thank you because this was the main purpose :) I updated the megawad in its own thread with all these changes. Thanks a bunch!
  13. NaMcOJR

    Full WAD up for testing

    Thank you. You can check the full megawad here. There's a text file inside with some story :)
  14. Updated to 1.3, this should be the "final" version for some time as i don't really have many more ideas right now.