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  1. NaMcOJR

    2 maps up for testing

    My apologies, i've been away for a while. This is the link for the whole WAD (GZDoom only). https://mega.nz/file/oMFEXZrb#-Hn2_4BHqXxcaEq4fcul6z-BEXwwo1w90BiD-JmtMQE You can obviously skip to levels 13 and 15 and feel free to look at the rest if you have the time ad patience :) Thanks!
  2. NaMcOJR

    So where does your username come from?

    Mine, well... Namco is a games developer known for games such as the Ridge Racer series which i'm a big big fan of, so... The "JR" part was made up for when the original "namco" nickname is already taken which seems to be pretty vulgar :P
  3. Deal. Don't get me wrong, i absolutely love DOOM, but... yeah $2M.
  4. NaMcOJR

    2 maps up for testing

    My wife's parents house... I know it's hard to recognize without the Mancubus, but still... :P Yeah, now that i look into both pictures at the same time, it could be much better lol. Like, get real textures from photos etc.
  5. NaMcOJR

    2 maps up for testing

    Hi and thanks so much for the feedback! Shame you lost the video, that's really unfortunate :( So, here we go... This has been addressed. The ceiling on the inside was lower and was causing these issues, and i also added a new texture on the inside door. This all happened because i had a different idea for this section but it would not mirror the real location it's based on, so i dropped it and forgot to address the changes, leaving it with those flaws. And having infinite IMPs spawning at you while you're thinking "what do i do now?" hahahaha :) I replaced it with a texture i think it is more "shootable" :)  Yeah it can be hard to "fit" in there sometimes. I agree and have widened them a bit. Already pointed out and i fully agree, it was frustrating so a fence was added :) This was frustrating for me while designing it as it needs to be impassable for the gameplay to work and somehow i didn't think of the fence (and i had a nice texture for it too!). Dumb me. The second and last thing i don't really want to mess with, as there is a second one also on a hidden room and you can't really miss the first one. Well, maybe you have to run away from the demons at first, but you can go back to pick it up i guess? Thanks, i don't know how i missed this, silly ACS mistake which runs a delay and the teleporter would only work again after a while. It's really good input. By pointing out the flaws you contribute to make it better, so i can only thank you because this was the main purpose :) I updated the megawad in its own thread with all these changes. Thanks a bunch!
  6. NaMcOJR

    2 maps up for testing

    Thank you. You can check the full megawad here. There's a text file inside with some story :)
  7. Updated to 1.3, this should be the "final" version for some time as i don't really have many more ideas right now.
  8. NaMcOJR

    What's your "mapping style"?

    Being a software developer, i like to play around with ACS and have the maps do things based on that. Puzzles, tricks, etc. I also like detail and hate to give everything away "just like that", so there will be plenty of secrets and some will be exactly that: Well kept secrets along with some thought on "how the hell do i get through this?". None of my maps are easy, well, maybe the first one i made, but none is also unfinishable or ridiculously difficult (i mean, _I_ can finish them...).
  9. NaMcOJR

    2 maps up for testing

    Wow, this is some excellent input. I really didn't consider that if you cannot find the secrets you are indeed underpowered for the fights. There is a hidden Rocket Launcher and Plasma in MAP13 indeed, maybe i can (at least) make one of them easier to find OR just place at least one of them visible (although if you look carefully you can spot the rocket launcher :)) You can deal with the Archie by using the Plasma, but if you cannot find it and if your health is low... it'll be an unpleasant surprise. I'll review that section :) Thank you for noticing the misaligned door, i'll have it fixed also. MAP15, again, has a hidden Plasma rifle which is pretty useful to deal with the CD later. It's doable with the SSG but if you cannot find it, it'll be much harder and ammo might become scarce. The impassable tag is on purpose but i see it feels awkward, i'll have to find a better solution to force the player to use the pier passages without being able to pass onto the other side or review the whole gameplay of the first area. Anyway, very very helpful input, thanks a bunch!
  10. NaMcOJR

    2 maps up for testing

    Sure! Added.
  11. NaMcOJR

    2 maps up for testing

    Hello, @Bridgeburner56 @DavidN @Decay @FrancisT18 @GarrettChan @HAK3180 @Snaxalotl @Suitepee @TheEvilGrin I have tagged a few random testers in hopes you can give me some help: These two maps are part of the third episode of a megawad i am building and i'd love to have some input on them. They will require GZDoom, no jump, no mlook. Please feel free to say how great or how sucky they are but do provide some input if possible so i can have an idea if i'm going in a good direction or if i'm just producing stuff that is completely uninteresting. They should be fairly easy for experienced players and MAP15 still only has Ultra-Violence monsters configured, so it doesn't care about what difficulty is selected yet. My apologies for the file size as each map here is "standalone" and uses the resources from the whole WAD. Map13 is based on a real location up until you exit the big gate that exists outside. It also features a simple puzzle somewhere in there. All the rest is very very similar to what exists in reality. Map15 is based on a harbor theme with a container area which then exits into a sewer system then onto a tech base of sorts with odd machinery and experiments going on. If you like secrets, there's quite a few to find, also a few traps. This is Map13 => https://mega.nz/file/NZVDDArI#49h3zjERy2JXkNSkvmaUmWbCYrJO5XWkgxGO8Y-Zm4o This is Map15 => https://mega.nz/file/tcM3RALZ#xoGuU9t8t9LtPMRPPRJBeDKbV65ubhHK6geCmpRzkts Some screenshots:
  12. NaMcOJR

    Did you find Doom scary when it first came out?

    Back in the day, yes, pretty scary, specially the PSX version with its eerie environmental sounds. Nowadays (at least to me) it's not scary at all but it retained its incredible gameplay and i keep coming back to it because in all honesty no modern game of the type is as fun as ancient DOOM.
  13. NaMcOJR

    what are you working on? I wanna see your wads.

    More work on the harbor level... I have used GZDoom's features more extensively here while trying not to run away too much from the original DOOM feeling. I like the original DOOM's roughness, so i only polished it a bit.
  14. NaMcOJR

    what are you working on? I wanna see your wads.

    There's no such thing as "too many crates". Harbor-themed work-in-progress.