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  1. KubaloBlackMT

    IDKFA Cheat Code Meaning - Opinion Poll

    Funnily enough, I always thought the "F" meant something like "A" means Arsenal or Ammo and "K" means Keys, but I could never figure it out.
  2. KubaloBlackMT

    How come the monsters don't run out of ammo?

    The Spider Mastermind's holding plate looks like it could hold a mini bullet factory, and Donald Duck is inside doing all the work solo.
  3. KubaloBlackMT

    John Romero is about to make...

    My palms are sweaty right now!!!
  4. KubaloBlackMT

    Which is cooler, Cacodemons or Pain Elementals?

    One is the Astral Dreadnought, and the other is a Frankenstein's Monster of Cacodemon, Imp, and Cyberdemon, and I think the invisibility sphere too. Cat and Dog, Left and Right Nut. Full Pair.
  5. KubaloBlackMT

    Episode 1 is the best DOOM Episode : CHANGE MY MIND!

    Dude, I've literally been sitting here typing up different drafts explaining the appeal of Episode 2 in terms of level design and visual style, and I can't sell it just on a single post. The best way I'd explain it is that it's spooky primitive design type stuff. I mean honestly, I just assumed hell was volcanoes and bad angels with horns, but it looks to be a lot more twisted than that. All thanks to less pretty architectural design from the decision of putting gameplay first before looks. Both contributing to the episode's atmosphere.
  6. I'm trying to create a powerup that acts similar to the Chaos Field Generator. Where Monster's will infight each other if within the Player's sight. I'm curious if there's a way to change what a Monster prioritizes targeting as an effect for a powerup. Especially if it's possible to do it based on a Player's sight, via some sort of tracers or something maybe. Note I don't mean making Monster's "Friendly", as they'll only attack "Unfriendly" Monsters.
  7. KubaloBlackMT

    [April Fools]TNT: THREEVILUTION [32 Map Megawad]

    15, I call 15th member to reply to this legendary thread. Also, you've got a pretty unlucky number there in my opinion. let's hope no demons break into your house.
  8. KubaloBlackMT

    Do you believe in ghosts?

    Every time a ghost is seen in a video or something they always run away like dude. You finally discover that as a ghostly being you can still be seen and possibly communicate to Humans but decide to run away? You could've been the coolest dead kid in town.
  9. KubaloBlackMT

    Post your Doom textures!

    This door would be really good for a secret exit that takes you to a secret black and white, alternate dimension or realm or something.
  10. A lot of answers seem to assume there'd be some sort of logic to a completely bare-naked understanding of absolutely everything, and they're honestly the best assumptions to go by because otherwise we'd be thinking about the question for way too long being how complex it is. @Nine Inch Heels brought up "Possibility and Probability", and (for now at least) it's better off to try to understand things within our understanding of how things work. Postulates basically.
  11. KubaloBlackMT

    Animation Of The Evil Eye

    doesn't matter if it can't actually alert demons. This should be on Realm667
  12. KubaloBlackMT

    Animation Of The Evil Eye

    the choppiness on the original looks like it's searching around quickly like you'd see on a regular person, nothing against the newer eye at all though because I actually like the idea of the eye acting as a Demonic security camera. Someone should attempt to make the Evil Eye alert demons when in line of sight of the player.
  13. KubaloBlackMT

    The cyberdemon's death animation

    I'm pretty sure if you were a cyborg and were blown up inside-out style from whatever mechanical core or piece exploded, all your internal organs would be charred black or to nothingness and probably wouldn't resemble anything organic. As for the cloud of blood, Doom seems to use a lot of red for their explosions but idk.
  14. KubaloBlackMT

    Can Doom be considered a horror game?

    Same thing I'm thinking. Just because it doesn't succeed at scaring you doesn't mean it can't be classified at horror. Someone somewhere finds or once found something in Doom that they thought was scary. In this case, Doom is an Action/Horror game. You're (typically) not opening a door and awaiting something to jumpscare you on the other end, even though moments like that could happen.