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Status Updates posted by Lutrov71

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    2. insertwackynamehere


      Kenny McCormick said:

      No...we must combine them!! Quick, someone find the bloody ouchface! (Is there one?)

      i did that yesterday, i thought scuba was using that but I was wrong, his is the regular dead face

    3. Infinite Ammunition
    4. Bucket



      [img]http://www.4chan.ne***(&(^^^^^^^^ ULTRA-BANNED

  1. Does anybody here watch 'The Office?' That is hilarious.
    Thumbs up for British humour!

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    2. Janderson


      Isn't there a new American version too?

    3. Captain Red

      Captain Red

      "And people say she's just a nice pair of tits."

    4. Danarchy


      Ugh. It's the worst British comedy I've ever attempted to watch. I got about 10 minutes into it twice and it was dull and the humor seemed more like the typical American crap more than the usual British wit and slapstick. And the American version can only be worse.

      I'll just go back to watching Young Ones, Bottom, Blackadder and Red Dwarf, thank you very much.

      EDIT: rofl, I didn't see Kristus's post before I made this.

  2. This would be my 1000th post if blog posts were added to your blog count. :D
    But anyway, it's great to have been with Doomworld for so long without getting flamed like so many other members who were once new to Doomworld. Thank you people for everything!
    Now to get back to work all these projects...

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    2. Grazza


      Hey, you made the first "pedantic twit" post. I was just responding in kind.

      Dan: I don't know. Certainly it won't allow even an admin to give someone a negative postcount, but an internal process that reduces postcounts might not be blocked out in the same way.

    3. DOOM Anomaly

      DOOM Anomaly

      Grazza said:

      Dan: I don't know. Certainly it won't allow an admin to give someone a negative postcount, but an internal process that reduces postcounts might not be blocked out in the same way.

      Find a test subject! There is work to be done! :D

    4. Kristian Ronge

      Kristian Ronge

      Grazza said:
      Hey, you made the first "pedantic twit" post. I was just responding in kind.

      [Pedantic twit mode] I see, but you didn't make any pedantic twit tags :-P [/Pedantic twit mode]

  3. I am starting my transition from Wadauthor to Doombuilder because of Doombuilders ZDoom support. I have been using Wadauthor for about 2 years now. Have you changed editing software like this?

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    2. Lutrov71


      Doombuilder continues to improve, that's what makes it so good.

    3. Xenophon


      I started out with WADED, the only editor in which I could simply create a sector without all hell breaking loose, but after I moved to XP I had to find something that would work with it XP, and so I discovered Doombuilder... and stuck with it.

    4. Bucket


      Doombuilder has been the only editor simple and powerful enough for me to actually START creating a map. If that's not enough testament to DB's usefulness, I don't know what is.

  4. I was missing an important file for Windows and my computer couldn't start, so I had to ghost everything back on to my computer. Now I have no Doom stuff or anything damnit.

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    2. Lutrov71


      Well it wasn't there and it should have been there, so it was missing.
      Or it could have been corrupt. Who knows.

    3. Coopersville


      16MB per Doom game isn't hard to warez back in, anyway.

    4. Lutrov71


      Yeah, the only thing I really need are my e-mails.

  5. Went to a Green Day concert yesterday. Very, very good. :)

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    2. SYS


      Simple Plan indeed suck.

    3. The Ultimate DooMer

      The Ultimate DooMer

      Epyo said:

      I hear the new album is a rock opera, is that true?

      2 of it's tunes are 9-minute mini-rock operas.

      Speaking of whom, I went to see them a few weeks ago and it rocked. :D

    4. Lutrov71


      Billy joe is a pretty funny guy. The concert went for 2 hours. All the other bands I've seen went for 1 hour.

  6. I probably do anyway, but I got 28 kills in a row on Zdaemon. I must've been playing crappy people, (I'm new to DM) but it was a good feeling having that UNSTOPABLE sign in your face.
    I had a low ping too, which helped, and it was on an ep1 server. I do lot's of speedruns on ep1 so I guess I had a good feel for the maps.

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    2. SyntherAugustus


      30 kills in ut2004 mainly mean "Wicked Sick"

    3. Ralphis


      Ok, let's play now

    4. deathz0r


      Ralphis said:

      Ok, let's play now

      I'm still waiting for you to accept my challenge.

  7. I must of had a virus or something because my PC crashed yesterday and wouldn't run properly. Luckily I had a collection of Norton Ghost backup disks. I had spent an hour putting in 10 disks of everything on my computer, but the last disk didn't work so I guess everything is gone.

    Now I have to download everything over again. :(

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    2. Lutrov71


      I have a new PC installed now. XP Proffesional, better than 2000. It actually broke down again but I had a backup of it. :D

      Lucky me.

    3. AirRaid


      darknation said:

      lutrov, you have my sympathies.

      the rest of you, just because you have nothing of value on your computer to loose because you are talentless worthless balls of diseased sputum.... arrrgh... sorry, but if your personal files are so disposable then that's nothing to be proud of.

      I actually agree.

    4. Job


      Lutrov71 said:

      better than 2000

      That explains a lot.

  8. w00t!

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    2. Lutrov71


      Bloodskull said:

      Happy B-day. How old are you now?

      Not very old at all.

    3. Danarchy
    4. Joe


      Merry Birthentide dear Lutrov

  9. Just bought the Greenday album that came out today. Yeah, I'm a big fan of Greenday, always have been.
    The albums awesome man. I'm sure you heard their single.

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    2. SYS


      I found the found it to be quite the piece of shit. I got dookie a few singles and their greatest hits.

    3. deathbringer


      They keep playing it on the radio, it pales in comparison to "Guns dont kill people, rappers do", which is NOT GLC's best song, not by a long way. Also that annoying "Dooweee..doode wee" song, and that Marilyn manson cover of that cool song. And "babycakes" for that matter..

    4. toxicfluff


      I fucking hate goldy looking chain. Joke bands suck.

  10. I just finished watching the Arnold flick Predator. What a cool movie. Very entertaining.

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    2. BlueSonnet


      The predator movies are one of my favs, and the alien series.

    3. Cyb


      Linguica said:

      the running man

      I never said it was the only one... batman & robin is also a 2 governor movie (so clearly it doesn't set a standard for a movie to be good).

      also kinda funny, the guy who plays Billy in Predator is running for governor of Kentucky (linky)... wacky!

      now Carl Weathers should run for governor somewhere

    4. Scuba Steve

      Scuba Steve

      "Senator Predator"

  11. I got a free pinky model, Doom3 sticker and Doom3 poster. It is coming out on August 3rd here in Australia.

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    2. Sephiroth


      i pre ordered for the low price of 1cent. and the game is shipped to my house. i ordered mine thru best buy.

    3. Lutrov71


      Ralphis said:

      There wouldn't be. I'd only preorder for the bonuses

      That's why I preordered.

    4. Combustable


      Damn, i got the one at best buy so I didnt get the MUCH better pinky, I got a damn mancubus.

  12. Who here has seen 'Top Secret'? That has to be one of the funniest movies I've ever seen.

  13. I went and saw The Offspring perform a little while ago. Man was it awesome. It was the most fun I've had in a long time.

    1. Amaster


      I used to be an enormous fan of theirs, but I dont like their last two albums. Never got to see them live though.

    2. Danarchy


      Meh, I saw Skinny Puppy 3 weeks ago. That was pretty much a religious experience for me. :D

    3. Scuba Steve

      Scuba Steve

      They make for good mp3s in Doom wads though.

  14. How many of you people hate Eminem. I know I do. Goddammit he pisses me off.

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    2. Laguna


      Eminem gets shot in the eye on a daily basis.

      Woohoo for literary subtlety!!111one

    3. Coopersville


      I like Eminem, but not enough to buy any of his music. What I would buy is one of those D12 visors/caps. I think a Detriot Tigers baseball cap with a 12 on is kind of clever.

    4. Danarchy


      I liked that first single of his, "My Name Is" or whatever. Other than that, I haven't heard anything else of his that interested me in the least.