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  1. I must of had a virus or something because my PC crashed yesterday and wouldn't run properly. Luckily I had a collection of Norton Ghost backup disks. I had spent an hour putting in 10 disks of everything on my computer, but the last disk didn't work so I guess everything is gone.

    Now I have to download everything over again. :(

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    2. Lutrov71


      I have a new PC installed now. XP Proffesional, better than 2000. It actually broke down again but I had a backup of it. :D

      Lucky me.

    3. AirRaid


      darknation said:

      lutrov, you have my sympathies.

      the rest of you, just because you have nothing of value on your computer to loose because you are talentless worthless balls of diseased sputum.... arrrgh... sorry, but if your personal files are so disposable then that's nothing to be proud of.

      I actually agree.

    4. Job


      Lutrov71 said:

      better than 2000

      That explains a lot.