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  1. Oh god, I really can't decide between E3M5 Unholy Cathedral and E3M7 Gate To Limbo. But for the same reasons as given by @Shepardus I would say that E3M7 is the worse one.
  2. AdNauseam

    are doom secret maps cannon

    This seems to be the case if you take a look at the intermission text (at least kindf of): "Congratulations, you've found the secret level! Looks like it's been built by humans, rather than demons. You wonder who the inmates of this corner of hell will be." The first sentence of course would point to an interpretation of non-canonicity, but everything else seems to line up with Captain POLAND's proposed interpretation. The place where we fight the Nazis is referred to as a "corner of hell" and they are called "inmates" which suggests that they aren't normal denizens of hell like imps and hell knights but regular nazi humans who were sent there after they died (because they were Nazis).
  3. AdNauseam

    Doom 2 level 32 done in 16.37 seconds

    Really cool, but maybe this is a better place to post this?
  4. AdNauseam

    How often do you play the original IWADs?

    Thanks, alyways like to learn about music genres! Seems like I have to research the differences between Samba and Salsa a bit!
  5. AdNauseam

    How often do you play the original IWADs?

    I'd also do it for Imp's Song (one of my absolute favourites!) but because of the fact that most wads I play are made for Doom 2 I'm mostly greeted by the weird samba of Underhalls when a wad only has one level.
  6. AdNauseam

    Times you've confused a WAD with another

    Just a tip for the future: Those two can be easily told apart when you remember that 'Antaresian Legacy' is just the sudheading/subtitle - it's actually called 'Struggle: Antaresian Legacy'. This way you have 'Struggle (Antaresian Legacy)' on the one hand and 'Antaresian Reliquary' on the other. At least that's how I tell those two apart.
  7. I also would love a weapon only version of this mod!
  8. AdNauseam

    I'm looking for a good 3-4 episode wad for ultimate doom

    Take a look at Lunar Catastrophe! And maybe also Shotgun Symphony, although it's only a one episode replacement, but it's really good. Have fun!
  9. AdNauseam

    real world bfg equivalent?

    I hope there is none!
  10. AdNauseam

    NEVER Doom2 PWAD/Techno EP Release

    I second this! Please put the soundtrack on bandcamp, I wanna add this gem to my collection! Oh, and I'm excited to play this again. I remember the older version (was it a beta?) that was posted some months (?) ago. Had a great time with that and gladly wanna experience it again!
  11. AdNauseam

    MoonBase Mini Slaughter Map- WAD in progress

    Hey, while I haven't downloaded and played your wad yet (maybe I'll have time for that later) I just wanted to say that your idea concerning traps sounds cool and I wanted to point you into the direction of some potential inspiration: This map from Sunder makes use of crusher traps both as a helping hand and as hazard. Maybe watch the video, maybe download it and play through it - even a playthrough with IDDQD could be helpful, just to get an idea of how the crushers are placed and timed. Sometimes they even have multiple layers. Good luck with your project!
  12. AdNauseam

    The 10x10 Project -cl9 [/idgames]

    Thanks, that should suffice. I already know where to use the red skull key after finding it (already found the secret with the red skull key door/switch), so I will try it out this evening! EDIT: @lunchlunch Yeah, that little hint was all I need, that really lead from one thing to the next and made it possible for me to find the rest of the fights/areas. I was surprised how 'easy' the last fight was, but I think I had a little luck and I made one or two tactical jumps into the hurtfloor below to escape the chaos for a second for the price of a little damage. I loved the WAD as a whole, your inspirations really shine through and one can see how much thought you put into the fights and architecture. Wonderful!
  13. Oh my god, Earthbound and Mother 3 are two of my absolute favourites! Can't wait to play this, already downloading!
  14. AdNauseam

    The 10x10 Project -cl9 [/idgames]

    Any tips on how to get the skull keys on map 07? I got the red keycard and got to the exit no problem, but I really can't figure out how to get the skull keys to enter the other fights. Some tips or hints to nudge me into the right direction would be very much appreciated!