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  1. philcul

    Anyone know good suburb themed maps?

    Maybe Oceanside does count?
  2. philcul

    Things about Doom you just found out

    Well, the word 'cacodemon' simply means 'evil spirit' because the word demon itself did not have negative connotations in the old greek word daímōn, it simply meant 'spirit'. Even Socrates speaks of his daímōn.
  3. philcul

    Punk Rock MBA Covers Dooms Music

    What? "changed Metal forever"??? Most people in the metal scene didn't even take notice of it lol
  4. philcul

    Why do doom games take so long to come out?

    Here, for your enjoyment:
  5. philcul


    That pinky in that one exit-room.
  6. philcul

    What is it with this backwards mentality?

    I'm pretty sure that is satire. (At least I hope so.)
  7. Probably found a bug in map 22: You can just walk through the fence that's next to the red skull key, it is not marked as impassable.
  8. philcul


    Do you mean Wads that are winter- and city-style at the same time or are you looking for either? Anyway, maybe this might interest you:
  9. philcul

    Help please doom 1993

    Some people really love their achievements. (Not me, I mostly think they're stupid.)
  10. philcul

    Difficulty balancing: a conundrum

    To be honest, I prefer when mappers mostly do not change enemy composition but add power ups and so on on lower difficulties.
  11. philcul

    Chaingunner post

    I'm sorry to inform you that this already exists:
  12. philcul

    cr2.wad [6 boom maps]

    This is really chill, I love it.
  13. philcul

    A guy managed to run Doom on Notepad.

    Nope, it's not running on Notepad, it just generates an image which gets displayed in Notepad.
  14. Hey, I just played the fusion of Go 2 It and Grosse and I personally didn't think its difficulty is that hard. I almost always only play HMP and I didn't find the map that hard. If that's the UV-version then the HMP-version, that's easier than this, will be fine. I was surprised how many power-ups there were if that's the UV-version. With all those supercharges and megaspheres this UV felt easier then Abandon's HMP, so I guess it's fine. I don't think you have to reduce the enemy count by much, honestly - mostly the archviles and maybe barons - and maybe some of the cybies at the end. Even though the cyberdemon horde isn't that much of a threat if you use the invul on the left - which is totally fine! In general I really liked this map and how it pays tribute to the original. In 1996 Go 2 It was a shocking experience and I can recognize many elements from it but nowadays it's the original level is rather tame. But this feels like an updated version which conserves the original ideas and general layouts but transports them into 2024. This combined with the Wolfenstein-elements plays great. I especially liked how you reused space via all those transformations and that the lighting gradually changed with the rising ceiling. Fantastic visuals! Edit: Some constructive criticism. Maybe you could make it somehow clearer in the beginning that you'll have to return to the starting room after collecting the keys. I did not have any problem with that, as I like to use automap and regularly saw the new openings appear on the map and the teleporting enemies where also a good hint... but maybe you could put small signs with the blue, yellow and red skull key texture on the respective side of the starting room, so that the player can imprint this into their memory and think to themselves "ah, I'll probably have to return here, when I got all the keys". Another thing: I honestly walked a bit in circles in the first room after killing everything because I didn't realize that the one platform was a lift as it looks like everyother platform. Maybe put some other lower texture there to make it clear that it is a lift? No other criticisms from me. :)
  15. philcul

    [RC5] EVITERNITY II - RC5 Released!

    Eh... what did you think it was when you first saw the weapon sprite in map 31 (or in whatever map you saw it first)?