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  1. NuruTheDoomer

    React To The Custom Title Above You

    So not a revilution, huh?
  2. Hello! I'm back again!


    Been really busy lately with exam and stuff, and I might be busy for the next couple of months since I'm taking the Sijil Pelajaran Malaysia (SPM) exam this year* (you can look it up if you want)

    *well, technically next year since it starts on January 30th, but some papers starts around the October-December period, so yeah... pretty busy!


    So, for now I want to do two things before I get too busy;


    1. Unhoard all the demos I have lying around; some of them are over 3 months old by this point! Probably sometime next week, so really soon! :0



    2. Continue working on the MalayDoom project, and also upload a demo video to YouTube, probably either on August 31st or September 16th... And also hopefully continue working of IndoDoom, if @taufan99 wants to continue working on the translations for the project

    (you guys can dm me on Discord if you want to help me working on either MalayDoom or IndoDoom ;).)

    1. taufan99


      Hey, welcome back! I've been pretty busy with mostly real-life stuff (especially for next year's preparation overseas), but also some Doom mapping (both Classic and D64). I promise to come back working at IndoDoom sooner or later!

    2. NuruTheDoomer


      @taufan99 yeah I see that you are quite busy with those things, which is why I didn't want to bother you to finish the translations for IndoDoom, because even my progress on MalayDoom have been soooo slow for the past few months, with only a few active progress here and there


      I'm wishing you the best of luck on your mapping and real-life stuff, and you can come back to IndoDoom whenever you have free time! ;)

  3. Hello! I'm finally back on Doomworld!


    And I'm going to change my name to something more original, since "TheMalayDoomer" just doesn't sound right to me anymore

    I guess it's going to be "NuruTheDoomer", since my real name in Nuruddin (and my online friends likes to call me Nuru), and because it has a sort of nice rythm to it (at least for me)


    I will be changing it on all places where I used the name "TheMalayDoomer" (YouTube, speedrundotcom, Discord, etc.)

    But you can still search me under my old name, on YouTube at least


    (and yes, I'm still keeping the AV20 background, I'll change it to something else next year)


    1. taufan99


      Hey, it's been a while! Glad to see you back.

  4. Thanks for nice Doom music playlist on youtube. What media player did you use to play those tracks?

    1. NuruTheDoomer


      No problem! And I'm planning on posting more soon hopefully when I'm not too busy


      I used VirtualMIDISynth to render all of the MIDI tracks to MP3s/WAVs alongside the RLNDGM.sf2 soundfont which I have set up in it's Configurator. Hope this helps! Just ask me if you have questions ;)

    2. Doom4fun




      I was looking to listen doom tacks locally. I wanted to gain independence from Windows Media Player since MS may drop midi support when they find it's too ancient. Sofar I struggled to find media player that can both accurately play midis and and also support other formats. But converting them to mp3 works also. Didn't think of it myself.


      Anyways would you be interested in making playlist of unique tracks? I mean those 2 hour long videos have some overlap - that is tracks that are present in more than 1 video. If you have all midis extracted from all wads you could easily write some some python script that will only leave you with unique tracks. I mean unique by actual file content not by file name. If you are not technical person I could either help you to write this script or you could PM me zip and I could PM you back zip with duplicates removed.

  5. NuruTheDoomer

    Charcoal demos [-complevel 2]

    Congratulations on this feat! That's really cool! No problem! Really cool to see someone get inspired to do NoMo runs from my decent-ish runs... Again, congratulations! :D
  6. NuruTheDoomer

    Violence demos [-complevel 9]

    MAP02 No Monsters in 25.71 vio02o-25.zip - https://youtu.be/yMMDkKv5PIE MAP03 No Monsters in 39.97 vio03o-39.zip - https://youtu.be/HMmwkUPz0vA
  7. NuruTheDoomer

    Charcoal demos [-complevel 2]

    Didn't realized that you can just go backwards and get to the exit much faster MAP09 No Monsters in 1.71 char09o-171.zip - https://youtu.be/Y66w1D3iaew
  8. NuruTheDoomer

    Charcoal demos [-complevel 2]

    Just some NoMo runs I did a few days ago for all 20 maps... charcoal-nomo.zip - Playlist (and some of them are already beaten by now, oh well :p)
  9. MAP04 No Monsters in 8.89 - d5da304o-8.zip MAP25 No Monsters in 21.57 - d5da325o-21.zip MAP40 No Monsters in 11.49 - d5da340o-11.zip MAP40 No Monsters 100% Secrets in 11.54 - d5da340os-11.zip MAP41 No Monsters in 5.43 - d5da341o-5.zip MAP42 No Monsters in 25.74 - d5da342o-25.zip MAP42 No Monsters 100% Secrets in 27.09 - d5da342os-27.zip MAP50 UV-Speed in 8.86 - d5da350o-886.zip MAP51 No Monsters in 34.91 - d5da351o-34.zip MAP51 No Monsters 100% Secrets in 36.43 - d5da351os-36.zip MAP60 UV-Pacifist in 22.20 - d5da360p-22.zip
  10. NuruTheDoomer

    Revolution! demos [-complevel 2]

    MAP33 No Monsters in 39.89 tv33o-39.zip - https://youtu.be/ZvulgMT6Cys
  11. NuruTheDoomer

    THT: Threnody demos [-complevel 9]

    MAP15 No Monsters in 1:19.69 th15o-119.zip - https://youtu.be/93p-qeYPiLE
  12. NuruTheDoomer

    Sunder demos [-complevel 9]

    MAP31 No Monsters in 5:22.69 (use v2407) su31o-522.zip - https://youtu.be/thlPbE8DjNU @Plats requested me to do a nomo run of one of the new Sunder maps a long time ago, so here it is, finally
  13. NuruTheDoomer

    Struggle: Antaresian Legacy demos (-complevel 2)

    MAP01 No Monsters in 47.77 sg01o-47.zip - https://youtu.be/lGnxHV9VvDA MAP33 No Monsters in 19.11 sg33o-19.zip - https://youtu.be/IojpH6CeO8Q sg33o-19.zip
  14. NuruTheDoomer

    Slaughterfest 2012 demos [-complevel 9]

    MAP15 No Monsters in 2:09.57 sf1215o-209.zip - https://youtu.be/xbEFuR7lj20 MAP23 No Monsters in 35.91 sf1223o-35.zip - https://youtu.be/H2zReuBSypM MAP25 No Monsters in 8:54.26 sf1225o-854.zip - https://youtu.be/G7_rHJnXIZI
  15. NuruTheDoomer

    Ray Mohawk 2 demos [-cl2]

    MAP12 No Monsters (+ Reality!) in 57.46 moh212oreality-57.zip - https://youtu.be/UNKFIoF-lOU MAP20 No Monsters in 2:52.89 moh220o-252.zip - https://youtu.be/S-UwaHWSWUU