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  1. cracky-bracky

    My video game

    I would recommend changing the font to something more unique, maybe stickman/written like, instead of the "default unity" font u have. :D
  2. cracky-bracky

    Can someone recolor the SS sprite and send it to me

    Does color palette matter at all?
  3. cracky-bracky

    Ripoff usernames

    Doomman Bioupgradeable whybmoisacrab Languica Moredeath Planetmachine Wadmapper Sheldon
  4. cracky-bracky

    Post your Desktop Background

    Margos!!! (from joel g)
  5. cracky-bracky

    Post your Doom textures!

    Bigger version of that unused card table texture from lostres (128x128) And a bigger computer screen which is also 128x128 :D
  6. cracky-bracky

    What's your opinion on TikTok?

    I think it's really stupid and creepy. But it makes alot of money :D To everybody talking about "banning tiktok" whatever, banning tiktok won't do anything, because it'll just come back again with another company. There will always be a "tiktok". The current "tiktok" just filled the gap left by musical.ly which was like the same thing (it's even by the same company!) And before that, there was vine. People can't just go without their adhd vids forever, yknow :P
  7. cracky-bracky

    What is your favorite book?

    I dont read books but i read an entire "get fuzzy" comic book once and i liked it :P Also read homicidal jungle cat once last year that was also cool (it's calvin and hobbes)
  8. cracky-bracky

    How to put godmode on when testing?

    I wanna run GZdoom but have godmode be put on whenever i run it. It won't do that however i dont really know why (i have no idea what im doing) I am using Ultimate Doom Builder R4102. (I also tried removing the minus thing before god)
  9. cracky-bracky

    I tried TempleOS...

    Yea, i've tried it out before (virtualbox AND qemu lol) and i thought it was pretty cool. I don't really have any C experience at all much less holyC though so i couldn't get much done ;p I like listening to terry talk about stuff as well, i even have gigs of his videos archived on my other hard disk lmao We also share alot of the same computing/whatever ideals (and i think that a modern day 64 bit commodore is totally badass) :D * Internet is not a necessary part of the system (he has it removed entirely in templeos) * Security features are nonsense * All the power should be towards the user * Everything should be done right at the kernel (ring 0) * Programming should not have middlemen/training wheels everywhere, and it should just be straight to the hardware I wish there was an operating system like templeos but with a more fleshed out GUI (ik that wasn't terrys vision but still itd be cool)
  10. cracky-bracky

    Doomworld Merch?

    No, i would just wait until christmas to get a gift card probably lol.
  11. cracky-bracky

    Post a picture...that you took

    Kinda spooky mall pic i took with an old cam i have (sony powershot, cant remember the model) It was inside this abandoned shop through these little shutter things they have when they close a place down.
  12. cracky-bracky

    Post your Doom textures!

    Saw the opportunity to put this on WOLF7, lol I present to you, DUKE7 :)
  13. cracky-bracky

    Can create own wad yes or no

    Dunno man can you?
  14. cracky-bracky

    Random Image Thread

  15. And besides, they give you rocket ammo at the start anyways. They knew you would need the rocket launcher, lol.