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  1. Lich

    Which type of doom level do you like them most?

    Easily marble themed maps. But hybrids are nice. It's really cool when I see a map that's got a good marble theme going on with hellish elements poking through walls and such. I really liked the parts of KDiZD where the organic/skin textures would be "oozing" out of the walls.
  2. Lich

    Mark Klem music stuff here.

    Mark! Always good to see you. Your music is sounding badass like always.
  3. Yes. This. I'd like to get a copy of that WAD file to mess around with.
  4. Quoted for truth. Thanks for the help, dudes!
  5. Okay, I've lurked on the forums here and on the ZDoom forums to try and find out an answer to this, as well as a Google search. So I'm giving up and I'm just going to ask you guys. Apologies if you've answered this a gazillion times. In Cyb's wad Void, there are segments where floors seem to be bobbing. I've seen this effect in other wads that simulate a floor bobbing/floating in liquid I believe, but I'm hard pressed to remember what ones. I'm curious to know if there's any sort of tutorial that covers this. Is it a sector property? ACS scripting effect? Poly object? A combination of these? I'd like to add it to Gorgoroth, but I don't know what I would begin to search for. Thanks in advance, -j
  6. Lich

    Attention Seagate Owners:

    I have noticed that. Some folks were a little pissy about the Barracuda 18LP, but it worked fine for me. I guess I can understand the agitation: You lose data when you lose a drive. And most people don't back their shit up (or think RAID1 is a backup). I myself have been having a lot of fun with the Ultra320 Cheetah 15k.5. But yeah, the old school raptors in RAID0 are still pretty snappy, so I use them to hold development/working files while I've got the Cheetah 15k.5 holding the OS plus media files. Life is good, but it'd be better if I had two 15k.5s on RAID0 :P
  7. Lich

    Attention Seagate Owners:

    I use Seagate SCSI drives and haven't had any issues. But then again, I sold off my Ultra2 and Ultra160 drives (Barracuda 18LP and Cheetah 36XL, respectively) within a couple years of owning either. I'll probably sell my Ultra320 drive whenever I adopt SAS, so I haven't had my drives long enough for them to fail, but since SCSI drives tend to have a higher MTBF and are designed for enterprise applications to begin with, this doesn't necessarily reflect a real world user experience. Additionally, I have a Hitachi 2.5" IDE drive, two first generation SATA1 WD Raptors (2x36GB) and a 120GB SATA1 Barracuda. They're all doing very well. Guess I've had good luck...? Edit: I meant average user experience. Dur.
  8. Lich

    Wanted: Vista Compatible Sound card

    That copy may have been written at a time when a Vista driver wasn't available. Check the manufacturer website. If you go to this page, select Audigy, then Audigy SE in the next column and then hit the next button, you'll be taken to a page that has a link to downloads that contain drivers for the Audigy SE card.
  9. Lich


    You could use WinTex or XWE to extract the sky graphic from the Doom IWAD and place it in your PWAD. You'd just need to rename the sky lump to SKY1, or use MAPINFO if you're making a ZDoom level to tell the engine what sky lump to use for your map.
  10. Lich

    Audigy SE Sound Card for Sale

    Craiglist is always a good way to unload computer parts. Although I've been trying to sell an Adaptec Ultra160 SCSI card + cable and terminator on there for a while now with no bites.
  11. Lich

    Freeing up Resources on Vista

    Blargh, sorry. That last line read very well. Your page file (or virtual memory) is a file that Windows uses from time to time when managing RAM. Sometimes Windows will write information in RAM to a file on disk. This activity can be sped up if you define your page file to run on a separate physical disk (not just a separate partition on the same drive) from your operating system (i.e., if Windows runs on a hard disk mounted at c:, try putting your page file on a separate hard disk mounted on d:). Also, I'm sorry to hear that the Audigy SE didn't cut it for you. I feel bad knowing that I made the suggestion for you to get that card. Like others suggested, I would consider downgrading to XP. I know you don't have any more free power connectors, but maybe consider temporarily detaching one of your hard disks to connect a CD-ROM? Or getting a power plug splitter? I've not used Vista on a machine of my own, and I've had great success with CL cards in XP and XP x64.
  12. Lich

    Freeing up Resources on Vista

    Go to Run in the Start menu and type services.msc Read this guide: http://www.blackviper.com/WinVista/servicecfg.htm It will tell you what services you can safely disable that may be using RAM for no reason. Stick with recommendations listed in the safe category. One caveat: If you use a printer at all, do not disable Print Spooler, or you will not be able to print. If you don't have a printer, disable it. If you end up getting one, you can just set it to "Automatic" and then start the service again and the print service will be available again. If you don't mind video/rendering effects being gone, try disabling all that stuff along with menu animations... I run Windows XP at total barebones. I've got an Intel Core2 E7200 with 4GB of RAM, which is more than enough, but memory is memory. Did you also try setting your pagefile up on a separate physical hard disk than your operating system?
  13. Lich

    What is a good way to tweak my map's reject?

    Dr Sleep has an extensive guide on REJECT tweaking. I'd consider checking it out if you haven't. EDIT: ZenNode also has some REJECT tweaking you can do, I believe. It's detailed in that guide I linked to. Also, if you're having a tough time running RMB, consider running a Virtual PC. I have Win2K Pro installed on a virtual machine that I use to run older DOS command line programs I can't run in XP x64.
  14. Lich

    Wanted: Vista Compatible Sound card

    Did you also disable your onboard sound?
  15. Lich

    A bunch of new sky textures

    Not to mention carrying seven weapons at one time and a chainsaw.