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  1. This is Doom related, but I don't think it warrants its own thread in the regular forums, since the level's not really close to finished yet and I'd rather post when it's ready for playtesting and scrutiny.

    It's been a very long time since I've touched Doom as far as level design is concerned. I've returned to it countless times since it was released fifteen years ago just to play it again, but I remember my editing experience as being fulfilling on one hand, but utterly frustrating on another. I think it was because editing in DEU/DETH and visualizing anything was just a huge pain in the ass.

    I did levels when I was like, twelve or thirteen. And I was really self absorbed and thought I was king shit when I was actually very mediocre. Looking back on my old work makes me cringe, so I feel like the only recourse is simply to try and produce something that isn't a) shit and b) hyped up. For those of you who know my name and want to look that crap up, Dear God, please find something else to do.

    Since I've come back, I've found out about DoomBuilder and editing has been really fun. I'm still as slow in producing maps as I've ever been, but DB has taken a lot of time out of editing due to the excellent 3D mode and texture alignment features. Eventually I'd like to revisit some of my old maps and produce updated versions of them. ZDoom versions of them ought to be fun.

    So a little while ago I started a new level for ZDoom (Doom II in Hexen Format), using Gothic DM textures. It's called Gorgoroth (Tolkien-invented name, yes) It's been coming along pretty well. I'm trying to make use of slopes and other ZDoom features without going overboard and I think the results are good so far.

    So go give the WiP page a look. I plan on submitting this to the WADs and MODs forum when it's finished for suggestions before I upload it to idgames/.

    Comments, jabs, and what have ye welcome.


    EDIT: Well, shit. I broke a blog rule by not posting this in the WADs and Mods forum. If you're a mod and you see this, just know I posted it here because I didn't think it was significant enough.

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    2. Lich


      Gokuma said:

      Looks a bit like episode 4 style but moodier. Cool.

      Oddly enough, Thy Flesh Consumed has been one of my favorite map sets. :)

    3. printz


      Oh, you're the one who contributed many maps to that Doom32? Well, a level always looks good when viewed from its overhead map, so good job. :)

    4. Lich


      printz said:

      Oh, you're the one who contributed many maps to that Doom32? Well, a level always looks good when viewed from its overhead map, so good job. :)

      Yes, that was me.

      I didn't actually contribute all the maps-- just one, I collected the others. What I wouldn't give for a time machine.