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Everything posted by garudave

  1. garudave

    How are you playing DOOM?

    Playing on GZDoom with compatibility set to strict. Mouse and keyboard on WASD. ZXC are my power weapons. Been trying out the alternate full screen hud in GZDoom, the ammo numbers aren't quite big enough but everything else is solid. I'll delve into other source ports one day soon, GZDoom just feels the most accessible to me right now.
  2. garudave

    Your favorite gimmick maps?

    Playing through TNT Evilution currently. Aside from Wormhole, there are a few other gimmicky maps that I've been digging. Stronghold's emphasis on hitscanner hordes is some of the best designed gameplay in the megawad imo. Steel Works is a fun map that starts you next to the exit, blocked with a red key. When you get the red key, monster closets open up throughout the level, making your run back to the beginning entertaining. Shipping/Respawning is a really endearing map, basically a warehouse filled with demons and Doomcute.
  3. I like these images, the black and white artwork reminds me of old Norwegian black metal cover art, which is definitely a vibe that fits with Doom. The gaudy red signature is endearing and I think it should stay.
  4. garudave

    Do you ever get tired of Doom?

    10-12 hours a day is a lot of Dooming lol. For me, I don't get sick of Dooming but I do get pulled away by other games or hobbies on occasion. My recent play of Sigil was interrupted by me leveling some Diablo 2 characters for example. Now I'm doing TNT and reading manga primarily. Trying to get back into miniature painting, probably after I finish TNT. I'm sure I'll need the relaxation as my next mapset is gonna be Plutonia haha. So the key to not burning out is just mixing in other things you like to do.
  5. garudave

    Dealing with high monster counts on WADs

    As someone who recently played through AV as a novice, I can only recommend you do some save scumming as you progress, Hillside Siege is nowhere near the hardest map in that wad. The last 9 or 10 levels can be pretty soul crushing. I don't think there is any shame to saving between big fights, I've even kept some of my saves on some of the barn burners to return to for practice. If you want to skill up quickly, I would recommend skipping to map 26 or 32 for some quick and dirty practice.
  6. Not much to add that hasn't been said, I just thought I would say I default to pistol starts because I think it helps me appreciate item placement more while I play through a map. Nothing like finding the SSG in a map to get the Doom juices flowing.
  7. garudave

    Favourite Track from the Classic Doom Series

    Most of my favorites have been listed here, but I don't think anyone has said In The Dark from Doom 2. I know The Factory is one of the more lackluster maps and the track is 7 minutes long, but I can't get over the subtle atmosphere the bassline provides. That midi theremin is underutilized too.
  8. I really haven't played a bunch of Doom wads at this point but I tend to like a challenge that seems absurd at first glance but becomes manageable with a little bit of cleverness. I'm thinking of Dark Dome from Alien Vendetta, that whole map is filled with daunting challenges that you can pick apart. I really enjoy evenly-paced combat in a map. Toxic Touch from the same wad has a nice feel to it as you explore, just a steady stream of enemies in each room, plenty of hit-scanners to chew through. Refueling Base in Doom 2 has a similar feel. I guess the power fantasy of mowing down the weaker enemies is addictive.
  9. They both have their own merits and should be thought of as two different entities. I don't think you can discount the highly focused and tight design of the new Doom games just based on their differences to the original. Invigorating the Doom franchise by introducing huge shake-ups to the FPS genre is about the best you can do to live up to the legacy of Doom. The OG Doom mainstreamed the whole genre and is arguably the most influential game of all time, so any comparisons are going to come up short. I'm just glad that new id is making a game that feels distinct from everything else out there and at an undeniable level of quality. Are people really going to sit back and say the huge variety of interesting artistic assets in Doom Eternal are not up to par? The gameplay loop may not be for everybody but I would prefer that to the cookie cutter FPS games that saturate the market these days. I understand not liking the story but it's optional content for the most part. You can skip cutscenes and not read the codex entries and you're left with an extremely solid game. So nah, I don't understand the complaints.
  10. I always thought it would be cool to see pre-cyber versions of the Cyberdemon and Mancubus, maybe with some gnarly melee weapons. I'm kind of imagining the Mancubus with two spiked shields he can use to make a shield wall like those guys in Dark Souls 2. Cyberdemon could have a hook attached to a chain that he uses to pull the player in and a devastating stomp attack.
  11. I've been fond of Doom for a long time but never really delved into custom content. I was inspired by MtPain27's videos to start delving into custom Doom. I decided to start with Alien Vendetta, thought I would just drop some thoughts and see what kinda conversation comes up. I just finished it on UV. I averaged my rating for all the maps and rounded it to a 7/10. I think the wad starts off fine, gets pretty great in the middle, and kinda slumps at the end. I'll definitely be revisiting all the Malde maps, something about the mix of visuals and combat in those maps really appealed to me (except maybe Blood Sacrifice). I really loved Demonic Hordes and Dark Dome but found the last few maps to be overly frustrating and trial-and-error heavy. I cheated to complete the last map because the strafe run to the elevator at the bottom really wasn't working out for me lol. My favorite map was probably Toxic Touch. Something about dispatching those squads of hit-scanners in room after room was really satisfying to me, kind of Wolf3D esque. My least favorite map was Nukefall, the cyberdemon in the small room at the start really soured the rest of the map for me and I ended up skipping 100% kills because I was really not having fun. Next up I'll be playing through Sigil and then venturing into Final Doom, all of which is gonna be new to me. Sorry if this topic is extraneous, really just wanted to dip into this community because it seems like a friendly one :) Plus now I can stop pestering my friends with updates about my Doom pilgrimage lol
  12. garudave

    New Guy's Thoughts on Alien Vendetta

    That would be a shame, I thought all of your maps were solid! Overwhelming Odds was a little frustrating but very memorable. Suicidal Tendencies is a classic imo, it's on my top 5 from Alien Vendetta for sure. I think it's fascinating that the maps you like are more or less my least favorites from the megawad. Really says a lot about the diverse experiences one can have in the game. Anyway, thanks for your contributions, definitely cool to have dialogue with someone whose art I experienced.
  13. garudave

    New Guy's Thoughts on Alien Vendetta

    Gotta agree about shifting the map order, having three maps with 800+ enemies in sequence is a bit too much in a wad where that's not the standard. Oh yeah, I'm very excited to get into those wads. I'm trying to get a solid foundation of vanilla content before I play the more hacked up wads, just so I don't get spoiled. I saw that Skillsaw just dropped a new release so I want to try that too. Lake Poison and Suicidal Tendencies are two more of my favorites from AV. I love any map where you can rig up some ridiculous horde infighting. Thanks for the replies! It's pretty awesome that a 20 year old set of custom maps for Doom still has a following.
  14. garudave

    New Guy's Thoughts on Alien Vendetta

    Yeah, I'm going to have to return and beat that map legit one day to restore my honor. I was definitely feeling fatigued by the mapset at that point hehe
  15. garudave

    New Guy's Thoughts on Alien Vendetta

    I don't mind the lack of continuity because most of the maps are visually appealing. I can understand the desire to have more of a narrative feel to playing through the megawad, it might have helped with the last stretch feeling too exhausting. The map 25-27 stretch is fairly grueling, I was definitely over the slaughter by map 27, even though I liked the preceding 2 maps. Map 27 is pretty stingy with pickups as well, so that map is one of my least favorites. I LOVE Misri Halek. Definitely my runner up behind Toxic Touch. Both maps are dripping with bleak atmosphere, that's definitely my vibe. I love the cliffside area in the second half of Misri Halek, gunning down enemies with plasma and trying not to strafe into lava.
  16. garudave

    New Guy's Thoughts on Alien Vendetta

    It was pretty tough, but I ended up save scumming to get by the more brutal spots since I'm still improving. Seems like a lot of the more appreciated mapsets rank high on difficulty, so I figured I should try to git gud before I really go crazy. I am curious how I would do on a second play since I'm familiar with some of the dickishness in the maps. The difficulty rarely got in the way of my fun, I probably died 30 plus times on Dark Dome but it was one of my favorite maps.