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  1. oh hey i have an urge to make something after not touching udb for a few months, can i take map23 ?
  2. reverie

    Doom Pictures Thread 2022

    mapping !
  3. reverie

    Doom Pictures Thread 2022

    thing ive been working on lately
  4. smog single map wad about the wad this was originally a map for 3x3 take two, but i didnt have enough time to finish it for that and ive got a sudden burst of motivation to finish it now the gimmick of the map is that i was allowed to use 3 textures (except DOORBLU(2), DOORRED(2), DOORYEL(2) and EXITSIGN because theyre important to level progression), 3 flats (except F_SKY1 because sky) and 3 enemy types where to play for doom 2, boom compatibility (tested with prboom+) resources textures and midis by james paddock maps map01 "smog" (this is where all of the action happens) map02 " " (thanks for playing map) difficulties uv -- quite difficult, gets slaughter-y near the end hmp -- still a challenge, but not as difficult as uv hntr -- if you want to take a stroll around the map idk (wasnt properly tested and idk how to make this an easier map) screenshots download /idgames archive update bugfix! please download this instead
  5. ive really wanted to finish a project ive started way back in august, so this seems like a great opportunity to do just that! my plan for that is a set of maybe around 15 small slaughtermaps (something like mscp) and ive got 2 done (back in august) and the third i actually already started right now !
  6. frickig heck, i missed this one ! cant wait to play this though, looks very promising
  7. i somehow managed to fall and get stuck here (beginning of map 16)
  8. small update the funny jumpscare revenant now appears when you lower the yellow key bars so hes harder to skip FRICKIN HECK.rar
  9. yeah very much not gonna be able to make my map in time D:
  10. how many maps and how much time is left? id like to squeeze in a speed map for this if im able to btw expect that map i was talking about some time ago to be posted in the period from a few months from now up to never lmao edit: oh yeah hell yeah im leaving home for like almost exactly 24 hours wow incredible epic very likely that im not going to submit my map
  11. weird question but yeah: is the map absolutely required to have monsters? like i wanted to make an exploration map without monsters and is that allowed?
  12. @MFG38 hell yeah, had much fun making the map and very glad you enjoyed! seeing how i made this in just a few days, i really hope that ill be able to make another submission by the end of the month here is the "widened" version of the map, i hope i expanded the arenas enough FRICKIN HECK.rar