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  1. signaturereverie

    '95 Never Dies CP [Full]

    great map ! short and sweet and a punch to the face . though im pretty sure i have played other maps from the episode and it might be kind of too hard relative to them ? but its just my opinion and the original e4m2 is also a difficulty spike and im not exactly sure if i had the latest versions and so on and so forth i wanted to ask that before but forgot about it and thats still a thing now : i looked through the map and found no secret exit at all , did you forget about it or is that going to be handled in a different way ?
  2. signaturereverie

    '95 Never Dies CP [Full]

    finally getting some stuff done, trying to get away from my typical orthogonality and going for something a lot more freehanded (especially with what i want to be going on overall with the theme and such)
  3. oh no i didnt see at first that map15 was claimed just before me . could i have map14 then ?
  4. sure, ill sign up for this one too, especially since the slots are going rather quickly . can i get map15? and also regarding that : maps 31 and 32 are not in the map list , will they be done and if so, will a secret exit be required ?
  5. signaturereverie

    Intrusion [complevel 2]

    very fun map ! the visuals are very nice and tasty, good choice of midi, greatly enjoyed the interconnectedness of the layout, the combat wasnt too tough with ample health and ammo but it still packed quite a punch all in all , very good work very enjoyable !
  6. signaturereverie

    Doom Pictures Thread 2023

  7. signaturereverie

    '95 Never Dies CP [Full]

    can i take e4m9 if possible ? the premise is quite interesting and i think i have some neat ideas for it and also ive never really done anything with only the doom 1 roster so id like to try my hand at that
  8. there we go, this should do it, indicators + a few other minor fixes da6328_minorfix.zip
  9. something like this should work fine ? i thought it wasnt exactly necessary because i tried to be pretty unique with the structuring for each wing and also you can see what key is where (although that is pretty much only on higher resolutions and still only barely i will agree)
  10. quick update : i think for now im pretty much done with the map found music (rotted roots by jimmy) rebalanced the fights implemented hmp and hntr the point about potentially moving the map in the maplist still stands open to and very eager to hear feedback ! da6328_v2.zip
  11. oh my god ?? its here its real ?? i am incredibly sorry for the delay but its finally here i accidentally hyperfocused for like 2 weeks straight and made not just one of the biggest maps in the mapset but also by far the biggest map that ive ever made map name: death at 632.8 nm map number: 23 mapper: signaturereverie prompt: lazer death arena music: none as of yet (i have not gone looking for it yet and i am open to suggestions) notes: tested in crispy doom and dsda-doom (complevel 2) only ultraviolence is done right now and i will get to the other difficulties soon the three key wings are relatively balanced but im going to be completely honest i do not really know if the final fight is even playable ive played through some of the other maps and i (personally) think this probably should either be moved further into the maplist or nerfed (which to me personally just feels wrong and doesnt correspond with my envisioned uv difficulty) screenshots: death_at_632_8_nm.zip
  12. update : the map got uhhhhhh a bit out of hand . the actual making process is around 70-80% finished (layout + decoration + fights) but a lot of testing will be required (at least in my opinion) and also balancing lower difficulties which im not the best at . i am working on it a lot and i really hope to have it done by the end of the week but i really cant promise anything to be completely honest
  13. HI im so so sorry i applied for this and then personal life swallowed me for like two months so yeah . i am currently working on a map and i do think i will finish it before august (i really really hope at least) wip screenshots :
  14. oh hey i have an urge to make something after not touching udb for a few months, can i take map23 ?
  15. signaturereverie

    Doom Pictures Thread 2022