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  1. St. Doom

    Dad Replaces Bad Kids 360 with Coal

    Bad Father, bad sons
  2. St. Doom

    What's In YOUR Wallet?

    If you want to try, I guess you want to be a father then :p
  3. St. Doom

    Heavy Metal Suggestions

    I personly liked Mesmerize, and I didn't get to hear the Hypnotize album, but I did hear the main song of it however, and it does sound weak, I do agree with the idea that it sould have been one album
  4. St. Doom

    Heavy Metal Suggestions

    It's fine, I don't go by genre in metal, I'm fine unless the band itself sells out (limp bizekt, linken park, I don't remeber anything quality coming from Marylin Matison), but thats just IMHO, and if you think otherwise then what I think thats fine, i'm not rabid about it
  5. St. Doom

    What's In YOUR Wallet?

    I don't know about safety of old condoms, but buying new ones just to be safe would be wise
  6. St. Doom

    Heavy Metal Suggestions

    I would try The Deftones, System of a down and Mushroomhead. Ramminstine and Fear Factory are good if you like Industral Metal as well
  7. St. Doom

    Game planning thread

    Nail guns are the spice of life!
  8. I screem Quotes from the arfenhouse flash moive
  9. St. Doom

    Intellivision doom!

    It's E1M5
  10. St. Doom

    Intellivision doom!

    It looks real but I doubt it's very playble, the graphics hurt my eyes, and more inporntantly, you have a hard time telling things apart, or even where the heck your going
  11. St. Doom

    Intellivision doom!

    is..is this a joke?
  12. Good luck! I loved it very much!I would hope you would use more kinds of foes,thou
  13. St. Doom

    Timewasterz inc.

    I remeber playing the dos game of that http://angryflower.com/
  14. St. Doom

    Timewasterz inc.

  15. St. Doom

    Timewasterz inc.

    http://www.grudge-match.com/current.html It's no longer making new fights, but the past battle's are funny reading http://www.electricferret.com/battle/ kinda of the same idea, but with more sci-fi geekish things and it is active