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  1. Thanks to this place, I've learned the wonders of Heh and Impse. In addition, I've also met 'tards like Doomaddict, had a good laugh or two at the "political discussions" at EE and learned a shitmore about Doom in general that anybody should really ever know about an 11 year old game. Recently, I've been more and more addicted to demos (thanks to Compet-N and the demos fourm) and I'm (eventually) going to watch the Vile Flesh Demo pack. :P I've also had a large interest in Doom 2 DM, mainly because of how friendly the community is compared to the Halo 2, CS or UT 2004 ones.


    My Doom history: I was an avid Doomer at the wee age of four. Occasionally I played games like Duke 3D, Heretic or ROTT, but I was a still a Doomer at heart. Once Quake came, I was one of the may who migrated and didn't look back. I became addicted to Quake (and eventaully Quake 2) DM and was very good for a kid my age (I was offered about 3 or so times to join clans, though they were probably garbage), even though I played SP in God mode. Once Half Life came out, I dropped out of the FPS community completly. Around September 2003, I became interested in Doom becasue of Doom 3 and began to reasearch it. Eventually, I purchased Doom 2 at CompUSA for $10 and registered here. Yay?

    FUN FAKT: I've actually been lurking since October 2003 or so, but didn't decide to register until Christmas Day, 2003.

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    2. Szymanski


      my cat bought home a dead rabit (full of shotgun pellets), mice, voles and a tench with a chewed up tail.

      I put the tench in our pond and it recovered, made a fucking mess though so I returned it to the welland.

    3. DOOM Anomaly

      DOOM Anomaly

      I don't have a cat.

    4. Joe


      My cat brings in live mice and bats them around, so i have to put them outside, then he hunts around for them for half an hour, like some moronic moron. Occasionally, he does bring in the odd dead one, which is fun, especially if they are still twitching and whatnot.