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  1. I got the iD Superpack for about $24 during this year's Steam Holiday Sale. I've been wanting the Doom games and RTCW on my Steam account (I got the classic Wolf 3D and Quake games a while ago) so I grabbed the deal. At first I was going to just keep the Doom games installed for whenever I needed them, but I decided to boot the games up and see if they worked. I was thinking about grabbing the latest version of GLZDoom, but the original .exes (via Steam) are just fine for playing the IWADs. Playing with Doom's funky auto-aim and infinite actor height makes things a bit more challenging than playing Doom games in GLZDoom, but I'm getting used to it. At this point, using things like mouse look would feel out of place to me in a Doom game.

    I've been playing Plutonia in UV because I want a nice warm-up. I know Plutonia's the hardest official IWAD out there, but I think its difficulty is just right for someone that wants to get back into Doom after playing hard PWADs back in the day. I'm a save whore, but I have fun, so that's all that matters to me. I'm a bit more cautious than I used to be; I'm making a lot more use of Shotgun sniping than before. I still rush enemies with the SSG, but I usually do it with a small crowd of enemies, like a few Revenants or two Mancubuses.

    Its pretty funny seeing that I remember a lot of stuff, like how to avoid Arch-Vile attacks and how many SSG shots it takes to down certain enemies, even though I haven't played a classic Doom game for about 3 or so years. Meanwhile, I can't remember the shit I learned last semester in college.

    It amazes me how Doom manages to still be fun, even 16 years after it first came out. I think part of it is Doom's simplicity; there's no overdramatic and "epic" plot, "badass" characters that are actually pretty lame (I'm looking at you, MW2) or overly complex gameplay; it's just "get to the exit". Shit like that wouldn't fly in today's gaming world, but after playing modern games, classic games like Doom are a fresh breath of air.

    I can't think of a non cheesy-sounding ending for this blog.

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    2. DuckReconMajor


      myk said:

      My whole point is setting apart standards, by the way. People who think they're "playing like anybody else" while using saves are assuming that the standards are the same or similar. If one distinguishes them, such as by calling one playing and the other save gaming, one can pinpoint the differences, why people go with one or the other, and what they are good for.

      I understand, but my whole point is that playing without saves is a choice, and expecting everyone else to do the same seems rather imposing.

    3. myk


      Your point stemmed from a post Khorus made, which was pointing out the irony of relying on saves to the point of reaching extreme cases where very hard WADs are played with many saves. He pointed out that seemed amiss to him, and suggested no saving as an improvement. Recommending something one sees as better when one sees a flaw in the other alternative is not the same as pretending that everyone should do as one does. After that, Darkman 4 said "I don't have the patience for that" and that's fair enough. The response could have been different, like "hmm, yeah, I might give that a try."

      Save gaming (I refer to it this way because the act of saving itself may have its uses apart from the heavy reliance on them) may be a choice, but choices aren't sacred. Generally, people rely on saves due to two reasons; to get through level sets faster and to play at the highest difficulty. In both, saving is much like a device for the handicapped.

      People also say they have fun with things, but often don't know what they're missing by not moving on. When I started playing, I relied much on saves, and thought the game was fun. Eventually I dropped them for most purposes, and noticed the game was better.

      Add that personal encouragement, which is never gratuitous if given from experience, to what I said above about the effect on WAD testing, and you'll see why this "no saves preaching" in not unwise.

    4. DuckReconMajor


      I guess I misunderstood Khorus's post. I should have read it as "save gamers don't know what they're missing" instead of "save gamers are stupid".

      As I said earlier, I play without saves most of the time, and it is more fun for me. However, I do think that there are people out there that will genuinely enjoy a save gaming experience more than one without saves.