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  1. Dzierzan

    The Force Engine Version 1.0 Release

    Well, the main engine is there and a lot of stuff required for Outlaws is there as well. Obviously Outlaws will require reverse engineering. However lucius did mention (on Discord server) that getting Outlaws working should take less time. Also mind that TFE will get some upgrades like true color rendering, voxel support, HQ sound support, further bug fixes for Dark Forces, level editor (kinda like the modern Doom one), Linux and Mac support and more. Yeah, there's plenty of that. And that stuff also takes time. Lucius wrote that Outlaws support might happen in late 2023 but personally I totally don't believe in that date and I prefer to just wait, as I did with full Dark Forces support. Lucius might like giving himself some kind of deadlines, but considering it's fan-made project, we all shouldn't expect those dates to be fulfilled in time.
  2. Hello, I released High Quality Sound Effects pack for Shadow Warrior. It's based on actual sources and if they were not found, sounds were upscaled. Including Lo Wang's voice. This mod also supports two "official" addons. As I am writing this post, this pack only supports Raze port. VoidSW doesn't support `Sound` token. If it does, I'll support it as well. WangGDX doesn't support it either. I am not interested in supporting other ports like SWP or Redux. https://www.moddb.com/mods/shadow-warrior-high-quality-sound-effects Spreadsheet with sources if someone is interested: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1jd0BANtsbX42eXyc470OZOuI7TBpol8g8x9XfZvKW2I/edit#gid=0
  3. Dzierzan

    Hi-res Duke Nukem 3D sound effects

    Hi, I am sorry that I am bringing this old thread from the land of dead, but I've got good news. I decided to continue what perkristian started long time ago. I started my journey with sound hunting and I found more sources. And if specific sounds were not found, they were upscaled. They blend in nicely with the ones based on sources. Basically, all sounds were touched, including Duke's voice. Ohh and I also supported Duke's official addons. This mini mod works with Raze, Eduke32 and RedNukem. https://www.moddb.com/mods/duke-nukem-3d-high-quality-sound-effects
  4. He's still working on the IMUSE. Keep in mind that he also has a private repository where he commits reverse engineered Dark Forces code. Also, have this:
  5. I guess this will change once TFE hits ver 1.0 and beyond. I mean if TFE allows for playing 320x240 resolution with modern controls then it will always beat Dosbox, knowing also that Lucius aims for faithfulness. Of course I wanna use only HD resolution, as I am tired of pixelation.
  6. Hey there again! Gonna hijack this thread ^^ (as I see no point making a seperate one and it's related to TFE). As I mentioned before, I am making custom voxels for Dark Forces. Right now I can write that all items, all props and all switches are voxelized! I still have to finish my droids and I also intend to voxelize humans like Jan or burnt dead bodies. Here's all stuff (I didn't show animated voxels, but you can be sure they are done as well):
  7. Hey there! I wanted to say that I am the author of that Dark Forces Voxel Pack. I personally find it crazy that I started the damn project without having any warranty that The Force Engine will be finished. Anyway, FYI, my pack is nearly completed... or.. it depends how you look at it. When it comes to props and items, only 5 voxels are missing. I also intend to fully voxelize at least 3 droids (3 of them are started) and maybe voxelize human props like Jane. But all in all, it should be a cool mod to play Dark Forces with :). Here's an example of my latest work: Ohh and I would also love to make Smooth Dark Forces mod using TFE, here are examples: But I won't be stealing all the show ^^.
  8. I can't wait to see them rendered as invidual sprites. Will they have overpainting applied though?