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  1. Godzialox666

    Gano Milei (Milei wins)

    No soy Argentina pero aguante milei, con la motosierra despedaza zurdos
  2. Godzialox666

    How do I export blood textures?

    I want to get some textures from Blood to import them into a DOOM wad, I've used BAFED, but I haven't found the texture I want, I've only gotten several. I don't have much idea
  3. Godzialox666

    Sandy petersen Haceme un pete

    Ooo el mt erebus me la pone dura
  4. Godzialox666

    Can someone recomend Gore Maps?

    I want to prove some gore or bloody maps. NOT slaughter, normal maps but with gore theme 🍖
  5. Godzialox666

    [Completed] BaphometWorldMix - Hard Levels

    Hi, i really love your wad, one of the most Brutal wads i have proved, one thing, the level 9 i think midi is awesome, is yours or from other?
  6. Godzialox666

    Doomworld Merch?

    Hail Tortilla of Patata
  7. Godzialox666

    Hispanic Community Project {3 SLOTS LIBRES}

    Solo digo, que los mapas son brutales, un proyecto medio ambicioso y con mucho esfuerzo por parte de el equipo de HCP que gracias por incluirme en el proyecto para hacer el Mapa 06. Esto va a ser brutalisimo y me intentare esforzar al maximo!
  8. hello doomworld, you are already tired of reading the madness of dead because you already released 2 previous versions, the first was a 5 level demo, and the second most recent one was technically the final version, but I was not satisfied with the midis or some part of the mapping, so follow our advice and not work so much because I already have much of the mapping. I have the final version of THE MADNESS OF DEAD WAD.zip, which I am completely satisfied with, I hope you like it and above all, don't be shy about criticizing, I am open to criticism to improve. Tested on zdoom, gzdoom, lzdoom PS: yes, if you see a level name that is a deicide or possessed song and some slayer midi, it is not a coincidence
  9. Godzialox666


    Thanks for the support! Yeah, i know, the giant rooms are very common, i try to stop doing giant rooms in the four last levels becose de frist 4 are very old, and in my futuro wads, i will try not do that again. Thanks for playing it!!
  10. Godzialox666


    Thanks for the tips, it really is my first wad more or less, although I invite you to play the Hangar 18 wad.wad of a more intense and smaller level. 1. Sometimes I try to fix it about the liquids in the last levels, but it's true that I didn't realize it 2. I noticed the ammunition and such, I didn't correct it, I put ammunition at the beginning because in the first versions there were more beastly enemies and I don't know, errors. 3. I did the tunnel of blood to make the battle of the archvile more comfortable but after the scare the ground takes your life, that was on purpose. thank you for your words!
  11. Godzialox666


    Hello Doomers, I uploaded my first 5 levels a while ago, they were terrible, and thanks to the constructive criticism you made to those levels, I have improved the first 4 levels, I have deleted and made a new short level for 5 (since this was previously unplayable) and I have added 3 more levels, based on the opinions I received, improve and I hope you enjoy this wad full of death/thrash metal references and blood This is THE MADNESS OF DEAD WAD.zip
  12. I use doom builder 2. And thanks for the critic and i put some screenshots now
  13. Godzialox666


    Hi, it's been a year since I uploaded this wad and I'm very amused to see your video again and play my old wad (which I've been remastering for some time now and adding more maps that I think are much better). I came to tell you that I have uploaded my second wad "Hangar18" like the Megadeth song. It's in my recent uploads. It's not advertising, it's just that I always liked your videos and in general the criticisms I received because they helped me a lot to improve, I wanted you to try this new wad since some friends from doomworld told me that you were a very good person or something like that. I would like you to see my progress, thank you very much
  14. i add some screenshots now, enjoy it
  15. THANKS A LOT!!! I like to see that my second wad has finally been able to be really good for people and I like that you had fun. For my part I can say that there were parts of the map creation or even in slade that frustrated me due to the same error that I thought I understood but it still didn't work, it happened to me a lot, but I finally managed to get the wad out and I like that you like. I will continue mapping because I loved it. Thank you