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  1. Ayo, congrats man! You did excellent work on this! :D
  2. Hello. A quick little status update about some projects. All projects (including my pride and joy, and a little bit of a prison, Sanctium Reborn) are canceled. Mainly for three reasons. 1: I am losing motivation to make big projects anymore, and the planed 15 map project is pretty big, considering some of the later maps would take me MONTHS to make, and weren't even that good. 2: Outsider stuff. Basically, I think my reputation with the main person that got me back to mapping dwindled, which is a bit upsetting. 3: The big one! My computer failed on me! It was having some issues recently, like random crashes, graphics card failing once or twice, but I never got a bluescreen so I wasn't too worried. Until it shut off and never turned on again. So, after getting my new one, I was given the option to back up everything, including my Doom stuff. However, those last two factors made me think, and just say "Screw it, new computer, new start". So yea, sorry to the like 3 Sanctium Reborn fans, or anyone who knew about my DoomGuy: The 7 Golden Carrots idea. But hey, I'm still doing some work on some maps, I'll post anything I make. Peace 

  3. TheGamingFox

    Caustic City

    Thanks!!! I never really know how to make encounters, especially in open maps that AREN'T UDMF, so I'm hopping to improve on that. Also the flow and path findings off cause its more of an open map. Like there's multiple routes, not linear so it was kind of hard trying to balance that!
  4. TheGamingFox

    Caustic City

    Hello! This is another unfinished map I had on my computer, that I actually finished. This was for a (now canceled) project from a friend. I didn't rush in and only added an exit, but I expanded on the map ALOT. Spent the past week on this, hope you enjoy! And this time it's in the right category! Wad Info -------------------- Tech IWAD: Doom2 Format: Doom (Doom2) INCLUDES DeHacked File Maninfo Umapinfo EMapInfo GameInfo ---------------------- Game Music: Quake 2 Quad Machine Tested On: DSDA Doom Compatlevel tested on: MBF21 Download Link
  5. TheGamingFox

    Castle Brainrot

    My first ever Vanilla Compatible Doom Level! This was a unfinished 2 Monsters submission (supposed to be MAP32) that I put a exit into. It's a very short and really simple map. Link To Download!
  6. TheGamingFox

    Infernal Invasion: A Single Map Wad

  7. TheGamingFox

    Infernal Invasion: A Single Map Wad

  8. TheGamingFox

    Sanctium Reborn (GONE)

  9. Hey @Tango, this is most likely not gonna happen till next year, but I'd like to know if I could pack this in with a future mappack. I played it and enjoyed the additions! Edited (Though it is a 50/50 i might add it, might as well ask for plans)
  10. TheGamingFox

    Sanctium Reborn (GONE)

    Shhhh shhhhhh It doesn't exisssttt
  11. TheGamingFox

    Sanctium Reborn (GONE)

    Might bring this back, but not feeling it
  12. TheGamingFox


    Alright! I'll be posting soon :)
  13. TheGamingFox


    I have an idea/question. Are we able to submit a map with a .TXT file? And if so will you be combining them all into one?
  14. TheGamingFox


    @Thatonespymain i'm in, my two monsters are Former Humans and Former Sergeants
  15. TheGamingFox

    Doomworld Maximum Project 2022 - Uploaded!

    I'd like to join in, if I can atleast!