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  1. ApprihensivSoul

    New Zelda Game looks pretty awesome

    Naw, the Switch could run it fine, I'd be more concerned with the physics engine I desire. There are much bigger games on the Switch than the Zelda games, some which run very well, but very few with that level of interaction. Tears seems extremely well optimized from my experience with it (I don't have any complaints about 30 FPS, when the game is built around it,) but it would be difficult to build in the direction I want without including water physics, and that would have likely some... strange interaction with the existing engine, especially performance wise. I think the main map size limitation for Tears was that it was conceived as DLC before being expanded into a full game. I definitely prefer the result, but this is the first "Actual" Switch Zelda. While it does an excellent job of showing off how much more powerful the engine can be than it did with BotW, all they're doing is just taking the previous game and applying the leverage of a more powerful system. The main reason for my hope is that I would like a new setting (since we're still just technically doing Hyrule again.) Waxing elaboration aside, I love the game and have zero complaints. Even if there's ways it could improve this is still one of the best sandbox games I've ever played.
  2. ApprihensivSoul

    Why are theyre so many inmost dens remakes

    Might be. I came around to it eventually, but it still sits in my least remembered Doom 2 maps in my mind, just because of how rarely I actually went out of my way to play it.
  3. ApprihensivSoul

    New Zelda Game looks pretty awesome

    High Splashes. My goodness this game is good. I hope we get a full BotW trilogy. I hope the third one is just triple the map size and give me boats. Bring back sailing, and mix it with the BOTW formula, and it would be a perfect pairing. Throw in a (mildly) more linear story and more complex side-quests, and we'll be remembering these forever.
  4. ApprihensivSoul

    Why are theyre so many inmost dens remakes

    In line with bringing an opinion I know already is "Wrong", I have to admit that I skipped Inmost Dens on nearly every playthrough for the first couple years because I felt it was jarring and out of place.
  5. ApprihensivSoul

    Sandy Petersen, a retrospective of his Doom maps

    I typically consider Sandy as a man with his priorities straight. Where alot of maps were converted Tom Hall maps (something which needs to be studied more,) he found a way to make them fit. Where they weren't, he found ways to make things new. He utterly (read, not even resembled,) the polish and challenge of Romero, even at his peak, but Romero is a storyteller, where Sandy is a writer. I've been working over Sandy's levels in a project for my own use lately, and if he had had one or two people with an eye for detail and challenge on follow-up duty, I think we'd be regarding them as among the best. Here's how I think of it: If we had had the roles switched, I fully believe Doom have been alot less fun. I fully wish we had had far more Romero maps in D1 and 2, but in the time constraints we had, Sandy was the right person for the job when it came to quantity. Perhaps rough, but certainly memorable and distinct.
  6. ApprihensivSoul

    Should I beat Thy Flesh consumed on Hurt me Plenty?

    Beat it on whatever you want, but I find Ambush Shotgunners to be one of the best highlights of the game, and those are best experienced in UV. But I played E4M1 and E4M2 about fourty times over 10 years before finishing it for the first time, so bear that in mind.
  7. ApprihensivSoul

    E3M7 Remake

    Thanks OliveTree! Glad you liked it. In answer to your question, Rudolph: Depends again how you define "SIGIL-ize". There's a few maps for sure I have on my mental checklist that I want to "Romero-ize" just for my personal use, and might possibly upload them, but I wouldn't expect them to all share the same palette. Unholy Cathedral for sure will, or at least the red elements, but Pandemonium I expect will go a more brutalist direction, for instance. Lots of concrete, steel, and flesh, with strong orthogonal design.
  8. ApprihensivSoul

    E3M7 Remake

    Hah, I'm just a fan of Romero's sense of lighting/shadow contrast in general, Red-Black was just the most natural way to apply it here. There's a couple bugs left to fix on my side, some I see in the video, being clearly played on the first uploaded version, I hope that my current one is a tad better. One thing I did intentionally was remove some of the visible automap lines that I see got you a little lost in the beginning, so sorry about that. There was no secret in that alcove, but I don't blame you for trying. The Switch puzzle is the same as vanilla, I just hope I made it more fun (in my taste, see also: Ambush Shotguns) to solve. The Cyberdemon was also a Sigil/John Romero steal, if that wasn't obvious. Either way, I'm glad you had fun! Thanks for the video!
  9. ApprihensivSoul

    E3M7 Remake

    There's always been a rocket launcher in E3M7, it's over by the Blue Key, in that Roundabout that opens up to reveal a bunch of cacodemons. I didn't remove it, just made the switch harder to get to. (Though it's still in the same place, and can be found using the same path.)
  10. ApprihensivSoul

    E3M7 Remake

    I updated it with the remaining encounters, though the skill levels still haven't been balanced. Yes, the walls are intended to be pitch black, I wanted you navigating by the lights on the floor. I felt it would make the traps more exciting. I recommend pathing your progression based on where the barons are, I spend alot of time getting them into infights and intentionally getting the rocket launcher early, though per your insight I added a bit more ammunition in the early map, and quite a bit in the maze. I was worried about getting the player lost hunting stray monsters, but I think ammo should be fine. Thanks for the feedback!
  11. ApprihensivSoul

    E3M7 Remake

    Hey yo, felt like throwing together another level rework. It's about 80% done, I have a couple encounters I'd like to add and alot of textures to reallign, but it's playable as intended from start to finish. Let me know how it compares to the original! Tested in DoomRetro and GZDoom, screenshots taken in DoomRetro with unashamed iddqd for efficiency. Playism wise, I recommend playing on UV because I haven't optimized the difficulties yet. Link: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1u7MG4VU6M8EBvfuaHv1zckeNbhszesWX/view?usp=sharing
  12. ApprihensivSoul

    Do Not Buy Dell

    You know, if it helps anyone, I have three rules I've developed over the last decade for laptop purchases: - Never buy new or call customer service. - Only buy Lenovo. Particularly Thinkpads. - Keep a majority of your machines running Linux. For some reason that seems to work. I usually spend like 150 every two or three years at most now, and never run into any issues I can't solve with a google search. That said, I also don't have access to most of the modern graphics/performance features, which in turn is not something I particularly care about in a laptop, since I'd rather just build a PC if I need one badly enough. Can't say these rules will work for everyone, but if they do, here they are. (I just bought two Thinkpad X1 Carbons from about seven or eight years ago because I had such a good experience with them, and I wanted to add a couple machines to my collection.)
  13. ApprihensivSoul

    How will DOOM 6 work?

    I'd love to see the movement oriented stuff introduced in DE return, but moved more into a secret hunting role, kind of a return to classic map design, with much less linearity. In general I'd like to see the arena stuff toned down in execution, with the demons being more free roaming and engaging in demonic behaviour when not fighting you. The arenas don't have to be removed for this, of course, I'd just like them to serve as a less important aspect of the level design and serve more as setpieces to define particular moments. Also, the dog collar. (unironically, though, having an attack dog you can direct during combat would fit really well into the combat flow of the modern games.)
  14. ApprihensivSoul

    There is Blasphemer - but why not a Free Hexen?

    Honestly, Freedom from what I've seen still makes pretty good progress, and I'm sure that at least a portion of the people interested in Freedoom are also interested in the other two, but it won't see real growth until the Doom one is done. I'm sure I don't know what I'm talking about, but there's always just a prioritization factor to consider. In general prioritization is a huge thing anyway. I wouldn't mind at all contributing a map or a hub to Zauberer myself, as HeXen is the best (fight me) Doom engine game, but I also have priorities, or I would have done it already. I'm sure everyone else interested (the vast majority of which are far more talented than I,) have to deal with that problem as well.
  15. ApprihensivSoul

    thoughts on the combat design philosophy of doom eternal?

    Yeah, I wouldn't regard most 90s FPS in the "Push-Forward" camp. I wish that NuDoom would spend (significantly) more time on exploration, but hey, I'm a tnt fan, so my taste on that is probably biased. That said, when it comes to combat itself, I don't hate Doom 2016, but it's falls into the same group most official doom campaigns do for me where it hits the "Sloppy implementation" zone, especially when it comes to all of it's new, good ideas. Doom Eternal fixed a ton of that for me, and I tend to find the combat more replayable/experimental/open-ended, as well as more rewarding. They're both punishing, Eternal far, far more so, but the punishment in 16 seemed often arbitrary and almost floaty (Cacodemon fireballs are a good example,) where Eternal felt like it was trying to teach me something (by bending me over with a rake.) When it comes to official Doom combat, it's probably my favorite since Plutonia or the second half of Knee Deep in the Dead, once you get to cut loose with the weapons. Not as good as alot of custom iwads for sure, but one of the best things id has ever done in that area.