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  1. ApprihensivSoul

    What do you want id to do next after Eternal?

    I actually didn't like Quake that much, because it had super weak gunplay, but the level design was the most consistent Id's ever delivered. I think it would work well in a less... shootery context. Maybe a new Quake with the original's artstyle and atmosphere, but borrow some gameplay and progression ideas from stuff like Thief or Metroid Prime, that would fit the tone better? Honestly, I would love a completely non-combat game that just used Quake's level design with Hub progression, but that's not Id's strength.
  2. ApprihensivSoul

    Which Doom map are you?

    E2M5 because I owe everything to John Romero (doom related anyway.)
  3. ApprihensivSoul

    IDKFA Cheat Code Meaning - Opinion Poll

  4. ApprihensivSoul

    IDKFA Cheat Code Meaning - Opinion Poll

    I guarantee it stands for "smAshIng pumpKins into small piles of putrid DebrisF" They scrambled it around to make it a little less obvious. (Alternatively:
  5. ApprihensivSoul

    What country are you from?

  6. ApprihensivSoul

    The Spider Mastermind is John Carmack?

    I read this in passing as "The Spiderman is Jonah Jamison?"
  7. ApprihensivSoul

    Observatory - A Beta-influenced DOOM 1 Map

    Alright, it should be fully Limits Removing compatible now. I tried doing some playthroughs on Chocolate, and all my linedefs and the occasional miss-tagged sector should be repaired. I also reworked the secrets, added multiplayer compatibility (not just starts, either, actual weapon spawns, etc, as well as a few teleport shortcuts due to the linear nature of the map) and fixed any texture alignment I could find. However, I should specify this is not currently Vanilla Compatible. Reason being due to complexity issues, I ran into a few visplane crashes in the Red Key area, and the starting room is still laden with slime trails. No idea how to fix those yet, I'll do some more experimentation at some point, but it should be alot easier to play for people who were running into the operational failure on my lifts. Thank you for the feedback, all!
  8. ApprihensivSoul

    Observatory - A Beta-influenced DOOM 1 Map

    What the blue heck? I have eternity. I don't use it much, but I'll feel it out and see if I can figure it out. Thank you!
  9. ApprihensivSoul

    What do you think of Doom content? (Youtube).

    Dean, Decino Shorts, Civvie. I hate letsplay content, even though I respect the artistry. It just feels so vacant as a product though, from my end. I tend to avoid Gman when he talks about anything related to doom, or anything at all. Though that comes down more to taste, he tends to know what he's talking about. Chubzdoomer very rarely, I love his presentation but just don't have a reason to watch his work. I'd love to see him do a bit more types of things.
  10. ApprihensivSoul

    DOOM 4 (Hell on Earth) Concept Art Findings

    Is this John Connor fighting hellspawn in Rage? If that's all that we got in a finished product, I would have been sold. Rage wasn't perfect, but it was heck of fun, and a more fleshed out project that used it as a framework would have been amazing, especially with Doom as a setting. I don't like the idea of playing with a grizzled Connor type as much as Doomguy, but they could have really leaned in the Doom 3 direction and emphasize his human limitations, and it would have been a great sendoff for the D3 timeline, and you could still launch 2016 and it would have worked.
  11. ApprihensivSoul

    Observatory - A Beta-influenced DOOM 1 Map

    Odd, I can see if I can figure that out. Not sure why the elevator isn't working, wonder if it's a linedef position thingy, works fine in zDoom. Likely the nukage was just an oversight, thanks for catching that!
  12. ApprihensivSoul

    Observatory - A Beta-influenced DOOM 1 Map

    Any to my knowledge. Might have to use Limit Removing to be safe, but I'd love for it to be vanilla compatible as well. Just don't have the means to test that set up. I tested it in zDoom. Thanks for asking, I'll stick it in the initial post.
  13. ApprihensivSoul

    Observatory - A Beta-influenced DOOM 1 Map

    Exactly what it says on the tin, however, I should also expand my pitch. (Mods, let me know if I shouldn't post this in this way, please?) This is a map built from the component pieces of a few different Beta maps. The result is playable, with difficulty settings, and I tried to mix a healthy amount of Romero and Hall tropes in the final result. I'll let you guys figure out which parts I used, and I have ideas for two more Beta-to-finished map conversions I plan to do if I can, with the currently released elements. I recommend playing with idmus35 for music, due to the general tone I was going for gameplay/atmosphere wise, but I didn't include any tracks. Should work on any port, playtested on zDoom from pistol start, UV, but I was targetting vanilla when I made it, and though I haven't tested it there yet, it should work on anything limit removing. There's some texture alignment issues I forewent sorting out for now, because they're pretty easy to miss. Should be mechanically bug free. No Deathmatch or Coop, but that should be easy enough to patch if someone wants it, I just didn't have time to bugcheck it. I imagine this map fitting somewhere in episode 4 of the Doom Bible, along with John Romero's E1M4 and E1M8 remakes, if you want a bit of story flavour. Let me know what you think! I hope it's fun. Screenshot credits: Smooth Doom, BrightmapsPlus, Lights Google Drive Download!
  14. ApprihensivSoul

    You play as Doom 3 guy in eternal

    I've always figured that the Doom3 guy is a regular human in the 2016 universe, some years before 2016 happens. The aftermath of Doom 3 was the UAC learning nothing but that Argent Energy is useful. The Doom Slayer, on the other hand, comes from Doom 64 only, but I'm sure he would respect the hell outta Doom 3's heroes.
  15. ApprihensivSoul

    I'm Leaving

    Thanks for the clarification. Yeah, I've seen dramatic leave posts before for sure, but given what appears to be to myself almost meme-worthy dialogue and a flagrant (and welcome) display of charity between all involved I was curious if the party in question had any intention to leave at all, or was making fun of the concept because they got irritated with an issue on their side and decided to vent it all in good fun. Either way, I'm glad this isn't a firefight, and I appreciate you being willing to explain the half-joke.