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  1. Nimiauredhel


    @Ofisil I don't know if you've come around to my map (11) yet, but you may want to take note of this little bit of feedback since I haven't been able to address it yet (and generally haven't mapped in a while). https://www.doomworld.com/forum/post/2487188
  2. Nimiauredhel


    Ahh I'll get around to fixing those soon then. Thank you for checking :D
  3. Nimiauredhel


    Alright, turns out it's been almost a full year since the last time I touched this map 😁 but I marked the doorstops as you suggested (and fixed the unfortunately cut off texture on the "light fixture" in the same room, while at it). @Ofisil themegawad_1_map11_20220322.zip
  4. Nimiauredhel


    I'd love to, but I also literally haven't touched Doom or Doom mapping in the last 6 months so I literally need to refamiliarize myself with all the hotkeys and stuff again 😂 so we'll see how that goes before I take a shot on making a whole new map
  5. Nimiauredhel


    I'm thinking of coming back for an aesthetic pass on my map (11). I ran it yesterday and noticed lots of stuff that didn't pop out to me ~6 months ago which was the last time I had a look at it. 😅
  6. Nimiauredhel

    The DWmegawad Club plays: SKULLTIVERSE

    Enjoyed reading people's reviews of my maps here, the good and the bad. I actually haven't touched Doom since making MAP18 back in.. April I think? It was the end of my three rather intense months of mapping addiction, because after having a hard time balancing MAP18 I decided to git gud at Doom, and then suddently didn't have time for that. But it was a lot of fun 😎
  7. Nimiauredhel

    The DWmegawad Club plays: SKULLTIVERSE

    Yeah I remember trying to only use non-standard textures, not sure if I 100% stuck to that.
  8. Nimiauredhel


    @Ofisil Hi, been a while! I have no plans to update the MIDI for MAP02, it can be used as is (the last one I sent you).
  9. Nimiauredhel

    Have WAD Expectations Changed?

    Well, I was not dissing the original games, either. It's just inevitable that during 28 years of mapping they will eventually stop being the point of reference that they have been for 1994 maps.
  10. Nimiauredhel

    Have WAD Expectations Changed?

    John Romero said several years ago (before Sigil) that if he made a level "today", people would get on his case about texture alighments and such, and I think that generally speaking WADs aren't made with Doom/Doom 2 quality in mind anymore as we've learned a lot since these games were released and they aren't considered the pinnacle of level design anymore. And tools of course, if I knew how amazing Doom authoring tools were nowadays I would have gotten into this so much earlier. The people who made the WADs in this ISO probably took ten times longer just to do basic stuff like doors.
  11. Nimiauredhel

    what are you working on? I wanna see your wads.

    Looks pretty brutalist to my eyes When are we making Brutalist Doom
  12. Nimiauredhel

    Breakout (5 map WAD)

    Thank you for playing! There are definitely a lot of things I could improve about this WAD. I've generally moved on from it at this point, but will probably do a small round of fixes at some point to address some frustrating bits. And yeah the sky nukage is on purpose, though I can see why you'd think it wasn't.
  13. Nimiauredhel


    @RemoveUwU I played it (a second time apparently), and as said, nice simple and fun! I only have one complaint and it's the same one from last time: when the exit room is actually reachable, it's easy to miss the "Exit" sign on top of the door. I'd add some more (preferably lower) indicators that the room is the exit room, or just make it look more important.