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  1. Zeratul 982

    yet again, i've been banned.

    Is there something about May they don't like?
  2. Zeratul 982

    Hardest Level You Ever Played

    IWAD: Ultimate Doom: E4M6 Doom 2: Map24 TNT: Map20 Plutonia: Map32 PWAD: AV: Map24
  3. Zeratul 982

    doom millennium?

  4. Zeratul 982

    doom millennium?

    [Spelling_Bureau]Millennium[/Spelling_Bureau] What does this say about the new features (monsters, engine, final boss, etc.)? I sure hope it all doesn't go to waste.
  5. Zeratul 982

    Happy Birthday to me! :)

    Happy b-day.
  6. Zeratul 982

    Alien Vendetta Map 20 problem

    AV - Map20 runs just fine with ZDoom 1.23 beta 33.
  7. Zeratul 982

    No postcounts?

    How are we supposed to know what is new and what is old now? Heh... better yet, how does this now affect the "no resurrecting old threads" rule?
  8. Zeratul 982

    Easiest Editor to use?

    Try out DCK 3.62, but beware of its random loader runtime errors. They usually occur when DCK tries to open a dialog box. Other than that, it's pretty easy to work with. It's the only editor I ever used to build maps as a matter of fact.
  9. Zeratul 982


    You're welcome. :\
  10. Zeratul 982


    Momento Mori I Momento Mori II Requiem Icarus
  11. Zeratul 982


    Ok, how's this: My Tech Center remake is done, but I have no place to upload it as of yet. There.
  12. Zeratul 982

    Look what the cat threw up

    Ah, yes. First replies ever: http://www.doomworld.com/forums/general/messages/12310.shtml http://www.doomworld.com/forums/general/messages/12312.shtml First thread ever: http://www.doomworld.com/forums/general/messages/12313.shtml The Green Caco is born: http://www.doomworld.com/forums/general/messages/12351.shtml ROFL The multi-personality invasion begins! http://www.doomworld.com/forums/general/messages/12320.shtml Check out the IP's. (Excluding JudgeDooM and Dream Destroyer) :)
  13. Zeratul 982

    Does anyone have any more high res monster pics

    I think I can arrange that: Stone Stratagems 1.1: Map13 :) That, I'm not quite sure. Wait for Doom 3 to come out then.
  14. Zeratul 982

    Share your Doom newbie experiences!!

    Lüt: I've been getting the exact same thing. I went through step after step of how to register hoping to find something that I screwed up on. /me sighs with relief
  15. Zeratul 982

    Share your Doom newbie experiences!!

    PC: E1M3: I fell off the "bridge" and fell into the toxic floor multiple times. Besides that, I was like Lüt: I couldn't find my way out of the blue key room after getting the blue key. SNES: E1M8: I kept on wondering why everytime I entered the dark room with all the demons and imps the game would restart back to the title screen after app. three seconds. :P E2M2 - Refinery: I could barely make it past the room with the berserk pack E2M4 - Halls of the Damned: "Wow, this is the spookiest map I played yet..." ...I said with 45% health...maybe 25%...slowly and cautiously creeping through the long STONE1 corridor expecting something BIG to show up, but to only find three more passageways at the other end. /me begins to hum Sinister...
  16. Zeratul 982

    Attention Hardware gods! A question....

    Whenever I start up this computer after it's been shut down overnight, the back part of the tower begins to enimate a low hum and grow higher with more intensity. I've been told it is dust collecting in the power supply fan. Now all I have to do is gain enough confidence to open up the tower and clean out the power supply box assuming I will even be able to put the cover back on properly.
  17. Zeratul 982

    "dm1.wad" uploaded

    (Thread also found here.) I recently finished and uploaded a map which I set up to be a deathmatch arena, but I'm not sure if it appropriately classifies as one. The size of the map mainly concerns me. You can find it here. Tell me what you think.
  18. Zeratul 982

    "dm1.wad" uploaded

    The wad has been updated: I raised the teleporters in the torched pillar areas by 8 pts and improved the lighting on them. I also fixed the unwanted ceiling flat changes also found in the torched pillar areas. The main ceiling flat is RROCK03 but MFLR8_2 was on the sectors that provide the light from the torch.) Pritch: Yeah I noticed that too, but if I did raise those sectors to compensate, the texture's alignment wouldn't look right. (I was trying to keep the appropriate scale with the length of the METAL2 / 4 textures (32, 64, 96, 128...) Besides, I didn't think it would be much of a problem.
  19. Zeratul 982

    "dm1.wad" uploaded

    I recently finished and uploaded a map which I set up to be a deathmatch arena, but I'm not sure if it appropriately classifies as one. The size of the map mainly concerns me. You can find it here. Tell me what you think.
  20. Zeratul 982

    custom avatars!

    Level 1: Teh Retared Caco completed. Entering Level 2: Teh Post-Helled Caco. :P
  21. Zeratul 982

    First person shooters.

    PC: Doom: Collectors Edition Rainbow Six: Rogue Spear/Urban Ops. Duke Nukem 3D: Atomic Edition (damnit) Console: PSX Final Doom Turok: Rage Wars Goldeneye Perfect Dark Forsaken 64 Duke Nukem 64
  22. Zeratul 982

    Happy Saint Patricks day to everyone!!

    Two days left until Post Hell Day. :P
  23. Zeratul 982


    Registering the damn thing is a pain. I'll stick with my original choice.
  24. Zeratul 982

    What MONITOR do you DooM on?

    Get an optical mouse. Ball mice suck. :)
  25. Zeratul 982

    What MONITOR do you DooM on?