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  1. Since Windows uses the NT core, a blue screen of death (the screen your screenshot depicts) really only happens when you have a serious hardware or driver issue. Before continue to do any valueable work on that computer, you should get that fixed, or it is likely to happen again. The backup files DB has written should be in the same directory where your WAD file is. They are named something like "mymap.wad.backup1". Simply rename the file and cut off the backup1 part to restore the backup.
  2. CodeImp

    Separating sectors.. Doom Builder?

    Just press M for the Make Sectors mode, then just click the sectors which you want to split off of the main sector (they should flash white shortly).
  3. CodeImp

    Problems with Doom Builder and GZDoom

    Probably not. It may be storing your settings in your user application settings directory.
  4. CodeImp

    Updated Strife Config

    Now this is good stuff, it uses the existing include files and has pretty much the same naming convention (use of uppercase/lowercase and how names are written) as the existing configs. I'll have to include this with DB2 if you allow me to. Though, the chance of seeing a new official DB2 release any time soon is as small as 1/9723337171 :P
  5. CodeImp

    Problems with Doom Builder and GZDoom

    1 - Sounds like GZDoom is trying to use a display mode which your screen does not support. Not sure how to fix that though. I would try deleting your user settings from GZDoom somehow so that you force it back to default settings.
  6. CodeImp

    DB2 3D Mode is not smooth

    I can, but I'm not entirely sure, this is just a guess; There is an internal high-resolution clock in the CPU which simply counts up at a high frequency for as long as the CPU is running. This is the most accurate clock known on an x86 PC. And Doom Builder (among other programs that require perfect timing) uses this clock. The calculations needed to come up with milliseconds involves a division and is stored in a 64bit floating point value (a 'double') whos accuracy decreases as the value becomes higher. You won't notice this when the computer runs for a day or 2, but yea, if you keep your machine running for a week, the accuracy may degrade that much so that the resolution becomes higher than milliseconds and that may cause any timing in Doom Builder to go haywire. It doesn't matter if you close Doom Builder, because the clock is actually in your CPU and just keeps counting up. The next time you start Doom Builder, it just picks up the values from the CPU again. Your CPU is probably also turned off during hibernation, but Windows saves the state of all the hardware on the harddisk during hibernation, so a real reboot is required to reset the counter.
  7. CodeImp

    Pentagram in DB2

    Did everyone forgot you can put pictures on the background in DB? :P Just find a good picture with google and put it on the background and draw over it. Although it is possible to change the background scale and offset, you don't have to mess around with the picture size and positioning on the background really. Just do it in a new map, save your work as prefab, then load it in your map and you can resize and position it easily.
  8. CodeImp

    Doom Builder 2 startup error

    Your new game configuration may not have spaces or unusual characters in its filename.
  9. Those of you who hate Star Trek, or dislike technology, save yourself a few minutes and click away from this topic now or just ALT+F4 it. When I'm not working on Doom Builder, I play some games to relax or work on my home computer. Here is a video of my home computer; http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2vOvDFxn76g Both the computer and the software is self made. The interface is inspired by the LCARS interface from Star Trek. Shown in this video are: - Agenda/Calendar - Shopping list (Groceries) - Rain radar - Train departure times (because the train station is nearby) - Library & Media player (connected to home cinema set) - Internet browser Not shown, but also operational: - Bluetooth support (notice the Transfer button, allows you to send MP3s or the shopping list to your telephone) - Torrent downloading (notice the Downloads button under the Multimedia category and the Downloads directory in the library) More will be added as I get ideas and time to develop them. Why don't I control my home lights with this? Because the needed hardware costs a LOT and the light switch next to the door is more practical in the end anyway. Maybe some day I will add it just because it is cool. Suggestions are welcome.
  10. CodeImp

    TITLEPIC: Good format, awful quality

    Welcome to the Doom graphics. You have already given the answer yourself; If you don't want your WAD to become a (G)ZDoom only thing, you must adhere to the Doom palette. You could try and hue-shift your original picture slightly so that it better fits certain color ranges that the Doom palette uses. It is some work, because you'll have to keep shifting colors slightly and convert to see the result. Maybe the graphics tools that you use (Photoshop?) can help you do the conversion in a nicer manner if there is some way to get the Doom palette in the format your graphics program expects, but I don't know what you use and what is available for that.
  11. CodeImp

    Star Trek -like home computer

    It is funny to see how people like to make stuff up. This thing is not in my kitchen, it is in my living room. There is no frigde or microwave oven there. I didn't expect this would turn into a small viral, but it is probably forgotten after the weekend anyway. Still though, I do get a lot of positive comments and requests to download or buy the software. So count Doom Builder out for the moment, I'm going to spend some time making this software more universal and expanding it with more features.
  12. CodeImp

    Star Trek -like home computer

    Well spotted. Heineken is nice :) Why would I do that when it is much safer to keep everything in a computer casing? I'm sure it would look cooler if all the parts were exposed, but it is behind a panel anyway, it doesn't have to look cool in there :P Yea I've seen that. I'm not going that far though. Also, I like my interior design as it is. It is not hard to make some okudagrams yourself (he probably did, or he downloaded some from the net) there are a few rules to it, but I didn't comply to all these rules. For example, my coloring is more relaxed and gray-ish than the original, because I want it to fit my interior and not screaming for attention "look at me, I've got so many colors".
  13. CodeImp

    Star Trek -like home computer

    Bonus points for those mentioning "Okudagrams" :) I remember reading about that when I searched for LCARS on the net. Some pics "behind the scenes"
  14. CodeImp

    Star Trek -like home computer

    Thanks Nomad :) I like it too :) Heh no, this is not the computer I usually work or play games on. It is completely dedicated for my living room. My working/gaming computer has two 24" widescreen monitors :D
  15. CodeImp

    (G)ZDoom Editing Plugin for Doom Builder (BETA)

    No, it supports sloped 3D floors. I have tested it. Show me a case where it does this wrong.
  16. Not so much Doom related, but I had such a moment when I was folding my clothes and did it wrong. For a split second I thought "Undo!", as in CTRL+Z but there was no keyboard, then I quickly realized my insanity.
  17. CodeImp

    How can I add costum textures?

    If you add your textures to the same WAD file that your map is in, opening that WAD file in Doom Builder will automatically load your textures as well. Then there is no need to add an additional WAD file as resource in Doom Builder. In the end this is also what you want when distributing your map anyway. You don't want to tell everyone to drag multiple files onto the sourceport executable or some crap like that, it will inevitably go wrong for many people. Keep it simple.
  18. CodeImp

    (G)ZDoom Editing Plugin for Doom Builder (BETA)

    You have gotten spoiled :P No, I doubt that will happen, because it is a more complex rendering technique that I'm just not willing to make in Doom Builder.
  19. CodeImp

    Max # of linedefs in DB2

    I emailed the author of the tool about these bugs and provided a link to this topic. If it gets fixed depends on him, I don't know. Didn't you make a conversion tool as well, Graf?
  20. CodeImp

    Max # of linedefs in DB2

    I'm not saying a sourceport (nor vanilla Doom) should like this. I'm saying it should be allowed in the file format, because it is possible and consistent with the back side (it is even possible in the binary format). If the sourceport doesn't like it, it should just poop out an error saying linedefs without front sides are not allowed (and I think this is what happens). I just checked and DB will still load the map, even when linedefs have no front side, it just shows a warning when loading the map, so that's fine. Still, this conversion tool is making some mistakes that need fixing for it to be useful.
  21. CodeImp

    Max # of linedefs in DB2

    The tool wroterenderstyle = translucent; but it should berenderstyle = "translucent"; Also, a lot of linedefs are missing their front side, because the tool did not write a "sidefront" field for many linedefs (do you have linedefs in your map without front sides?) The UDMF specs say that this field is required and as such Doom Builder chokes on it. I find this requirement odd though, because technically it should be possible to have a linedef without front side, regardless if the sourceport likes this or not. I think it also inserted a stray "4" between the sidedefs structures and vertex structures, but that could also have been me pressing random keys while trying to fix your WAD during breakfast. But when I noticed the missing "sidefront" fields I gave up, so you're better off trying to convert this by hand. Open your map in DB, with its original configuration. Go to Linedefs mode and select all linedefs, then switch to Things mode and select all Things also. Press CTRL+C to copy it to the clipboard. Now create a new map, with a UDMF configuration, and paste everything. Make sure you align your map correctly when pasting. Then good luck fixing things :P
  22. CodeImp

    Max # of linedefs in DB2

    Well it is dynamically allocated, so yea, if you have 20 GB memory you can reach the maximum number of linedefs in UDMF format :) But you probably need much more than 20 GB, because you need memory for the vertices, sidedefs and possible some sectors as well.
  23. CodeImp

    Max # of linedefs in DB2

    Yes, Doom Builder supports up to 2^31 linedefs. (That is 2.147.483.648 linedefs for those not accustomed to powers of 2.)
  24. CodeImp

    Max # of linedefs in DB2

    Your next question is obviously going to be "How do I convert my map to UDMF format?". Don't use Doom Builder to change the map format, because you will break the actions/tags in your map. Use this tool to convert your map: http://www.atomicgamer.com/file.php?id=88060
  25. CodeImp

    Max # of linedefs in DB2

    Haha, sorry guys I couldn't resist. It was a bad joke. As esselfortium correctly mentioned, the 65535 linedefs is the hard limit in the map format. There is nothing you can do about it except switching to UDMF and pray that the sourceport you're using doesn't impose the same limit on the number of linedefs.