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  1. m3_mapper

    How Do I Remove The Mugshot?

    I'm currently trying to find an approach to prevent the mugshot from appearing at any screen size in a project I'm working on (GZD and above), and I'm trying to have it use as little file size as possible. Would anyone happen to know any good solutions? (I've already consulted SBARINFO with no avail)
  2. m3_mapper

    Post your tree decorations here!

    Honestly, I find its results to be quite noisy
  3. Hi, I'm trying to produce a wad with compatibility for chocolate doom. upon attempting to load up my map, it produces an error of: Does anyone know what this "next block" is, and what might be causing this problem?
  4. m3_mapper

    How do I change the weapons a player spawns with?

    I got to look at the decorate stuff, and not only do I have no clue what half of it does but how to get the gameinfo section to recognise it.
  5. m3_mapper

    How do I change the weapons a player spawns with?

    yea and were talking gzdoom here
  6. i love your profile picture. GREEN GORDON!

  7. m3_mapper

    How do I change the weapons a player spawns with?

    hmm...so what exactly should I do?
  8. m3_mapper

    How do I change the weapons a player spawns with?

    who would that be?
  9. m3_mapper

    How do I change the weapons a player spawns with?

    gzdoom. Everyone I've heard of uses gzdoom as their primary.
  10. Hi, I'm trying to work on a mod with modified weapons, and I was wondering how possible it would be to alter which weapons the player would start with. For example, is there a way I could make the player start with a shotgun instead of a pistol? Could I remove the fist from the starting roster? Things like that.
  11. m3_mapper

    Shadow Archvile, Too evil?

    Note: I have posted this message on different platforms, and with very different results from here.
  12. m3_mapper

    Shadow Archvile, Too evil?

    So that's a yes.
  13. m3_mapper

    Shadow Archvile, Too evil?

    I'm starting work on a level set for the plutonia experiment. I'm trying to nail down the enemy roster for this set and I had the idea to make some more shadow versions of enemies(the spectre doesn't cut it more me personally). I'm trying to think of what enemies to make shadow versions of. I landed on an Archvile as a possible candidate, but I'm not sure if this is possibly too evil for this wad(I still want it to be remotely fair). If too evil - Inform me with a comment, maybe leave a suggestion for another enemy to make a shadow version of. If not too evil - Suggest a name for this enemy, dehacked allows me to do that. If you know if this would cause technical problems, please inform me.
  14. Dawn of Apocalypse (DoA) is an ambitious project to provide a megawad's worth of UDMF open-world levels ( uses freedoom 2 as iwad). I've decided to reach out to the doomworld forums for interested individuals, as activity is rather slow at the moment. Here are some things you can help with if interested: -Mapping (Boom, iwad: Ultimate Doom) -Music (MIDI format, Bobby Prince style) Recommendations for helping: -Respond to a message if you get one -Keep in mind that your submission can be turned down (This event is quite unlikely) If one has an interest in the project, feel free to message me. (image of a WIP map in udb (Out of date, maps do not sport cloured, lighting as of writing. Standard Doom Lighting.)) (Please help the project is dying)
  15. m3_mapper

    PULTONIA map02 "well of souls" (bite-sized review)

    I've recently decided to go in and complete plutonia, as It serves as the baseline for the difficulty of many wads out there. This is my review of "well of souls" right after playing it. Gameplay - Surprisingly easy. Far fewer archviles than expected. Fun either way. I'm probably already numb to its tricks. Glad to see it still had more to go. (82/100) or 82%. Graphics - weaker than congo. Some sections looked very unfinished. Some sections, by contrast, are very well constructed. Very mixed. (58/80) or 72%. Total score: (140/180) or 78%. Final notes- Lackluster when compared to congo. I hope the levels pick it up from here.