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  1. m3_mapper

    Farstaži - Development

    Thank you for notifying me that I did not specify which IWAD was needed. The Description has been updated.
  2. Contained in this file is the first public protobuild of Farstaži. It contains the first ten maps accompanied my the GM version of each track map's tune. The current plan for each protion if the was is as follows: Section One (MAP1-10) Earth - Difficulty: No tougher than Plutonia Section Two (MAP11-20) Moon/Space - Difficulty: Tougher than Plutonia Section Three (MAP21-30) -Undetermined - Difficulty:Undetermined (Definitely Harder) PR+ Compatability. Jumping, Crouching, Freelook Permissible. Note: If you see a working "Mirror", It's not actually a mirror. Note2: Plutonia Required FZ-proto1.zip
  3. m3_mapper

    How do I use bossaction?

    Dehacked can Run on pretty much anything that UMAPINFO can, so that souldn't be a problem.
  4. m3_mapper

    Let's name Freedoom's levels!

    Stellar idea
  5. m3_mapper

    How do I use bossaction?

    I've been getting familiar with UMAPINFO as of late, and I noticed the entry for bossaction. I followed its instructions, and I haven't been able to get it to work. I can't say I've found any useful guides. How do I use bossaction? What is the syntax I need to use? Sample from my project: MAP MAP03 { levelname = "The Refinery" skytexture = "sky1" music = "D_MAP03" bossaction = ShotgunGuy, 31, 300 bossaction = HellKnight, 31, 301 bossaction = Archvile, 31, 302 } I suspect people with more experience will tear this to bits.
  6. m3_mapper


    I love the feeling of knowing I'll never reach this level of expertise.
  7. m3_mapper

    How Do I Remove The Mugshot?

    I'm currently trying to find an approach to prevent the mugshot from appearing at any screen size in a project I'm working on (GZD and above), and I'm trying to have it use as little file size as possible. Would anyone happen to know any good solutions? (I've already consulted SBARINFO with no avail)
  8. m3_mapper

    Post your tree decorations here!

    Honestly, I find its results to be quite noisy
  9. Hi, I'm trying to produce a wad with compatibility for chocolate doom. upon attempting to load up my map, it produces an error of: Does anyone know what this "next block" is, and what might be causing this problem?
  10. m3_mapper

    How do I change the weapons a player spawns with?

    I got to look at the decorate stuff, and not only do I have no clue what half of it does but how to get the gameinfo section to recognise it.
  11. m3_mapper

    How do I change the weapons a player spawns with?

    yea and were talking gzdoom here
  12. m3_mapper

    How do I change the weapons a player spawns with?

    hmm...so what exactly should I do?
  13. m3_mapper

    How do I change the weapons a player spawns with?

    who would that be?
  14. m3_mapper

    How do I change the weapons a player spawns with?

    gzdoom. Everyone I've heard of uses gzdoom as their primary.
  15. Hi, I'm trying to work on a mod with modified weapons, and I was wondering how possible it would be to alter which weapons the player would start with. For example, is there a way I could make the player start with a shotgun instead of a pistol? Could I remove the fist from the starting roster? Things like that.