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  1. DoomRevolver

    What's your favorite DOOM song?

    And when it comes to classic Doom:
  2. DoomRevolver

    Share Melodic Death Metal songs

    My favourite bands are Kalmah, Omnium Gatherum and Insomnium. Let me know If you have any recommendations.
  3. If they bring back the skull keys, It'd be awesome if they introduce some new enemy/miniboss who's head is actually the skull key and you must defeat and behead it to acquire the key. It would go very well with the game's dark tone.
  4. DoomRevolver

    Share Power Metal songs

  5. It might be a possibility since now Hugo say that they can put a lot more active AI at once on screen. Maybe they can keep corpses for a longer time on the battlefield. Would be awesome if they stay forever obviously. Also this video gives me hope on the possibility that they make this a feature in The Dark Ages.
  6. DoomRevolver

    Share Power Metal songs

    I never heard this before and its fucking awesome. Thanks!!
  7. I'm not losing hope on that. If they can really put a lot more enemies on screen and the slayer moves slower this time so you can't skip them easily, that design might be a possibility.
  8. Or even melodic death metal, like Kalmah And I think there's hope with the creepy demon designs
  9. We'll most likely see Crash again in the future. It'd be cool to have her a the main protagonist if they decide to make a new Quake game. As for storytelling, I believe Hugo said this game is gonna be more cinematic. I hope they don't turn the game into a movie. But it's Doom, gameplay goes first. And I totally agree with you when it comes to non linear level design and exploration. I also hope that the coloured keys are more present like in Super Gore Nest. More metroidvania and clever backtracking unlocking shortcuts and new routes that connect areas. I'm getting tired of the constant locked arena after locked arena scheme.
  10. And if there's really no problem with the amount of enemies, let's hope they can keep the corpses as well.
  11. DoomRevolver

    What are you listening to?

  12. DoomRevolver

    What are you listening to?