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  1. Let's just say I was on the verge of throwing my PC out of the window if I died to some stupid shit again. Honestly, I felt the map was more tedious than difficult. The difficulty of the map comes from it's length and that you could die any moment if you don't know what you're doing
  2. a.a.i.

    Sandy Petersen talking about the development of Doom

    I'm glad he clarified what the Mancubus doesn't say
  3. I have since then beaten all the maps without saves, including map 30. It was quite the ride.
  4. I haven't played as many wads as most people, but I don't think you'll ever come across such a situation without having weapons 5 to 7. Try to see if you can skip the fight till you gather better weapons.
  5. a.a.i.

    Post your Desktop Background

    I am a simple man
  6. a.a.i.

    Which sourceport do you use the most and why?

    PrBoom plus for it's accuracy, BOOM/MBF compatibility and QOL upgrades such as wide screen support, uncapped frame rate, higger resolution ...most importantly, I don't have to change a million settings to get it to run the way I want
  7. a.a.i.

    Any Mods or Map Pack Recommendations?

    Some of the map packs I have played recently, if you're looking for something short and fun Lunatic : 5 maps by Skillsaw, set in the moon. Features 2 new monsters. Expect some surprises here and there, but nothing too hard. Vanguard : 13 maps, also designed by Skillsaw. Has good gameplay variety for a one man wad. You won't feel as if you're playing similar maps back to back. About as hard as Plutonia. Coffee Break : 11 maps by Matt Tropiano. The maps are very short but will keep you on your toes. About as difficult as Plutonia. Scythe : You may have heard about this one. A full 32 map megawad by Erik Alm. Difficulty is very uneven. The first 20 maps are easy, while the last 10 are really hard if you haven't played fanmade wads. You may want to skip the last 10 maps for a later time.
  8. a.a.i.

    Coffee Break Episode 1

    Don't be fooled by the name, maps are fairly challenging with plenty of them featuring rough starts, so be ready to scramble. The later levels bore a great resemblance to Plutonia in aesthetic and gameplay, which is always a good thing. The final map was frustratingly awesome.
  9. I did this for a few months. The results were....let's just say.... not very good. Hope I serve as a cautionary tale. If you stay within your calorie limit, you will be able to get away with not putting on fat. But there are a couple of issues 1) There's no way of knowing how many calories there are in a burger. You would need to know all the ingredients and their measurements, proportions. This is practically impossible if you are eating from a fast-food joint. 2) Burgers are extremely calorie-dense. Even if you find a way to estimate the number of calories in a burger, you will have to eat a lot less over the rest of the day. This is not sustainable unless you are extremely active, in which case, you would not be asking this question. 3) Burgers have piss poor nutrition value. Even if you manage to not get fat (very unlikely), you will end up wrecking your body in the long run.
  10. a.a.i.

    WAD Progression for Skill Improvement

    deleted double post
  11. a.a.i.

    WAD Progression for Skill Improvement

    Totally, this map was insane in every sense of the word, and thanks! Sure, how did you do it? Personally, I found this to be one of the easier fights. I provoke the revenants through the passage with the windows and let them inadvertently injure and eventually kill the archviles. It takes a while, but is a reliable zero risk strategy. Once the AVs are dead, taking down the revenants is a simple task. I use the invulnerability for the yellow key fight. I do plan to check out these, in addition to Revilution, BTSX and Rush. I haven't decided on a playing order yet. And how do the hardest maps of tougher wads like Alien Vendetta, Hell Revealed, Scythe 2, Speed of Doom compare to something like Fire and Ice?
  12. a.a.i.

    WAD Progression for Skill Improvement

    Done and dusted. Never again.
  13. a.a.i.


    This is the second skillsaw wad I've played after Lunatic and it was just as enjoyable, maybe more! I liked the variety of gameplay. You have your regular maps, concept maps (tyson, hunted homage, dead simple homage), and some slaughter-lite maps. The jungle and hell aesthetics were a nice touch. I really look forward to playing Valiant and Ancient Aliens in the future.