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  1. Please post any comments you have about v0.95g here. Thanks!

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    2. Carnevil


      Infinite Ammunition said:

      I like the cooler-looking in-game message scrolling, but I HATE the white text in the menus.

      heh, the white text is brighter than normal, but it's fixed in the latest version of ZDoom (and thus will be fixed in the next version of Skulltag)

    3. bond


      when there are several weapons binded to one key, for example grenade and rocket launcher, it requires too many time to switch to last weapon (in such fast game like doom, especially in ffa with many players). i remember that in other games in similar situations it is possible to hit key twice to switch to second weapon. may be skulltag can also implement this feature?

    4. Carnevil


      New thread time, now that 95h is here!